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Thanks a lot!

Beautiful work :)

Thank You very much :)

Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Thank you for comment. It’s very motivating for us.

nice work! I do have one question though. What coding do you use to get the numbers to count up like that? is that jquery?

nvm, i found it :)

it looks like you are using zilla shortcode plugin, but how did u get it to count up?

This is shortcode zilla + JQuery plugin

Good luck with sales, congrats.
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Hey, thanks :)

Great job! Good luck! :)

Thanks for opinion. We are glad that our theme do you like.

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thank You :D

Nice theme. Clean and beautiful

Thank you

I’m thinking about getting this theme. The one question I do have is, is there a away to show the main navigation on the home page?

Hi, I do not know if I understand. You can create pages not only based on onepage. So, the menu does not have to be a typical onepage.

Is there a way to enable multipage?

Yes, but parallax work only onepage

?adna przejrzysta templata, powodzenia w sprzeda?!!!

Dziekuje :)


This is a great looking theme that I hope to have a use for one day! (I buy a ton of themes on behalf of my clients. ) But I was wondering, do you use a plugin to do the latest tweets part on the home page? I’ve been searching for hours for something similar that I can use on my own website, but I’m not a developer, so not having much luck.

Many thanks Conor

Hi, This is not a plugin, use our own solution.

Hi, awesome looking theme! Just have one question for portfolio items: is there a way to have multiple images with an image slider for each project? Or is it only a single image per project as per the demo?


Hi, unfornately at this moment one project = one picture. Bye.

Hi, I have added the Twitter API, where do I change the username as it is still showing yours..


Contact with support ok?

If you have problems with twitter, change username in assets/php/tweets-user.php/. We will fix it in update.

Hello! Is it possible to disable the first layout with the page slider? I’d like to enter in the site with the second page + menu on the top.

thanks you so much!

So if I disable the slider I can’t use the one page style ?

You can remove header section (above menu) and use One Page section. You can too use our template like Multi Page.

ok. For me is important to know that is possible to use one page pagination with all the section without the first layout ( the image slider)

thank you so much!

Is it possible to have the menu on top of the Onepage, above the Slider of the Home section. If you go the the website some people may not know that they have to scroll down to get the menu.

Another question related to this … is their a possibility to have a navigation arrow down so people will know that they can scroll down?

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your purchase. Unfortunately, these possibilities in this theme are not possible. We’ll think about it in the update. You can do this manually just now.

thanks…I’ll wait for the update!

Contact with support and i help you do this, update will be later.

I love this theme, looks fantastic however it does not seem to allow me to change my username for Twitter…

please advise.

Contact with support ok? Please i have to check this error live.

I did. no response yet.

I do not see an answer. You used the support section? Our e-mail is

Great theme! Looks stunning.

Is it possible to put links in the text so a I can link to a subpage for more information abot that subject? Or is it really just one page?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, you can create multiple pages. See, that with us is a link to pages shortcode. You can create text-links.

If you have problems with twitter, change username in assets/php/tweets-user.php/. We will fix it in update.

Awesome theme! I think i’m the 50th buyer =D

Thank you for your opinion. It is important to us. We are glad that you are happy.