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Is “template Inesta” compatible with Plugin Wpml? Thank You! Great Template! ^^

Inesta isn’t compatible with WPML.

Well, i have a problem. When i try to add the menu, i activate “link” in options screen but only activate “links” o left right, i cant get “link” for add #header-main on pages… I`m following your documentation …

Contact with support.

I have a question. When I view the demo version of the website on my iPhone 5S in both Safari and Chrome latest versions, I only see the homepage slider- when I try to scroll down, there is nothing below the main homepage slider with the city images. I can see in a browser on a desktop that the site is responsive as I change the window size, but I don’t see the same thing on my actual phone. Is there another install of this theme I can view on the iPhone to see if it works there?

Thanks, I love the theme and want to use.


Hmmmm no one reported this problem to us, sorry, we do not have a devices to test the apple. If you want us to present the problem please using the support section.

Hi team, great artwork! Could you include a wordpress xml export file and you demo theme backup option string? (without you shutterstock great landscapes)

We have XML file with images, you have to change images manually. Please contact with us.

I can´t install the them. WP says

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Copy the folder “inesta” (which are directly theme files) to a directory on a server wp-content/themes /. In update will be install pack. Sorry for problems.

I have the same problem than Vivlund with the demo in a iphone or ipad

We are working on this problem. The problem is known to us. Thanks for info.

how did you create the homebanner on your sample site

Contact with support. In our pack is XML file with demo. Look at theme options.

Presales question: Possible if on each one-page containing multiple pages, there can be a different BG on every page?

So for 6 pages on a one-page, it will look like:


as you scroll down. And the BG images scroll up and down accordingly without being static.


Our theme support only parallax effect (I do not know whether I understood about these bg). Our theme is not yet support Multilanguages

Hey. I think to buy this template, but I have a question: In the information on the template that does not written about the possibility of translating it into other languages. How can I translate it into Russian?

Theme Options-> Translate ( or some word manually in files). Watch video tutorials (themeoptions)

And after updating the template I’ll have to re-translate from English into Russian, I understand you correctly?

Why ? If you update template, theme options not reset. If you manually translate the best solution is child theme.

Great theme, even better support. Ef1eden does a fantastic job!

Thanks for your opinion.

Hi, I see that INESTA isnn’t compatible with WPML. What about Qtranslate? Any other compatible plugin for a multi language site using INESTA? Thanks

Sorry, our theme is not adapted to many languages.


So I emailed your support, but I can’t seem to get any usable help. I’ve tried to explain how there is no parallax effect (or whatever it’s called) in the very top of my page. The menu bar doesn’t scroll over the big image… like it does in your sample. I hope you get what I mean, because your support team hasn’t been very helpful.

You can see for yourself here:

Problem solved. Small problems with understanding the problem. But now it’s ok.

Yep, the problem is solved now! I’m sorry about the negativity! The problem was caused by myself, but your support was very helpful and guided me to solve the problem! Thank you!

They are very quick with their responses! Product is good, service is excellent. I emailed them over the weekend and was expecting a reply on tues since it was a long weekend, but they answered me within 10 minutes!

Thanks for your opinion.


I just purchased INESTA theme. Once installed it says that he needs various plugins. I started the plugins installation, but for WP LayerSlider I have this error message: “Impossible to copy file. LayerSlider/static/codemirror/demo/runmode.html” How resolve? Simone

Try install this plugin manually, in our pack is zip file with plugins.

The theme looks awesome!!
Just a few questions,
1-Does it support multi layer drop down menu?
2-Does the admin panel can fully support Chrome browser( 32.0.1700.107) on Mac OSX (10.8.3)?


You can create mutilayer menu. You should not have any problems with the administrator panel.

Hi, I love this theme so much!! :) Very easy to use and customize.

Hmm, but I have one problem, if I change the #header-slider effect mode, from fade to vertical or horizontal, why the home section is not responsive? Only the home section.

Please help me. :(

Thanks for your attention.


Hi, Please contact with support.

Helloo awesome theme-makers!

Little question: How can I change the ‘succes-text’ form the contact form? It now shows in English, but I want to translate it manually into Dutch.

Thanks so much!

Sorry we forgot about this. You can change it in assets/js/scripts.js. Thanks for purchase.

Thanks so much, works perfect!

Is there an update on the iphone 5 issue for the one page header image? It is not resizing correctly.


We’re working on it.

Hello, I have a question: how can I update the theme? Version 1.2 is currently the latest!? Thanks.

Make backup theme folder on server and try download update and replace with files on server. We added version 1.2 10 hours ago.

It works…Thanks!

Thanks for vote. Write if you have problems.


I look that the theme is also Multipage .. all pages can be external? The slide can also decide the height? And..the blog without sidebar its possible?

I have interest in the theme .. sorry for my english!

Thank you! :)

Hello, you can create static page, not only onepage. Second question i don’t understand. Header Slide is 100% height and only in one page section.