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This is a pre-sales question: can I change the copy of parts of the site such as “Product Description” in the portfolio area? Does that part have a charater limit or can I make it a subtitle for the project?

Can I change the copy in the areas of the portfolio (instead of “Digital Art”, etc.)?


You can change meta portfolio only manually, but this is not hard.


very nice theme, just purchased it, and only one thing that I can’t find is to add a “get started” or “readmore” link from the default slideshow on the homepage or from the video, I tried to add link href=”#home” etc.. , tried also in layer slider or revolution slider, but it doesn’t scroll and just link directly to the home page without the smooth scrolling.

how could I add that ?

Many thanks


ps : just saw that Andon has this button on the front page..

In documentation is info. In inesta #home = #header-main. If you have still problems use support section ok? Sorry for this problem.


This is a Pre Purchase Question relating to the one page layout.

Is it possible to include links to the latest Blog Posts (5?) on the home page?

If so, please provide instructions. If it is easy, we will purchase the theme.

Many thanks.

Unfornately at this moment not.

Ok, thanks for confirming.

please tell me how and where do you have the contact form settings? I try to change the subject line and maybe add more fields.

Hello, go to assets->php->shortcodes->settings_shortcodes.php and find contact form section.

Just installed the theme for a friend. Love it so far. Bute i struggle with the contact form, how can i set it up. Its not sending out an e-mail. Unfortunetally there is no information in the documentation. Please help!

Please use support section. Our theme use php function mail(), so you have to be sure, that your server support this function.

Very nice! Is it possible to add social media sharing to the images used in the image gallery and posts so users can post straight to Facebook, Twitter...etc?

thanks, unfornately at this moment not.


I have bought the theme and i want to change the text style to an accordion, how can i do that?


Please contact with support.

Evanto support?

No. Here is our team support section. Just click and write.

is it possible to add a video as a portfolio project as seen in this portfolio ex:

Unfornately, at this moment not.

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to add multiple pictures to a selected category in the portfolio section. Once the box shows with the image you selected, can you add other images to this below, without having them show as a placeholder image.

I write to you.

Does anyone know how to disable the title carousel? I only want one title and it keeps flashing. Help!

Contact with support, please.

Hi, pre-purcahse question: can I embed video in a one-page layout?

Hello, you can add embed code in Text View in wordpress editor, but inesta does not have a video shortcode and may be problem with responsive. But i can help you with it.

Hello I have kind of the same question likekeyframeinc “Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to add multiple pictures to a selected category in the portfolio section. Once the box shows with the image you selected, can you add other images to this below, without having them show as a placeholder image.”

Im trying to show my products may be with a slider.


By default, our theme does not have such an option. If you are a developer you can edit this.


I cannot get the update to install. Please let me know how to make this happen. Thank you.

I don’t understand? Just download again our theme from theme forest.

Ok, thank you for your help.

If you have still problems please use support section.

Couple pre-sale questions;

1) Does the main page layer slider have the most recent updates where we can create parallax pages? ie.

2) Can the menu appear at the top at all times?

3) Can we change the transparency of the menu backdrop to invisible?

4) Is there an easy custom font uploader?


Theme Options -> Custom CSS -> maybe try .sub-menu { opacity: 0.9; }

Hey mate, no doesn’t work unfortunately, also will need to get rid of that border underneath the menu.

Use support section and send your url ok.

I don’t know why, but this part has been removed. Why? Thanks.

Please update theme to new version.

I dont know why, but nothing happens. I update the new version of wordpress, the pluggins..and anything.

What i can do? Thanks!

You must update theme to new version. Download new version theme now.

Pre-purchase question: Can I disable the bar(Menu) on the top? Or can I change the height of the bar? It took too much screen space on iPhone

You can write some code to hidden menu. This is not problem.

So far I really like the theme. However I’ve found that the ‘Team’ plugin doesn’t allow for you to put a web URL link for the members? You have facebook/twitter/google+/linkedin/dribble but no Website URL option? This would be really really useful if it could be added in the future?

You can use any exist field for website and in assets->php->shortcodes->settings_shortcodes.php file you can change icon,

Thanks but where can I find “Assets”?

If you have ftp access just find folder with our theme.

Hi,great theme! Pre-purchase question: Is it possible to disable the top bar on the mobile phone? It takes too much space:) Thanks

Default not, but I think we can help you with this.


I cannot get the contact form to work. When you fill the info in and submit it just goes back to the homepage and doesn’t send.

Can you help please?

Support section.

I need help with a few things first:

TWITTER: I can’t get twitter to syndicate properly. I keep getting the following message on my webpage

ICONS: I can’t get any of the icons to work… i.e. the ones on top of the following 3 columns, High Quality, Original Ideas, and Technical Support… What do I need to do?

JQUERY: What is jquery? It’s showing the following screen on my webpage…

I treid emailing you but your email isnt working… Thank you!

Use you support section? write here With fonts i think we have just old version of font awesome. Twitter i think helpfull will be this link: steps 1-3.