Discussion on Inez - Clean Portfolio & Agency Theme

Discussion on Inez - Clean Portfolio & Agency Theme

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Hey, is it possible to add TikTok and What’s App to the Social Icons?


You will need to adjust the function responsible for displaying those social icons. They are defined under the fw_inez_get_social_medias function which you can find in inez/in/helpers.php file. There you would need to add any additional social medias with a label that suits their name from the FontAwesome library.

Please have in mind that if you change the theme files, it’s recommended to use the child theme (more information here – https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes ), as the changed files will be overwritten if the theme is updated.

Hi Subsolar, my host is currently forcing me to update PHP versions, is this theme compatible with PHP 8 or higher? Thanks


There are still some ongoing issues with PHP 8.1 and WordPress – PHP 8 is a bit more stable. You might be safest going with PHP 7.4. We are following the development of the WP support and will update things in the theme accordingly so things work smoothly if something comes up from the theme.

Thanks, unfortunately my host is forcing an upgrade at least to PHP 8. I have done some testing (disabled plugins, changed themes) and it is the Inez theme that is causing the site to come down.

Is there any timeline of when this theme may be PHP 8 compatible? Thanks

Please write us a ticket so we can send you a “work in progress” version. Thanks.

how can i add lazy loading functionality for portfolio pages or at least ad a “load more” button to avoid loading all images at once?

Answered via email.

Hi, how do I change the featured image for portfolio posts? There’s no option to change the featured image only an option to add a thumbnail. So when I create a portfolio page it’s not showing featured images for the portfolio posts on the page … only grey backgrounds…


When editing the Portfolio page below the Title you can find the custom fields for customizing that page. There is a Portfolio Header option and when it is selected you can customize the header style – there you can pick the Header Image you want to show when you are in that page.

Hi there :)

How can i allow my admin user to easily control the display order of all portfolios?

I have tried to use the “Simple Custom Post Order” plugin but looks like it doesn’t work well with the theme .

In every portfolio there is a post attribute called “order”.

it is not practical for my customer to enter every portfolio and edit the number as we have almost 100 different portfolios.

when i use a WordPress drag and drop plugins to easily control the portfolios order i get unexpected behavior and some portfolios are not showing up at all .

Answered via email.

I’m a bit disappointed by your replay and you hurry up to mention you don’t support 3rd party plugins.

I was asking for a way to achieve the functionality I needed from your theme, when i have purchased it i was pretty sure you guy already implemented such a basic feature in the them as it is not reasonable that admin will have to edit each portfolio manually to set its display order.

never mind, will remember on my next project, you didnt assist with your them and must use that plugin cussing poor site performance – poor support .

We answered that we tested the plugin and it appears to work correctly. Also, with themes, it can’t be expected that they work with all 3rd party plugins out there but as mentioned this one works on our side.

What did you mean that we didn’t help you with previous inquiries? We’ve sent you tips on how to optimize your previous project and also answered the question about the image sizes.

Hi friends, I have a pre-sale question regarding the aspect ratio of images for the theme.

Will I have to Photoshop my images’ aspect ratio so they will fit the design?

How will I know what image size I should use in order to make sure the entire image will be shown on the homepage / portfolio page ?

I understand that in the portfolio  there’s an option to automatically crop all thumbnails by the theme, but sometimes if the uploaded images aspect ratio is wrong it will cause the image display to be wrong, not showing the entire image.

My biggest concern is that I will find myself struggling with the images sizes and ratio.

So how will I be able to make sure that any image I add will be in the right aspect ratio and fully displayed without me editing every image in photoshop? :)

Thank you for a quick reply :)

Is there image size details in the theme documentation?E.G how can I know what should be the image size in the Home page when I do squares, wide rectangles and tall rectangles?

Does your support cover that?:Will you be able to assist and provide more details and guidelines regarding the scaling of the images so I can make sure I get a proper display?

My customer has about 120 images in different sizes, some are similar in size with small differences, some are totally different.

I saw several screenshots of your demo content with many different images that simulate size, e.g 1240X821 | 974X520 |  200X1339,What is the meaning of these sizes?

how come some images are the same size but containing different text regarding size?

E.g 2 same size images, one is with a text of 947X520 and the other one with text of 200X1339  – what does it mean?


There aren’t any hard guidelines defined for the image sizes. That is because an image can appear differently depending on what screen it is viewed. For example if you open the homepage on desktop and on tablet images would have to be scaled and shown in different sizes. There can’t be a one size fits all solution just because of that. Here is an example when the homepage is opened on devices that have different height: https://imgur.com/a/qdsbVgP . The images are rescaled so they keep the original layout of the design.

So what we have defined is the aspect ratio that the images (and their container in the case of the homepage) are scaled to so they can be cropped as little as possible when shown. We have also used different size images in the demo and we haven’t adjusted them so they all are of the same size. The theme always tries to put all images in a gallery in some kind of a grid so if images are too different in sizes they could be cropped so they fit properly in the grid. Otherwise the grid will be broken.

Those screenshots from the demo content have the images of the online demo replaced with placeholder one. The placeholder image just show what the original size image was. And as mentioned above you can see that we haven’t use the same size throughout the website.

So as an addition there can’t be a perfect solution and image size, such that the image is never cropped and shown in its full version. What you can do is minimize that as for example if you have a landscape image put it in a place where it will be displayed like that (for example in a grid that places the images in 16:9 aspect ratio).

Thank you, Just purchased it, hope i will manage to use it :) 10X

Hi, our website http://www.fansofmagic.com/ is using INEZ theme.

Two days ago it was working fine, but today the Portfolio “Add Row” button is not working properly. When clicking “Add row” button you can choose: Gallery, Text Area or Video, but whatever you click, nothing happens.

Also, it is not possible to add new rows in older Portfolio items created just to days ago.

Could you please help us? Thanks in advance!

Hello, please disable any 3rd party plugins and see if there aren’t any issues with them.

It seems your theme is not purchased from Themeforest. Please have in mind that themes outside from Themeforest (including Envato Elements) come without support – https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000629166-Item-Support-on-Envato-Elements

Please purchase the theme from Themeforest in case you need further support. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The theme was bought by the website creator, I am the guy that is updating the content. I can try to contact him so he can ask you about the issue if you prefer…

Anyway, I already tried to disable all plugins and it is still not working…

Please write to us via the account that has purchased the theme. Could you send us credentials and link to the page with the issue via the Support tab of the theme here (not the Comments one). Thank you.

Upgraded to wordpress version 5.2.2 and my about us page is blank and it seems like everytime i try to create a new page, it is blank. Please advise. http://www.gacnto.com

Please disable any 3rd party plugins one by one to see which one is causing issues. Make sure that you don’t have problematic plugins installed. If the problem is still appearing, could you provide us a link to your admin panel and credentials (via the Support tab of the theme here) so we can inspect the problem closely without any of the 3rd party plugins activated? And also a link to the page with the problem? Thank you.

Hello. Is this theme still working with the newest version of WordPress. I am not able to update pages it seems. Please advise.

Yes, it is. As noted in our previous email, please disable all 3rd party plugins before that so you can make sure that the problem is not in the theme.

Have in mind that 3rd party plugin issues are not covered by support.

Unfortunately, it seems your support license for the theme has expired. Please renew it via the Themeforest site so you can continue receiving further support. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi! installed this theme for a friend 2 years ago – at the moment its not possible to edit pages or create new ones – the editor shows empty although content ist still online. if i create a new page i can create content – at the moment i save it i lose everything. maybe there was an update during the last 2 years – unfortunetly i cant find a download for any updates.


Your support has expired, but you can still download updates of the theme from ThemeForest – just download the theme again. Make sure you have the latest version of the theme as well as updated all of the plugins.

Is your theme GPL Compatible? https://cms-market.com is selling your theme for jsut 4-5 dollar saying it’s GPL Compatilbe.I tried to take the website down but i couldn’t.

They have no rights to sell our theme. We are exclusive authors for Envato/ThemeForest only. We will be contacting Envato about this transgression.

Hello! first of all, I congratulate you for the excellent theme !!! .... now unfortunately due to google I find myself with this big problem :( Google has just changed its maps and now wants the API key for google maps I have your theme installed on a site of a customer for a while time and I can not update it as the customer has made several changes. Where can I find the file to update the google map script with this: <script async defer src = “https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY&callback=initMap” type = “text / javascript”> </ script>

I would need to know where to find the file via ftp. Thank you so much !!

You can insert the API key in Appearance > Theme Settings > General > Google API Key

Entering the API key there will make the map shortcode work again.The code you have mentioned is in the Unyson plugin but it must not be touched as it’s connected to the field mentioned above.

Please have in mind that it is not recommended to change theme files – Inez comes with a child theme. more information here – https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes.
It seems your support license for the theme has expired. Please renew it in case you require further support. Thank you for the understanding.


i got your theme from envato elements. I want page blocks sized 3:2 like in the portfolio grid, but can only choose 1:1, 1:2 and 2:1. Any chance to add that ratio via code? Thanks in advance for helping!

Hi there, as can be seen from the demo – the page blocks are available only in 1:1, 1:2 and 2:1.

As they are not a simple1 line code, you will need to change the acf field (inc\includes\acf-fields\acf-fields.php), the css code (\assets\css\master.css) and the template itself ( template-page-blocks.php ). Hiring a freelancer is recommended.

Hello, I like Inez Theme, very easy to use., I have one question, is it possible to display a portfolio gallery (grid) in a blog post? instead of just adding photos to my blog posts and aligning them manually!

Hi, you will need to use a 3rd party plugin for such features. We haven’t tested any so we cannot recommend you, but there are plenty available.

All of my page editing options have recently disappeared – is this possibly a result of updating WordPress? Any ideas?

Nevermind. An update of extensions seemed to fix it.

Hello! Is there a workaround for this error – “Shortcodes” extension github repository “ThemeFuse/Unyson-Shortcodes-Extension” has no releases.

Please contact your hosting procider and make sure it is not blocking requests to http://github-api-cache.unyson.io/

Hi, just a quick question – how do I include vertical images as well as horizontal ones on a portfolio page, for some reason all are coming out horizontal. http://www.paperandsilk.com/Karen-staging/portfolio/the-classified/ but I would like all portfolio pages to be like this one http://www.paperandsilk.com/Karen-staging/portfolio/the-stonewall/ (you can see there are both horizontal and vertical images on this page). The actual image and thumbnail mix on both pages includes both vertical and horizontal pics. Thanks !


When creating the gallery, in its page options you can adjust the Aspect Ratio. You can set it to Auto Align so that the images be shown like in the second page.

Perfect! Thank you so much :)

Hello, thank you for this great theme, I am having issues adding non theme layout contents to any webpage, like an image slider. the live editor only shows inez layout elements, and i can’t use the siteorigin page builder to add rows and other widgets such as sliders to my page because when i do it and come back to live editor, a message will pop saying that the page contents has to be deleted before switching to live editor. Help please

The live editors of page builder plugins are not compatible with many WordPress themes. A theme has to be created specifically with such editors in mind. Inez has its own images slider and page builder which you can use. If your page builder supports text shortcodes, it could be used together with the Inez page builder when you edit the page in the admin back end.

Hello. When viewing the site with a smartphone, I want to make the photos lined in a lattice like an instagram list page. Is it possible?

For example. http://scissorcase.jp/all/ Looking at the PC, it seems to be an instagram lined up in three rows in the side, but on mobile it is a normal mobile site in a row.

On mobile, the thumbnails are aligned in one column (not 3 like on desktop) – thumbnail below another thumbnail. Isn’t that what you want?

Thank you for your usual support. Well, there are two things I want to tell you this time. First of all, in the portfolio gallery page, can I change the link written as Visit Site to a button? If that is impossible, I would like to change the wording.

Another question, can you turn off the notation © Inez 2015?

Thank you.

You will need to duplicate the file in the same directory path in the child theme and edit it there.

You can read more information here – https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

I agree. I know about the child theme. I do not know which file (options php? View.php?), What if I add a description, can I increase the font size? Sorry to trouble you, but I would be happy if you tell me specifically.

In the static/css/ folder you can find the styles.css file for that shortcode. You can write your changes in that file to the css. If you want to change something on how the shortcode is displayed you can adjust it in the views/view.php file

デモサイトと全く同じつくりのTOPページにしたいです。これを実現する為にはCSSを修正する必要はありますか? I want to make it the same top page as the demo site. Is it necessary to modify CSS to realize this?

After you install the Unyson plugin and its extensions it will be available under the Tools section Demo Content Install in the Admin Panel. Also you can read the documentation where you will find detailed explanations – in the documentation folder, open the index.html file with yuor browser.

Thank you very much. If you attempt to install the demo, the following message will be displayed.

The execution failed. Please check error.log

Although the TOP page is displayed on the demo site, if you click on it to open the page you get a 404 error. I suspected WAF interference and tried it temporarily disabled, but I have not changed. What are the possible causes?


Please, contact you hosting provider and ask them to increase your maximum execution time limit. As for the error, please refresh your permalinks – go to Settings > Permalinks in the Admin Dashboard anc click Save.


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