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Cool concept, best of luck!

Sorry I forgot to mention that I noticed the scrolling seems pretty choppy in Chrome (doesn’t seem to happen as much in FF or Safari). Maybe it’s just on my end though.

Thank for kind words. Slow scrolling is caused by extremely large images on background. I will update the demo.



Woah ! Smart and original theme !

I’m interested in purchasing it but wanted to know if it would be easy to replace the contact form you provided by a webform (to allow file attachement) ?

Also, i would like to add a ‘isotope’ sortable portfolio (Preview). Would it be difficult to insert it in this theme ?


ps : As refaktor said, the scrolling isn’t smooth in Chrome. (Mac OS X 10.7)


we are already using webform for contact form. Regarding the isotope portfolio I don’t have an answer yet. I will ask developer how hard it should be.

Slow scrolling is caused by extremely large images on background. I will update the demo.


How did you make the map on this theme dark gray?


there is a piece of JavaScript responsible for the map. You can find it in properta.js.



Enjoying the theme, but i have just hit a problem that i have not seen before in the CSS Code. The CSS code dose not have any line numbers on it, which makes changing paddding/margins etc almost impossible. This is the same weather i use my control panel code editor or if i use dreamweaver.

This is going to cause some problems for people going fwd, maybe a quick fix if you could publish the CSS code with line numbers.

Many Thanks Andy


You are looking into compressed version. Please find the infine.scss file a there make a changes. We are using sass/compass to compile the CSS code.



You are probably refering to minified version of css. This is minified as it was generated from scss files – sass / compass combination. However if you are not able to work with sass/compass you can always format the css with some of the online tools like


Or just search for ‘css formatter online’


Ok Thanks, if i take all the css files that have been compressed and use codebeautifier then to replace all the css files with the new uncompressed files it works. I can now use firebug…see the line numbers and edit my css code in the control panel…phew glad it works anyway, i didn’t fancy taking on sass compass right now, so the work around is good. Thanks Andy

can you provide me help in making a onepage and implement it in the a new page other than the front page?

Use pathauto module to create user friendly alias

can you guide me how i can change the title in the front page. i cant figure out ..??

Meta title ? there is module “metatag” for it, which should serve just fine :)

installation error

I’ve installed demo, but I got the error below “www/sites/all/modules/aviators_revolution/includes/entity.slider/aviators_revolution.entity.inc on line 14” I thinks this cause to php version. I use php 5.2.XX please let me know how to solve this problem.

thanks! ^^

the plugin works for Firefox, chrome, IE10 but doesn’t work for IE9. Most site users use IE9. http://hwasoon.j2mr.com/ sometimes slider doesn’t works! Any solution ? or Updated files ?

It is too unstable… TT…

First impression was very positive but as I get to work with the theme, I have a few negative comments to make.

Practically, I think you could have spent more time for those of us who are interested in the theme and not the demo. For instance , it would have been helpful to implement some of the exportable structure as features.

I’ve found small errors, such as the left footer which doesn’t appear if you add a block because the condition in the template is not right. Check it out…

You say in the docs that Aviators Revolution sliders comes with three components as default, but I had to create the components myself.

You probably should add some dependencies to some of your custom modules in order to avoid errors when enabling them.

After creating a contact webform and adding it to the Footer right region, the webform doesn’t display correctly

When working on the List Onepage, I get a lot of notices when creating the first page, an indication that the code is not so clean etc…

... and I’ve only just started working with this theme…

So altogether , quite a nice theme in appearance, but really could do with more work on the structure and better docs for those who don’t want to simply tweak the demo.

Oh yes i didnt create features for components. :)

I am planning to do an update. There has been lots of custom modules created which, i do agree need to be cleaned up. But still i do recommend starting from demo, or you can create features from demo yourself, and import them in your existing project.

Well its true we focused mainly on demo installation – which works very well, and the reason is that from our experience 95% of user who downloaded this want to work with demo – are not so experienced and features & panels and more complicated modules just confuse them : \

There’s actually no good reason why you should submit a product with such a high level of errors.

I understand that you would give priority to the demo users, that’s fine. More advanced users can create their own features based on the demo. That’s acceptable. But when they do so, the theme shouldn’t have errors, or to be more realistic should only have minimal errors.

Eventually I had to follow your advice and use the demo, because using the theme simply doesn’t work.

Surprise, I still get errors!

The top slider doesn’t display well on the mobile versions. All I did was change the text!!!

Enjoying the theme, is there an easy way to remove the dark grey colour over the map. Or just take the dark grey colour away and have the normal look to the map. Easy way would be good. Thank You. Andy

Hello. Navigate to gmap3_tools module open JS file and remove line 52 to 63 and 23 to 27.


Many Thanks, worked like a charm. Andy

I like the theme but i have 2 questions:

1- How do you change the title of the site to something else from “Infine | Drupal Theme”. its nowhere to be found!

2- Once i change the folder name and the .info theme name, the theme just crashes!!

Thanks, Shardinho

Thank you :)

Great Job btw! its very impressive.

Thanks ;)

So far I like the theme, however I ned to be able to use it in two languages. Adding normal drupal translation switcher doesnt work. I just get page not found. Does onepage require a different “onepage” for each language or something?

sure, let me test once again, but Im guessing how does the menu items etc change.

Actually my configuration is the same but I will email my contact info in case your looking to explore, share screen or something.

My appologies, I have found my issue, somehow my settings for language detection didnt get set. While I havent checked translating the slider etc., Im at least able to move forward

Glad to hear that ;)

I’m not able to upload any images (i.e., background image for a slide) or allow me to update modules that come with the theme. Is there a setting in Drupal that I need to change to allow this? Any help would be a appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks. Sending you an email now. Appreciate it.

Seems like this is resolved, cheers

Yes, it’s resolved now. It was a files permission issue. Thank you.

Is there a demo version of this theme? I’d like to review how it is implemented before we purchase. Thanks!

No unfortunately there is no demo out there. Anyway i believe that envato has some sale reversal policy , but i dont know exactly how it works, you might want to check with them / or somewhere in their faq



Where are the PRICING module found in the HTML version?


There are no pricing tables implemented for Drupal version, as user would expect some direct integration on some ubercart or commerce solution, and given the generic purpose of the theme design, we decided its no use to overcomplicate things with such a solution.

Kind regards

Thats too bad… You could have made it so the Buy Now buttons just linked to an external Online Ticketing Software, as there are heaps of those out there.

I’m sorry to say that for me there is really no need for the Drupal then, as I can easily just do my updates in the HTML version.

Well yes, that might server for you but other users could be unsatisfied with just “external” link for pricing. Sorry to hear that but our demo clearly doesnt show any pricing tables, perhaps you can refund with envato refund policy, but i am not 100% sure if you are eliglible.


I didn’t find it useful. If you want the exact features outlined in docs, that’s fine. I found it very hard to extend the theme to make it do what I needed. I was hoping to save some time with this theme but ended up using a bootstrap base theme and building out my own for my client.


Sorry about that, but we are not seeing any pending / outstanding issues in our support forum or here, you just need to ask if you need explanation of how are things done


Can this one page as home page and have links to other pages? I want to display detail conference schedules in other pages.

Thanks, Peter

I have added ‘login’ link on the demo so you can check for yourself :)

Yes, just did and it is behaving as expected. Thanks.


Installed the demo and comes up nicely. Still getting used to the structure. Few questions: 1. Missing the install new module link in module menu. 2. Also missing the install new theme link in appearance menu. I can get around the above two by doing manually but do you why they are missing.

3.Do you know if your demo site will be compatible with cod_support module?

Thanks, Peter

Never mind, my bad, I needed to enable the update manager module.


I installed few additional modules for COD and seems not to affect your themes so far. But I do notice that the map color is no longer dark gray color and back to the usual google map color. From one of the thread, you mentioned that there is a java script for it and can you let me know what I can do to change the color back to your original theme.

Also, I like to enable search form and place it in the Navigation block ahead of the menu. It gets there ok but the formatting is kind of off. Can you tell me which class or CSS that I can tweak to make it in-line with that of either logo(menu) or right below the menu?

Really like your theme and it is fairly unique.

Thanks, Peter

Thanks, Peter


You need to edit the NODE of type MAP. Not the View. There is a NODE of type MAP, which holds the information about MARKER.


Got it and it works like a charm. You did mention the node earlier but I took it as to edit the view, my bad.

Thanks, Peter

You are welcome

Hi, this is about the timer. Do you know what’s the smallest screen size that the timer can scale to?

Thanks, Peter


This is actually defined in css, so you can change the media break as you want. but i believe it wont do any good on mobile devices – 768 px an smaller

ok and thanks.

Welcome :)

Couple questions: Can you advise or give pointers on the following: 1. Enable email in block “Subscribe and get detail information” and “Contact Us Form”?

2. Enable linking in the top slides(from caption, image etc..) and any of the session title of “Great speakers with great topic” block or enable linking in general?

Thanks, Peter

Some finding for the above follow-up question of opening sponsor site in a separate browser window:

What I found out was that the link field setting of opening sponsor site with a separate browser window does work but only if you expose the link filed in the UI as well. Can you let me know where in code you output the image field and I think that might need to be updated?

By the way, found all the email settings and thanks for the pointers.

Thanks, Peter

Found the setting for linking image to external field. It is in the “rewrite output” of image setting where you can specify the target. Thanks again for the pointers.

Thanks, Peter

So all is resolved, correct ?


Where can I find all the available icon names? Such as for the “your name” field of Contact Us form?

Thanks, Peter

In the icons folder of the theme there are placed normal – outlined icon sets with index.html which shows the icons.


you are welcome