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Dear sir or madam,

I have a few questions to you about web template Infine Conference & Landing:


1. how to turn off the zoom in the first slide photograph – background-conference-1.jpg ? I have photograph for complet slide, which out zoom.

2. how to put my film on youtube.com or film in my server in the second slide photograph – Check the video – background-conference-2.jpg ?

3. in the section “Subscribe and get detailed information” – where to write my e-mail address for example m@m.com. Persons which their e-mails wrote down are supposed to come to me.

4. in the section “Buy your ticket now and save a lot of money!” – how to change “Buy now” internet address to my?

5. how to make the side in two – three languages?

6. in the section “Video Preview” how to put my film on youtube.com or film in my server?

7. in the section “Any questions? Drop us a note” – where to write my e-mail address for example m@m.com. Persons which their e-mails wrote down are supposed to come to me.

8. in facebook, twiter, youtube – where to write my internet adress?

Big thanks for helping!

Best regards,


Hi Jacob,

almost everything what you mentioned could be changed in the source codes. I recommend you to open index.html in your favorite text editor and edit HTML code.

Regarding the multi-language support, it will involve more coding experience.


Dear Aviators,

Thank you for the answer.

I edited code HTML however I didn’t find the HTML code for to above questions.

Could you can pass the number of the line of the HTML code or to give the entire line of the HTML code for for each question so that I can change him?

Thanku you very much,




if it was just one question I will post you the line and code for you. Answering and creating code for all your questions will take more time. If you are interested in custom development let me know.


Hi there,

This page looks super nice, however, I cannot get the contact form to work. Please help me so I can make a big announcement. You can see it live here: www.3rd-dimension.CO

I altered the code this way:

define(‘MESSAGE_SUBJECT’, ‘Virtual Reality Meeting’); define(‘MESSAGE_FROM_EMAIL’, ‘no-reply@3rd-dimension.co‘); define(‘MESSAGE_FROM_NAME’, ‘3rd-dimension.co’); define(‘MESSAGE_TO_EMAIL’, ‘info@imaginativedesign.co‘);

define(‘TRANSPORT_SERVER’, ‘smtp.example.com’); define(‘TRANSPORT_PORT’, 25); define(‘TRANSPORT_USERNAME’, ‘info@imaginativedesign.co‘); define(‘TRANSPORT_PASSWORD’, ‘here I entered password for info@imaginativedesign.co‘);


(1) You need to fix all javascript errors in your template before we can fix contact form

(2) I see that your server is throwing internal server error when accessing contact.php. Check your PHP error for more information.


Hello Aviators.

2 quick questions:

1. The template if hosted – does not show the countdown timers on a Mobile Browser – I have tried iOS Safari, Chrome and Android Firefox – even if we request a full desktop site. Any suggestions, please?

2. How to change the “infinite” symbol on the top left side. I have tried to search for the PNG or an image, but no luck.

Thanks and Awesome work guys. Cheers !!


(1) What does it mean “if hosted”?

(2) “infinite” symbol is font image so remove just a span tag right before the “Infine” word


Thank You for the quick reply..

1. If hosted – Its just the general term – that is when we take your template and put it in our Domain.

You can check any one of the examples given here – www.3rd-dimension.co or any other person who made your template their website.

If you open their website on a Mobile Device – everything shows up except for the countdown timers

Hope I was able to explain my concern.

Thanks as always :)


maybe I’m missing something. You are reporting that countdowns are not working even on desktop. But if I open the link which you posted above countdown is working.

Anyway you can check the console in your browser for javascript issues. It is common that missing third party javascript library or small javascript issue is breaking the countdown functionality


HI rahulxsinha,

I think that aviators is playing words with you because you clearly stated: “If you open their website on a Mobile Device – everything shows up except for the countdown timers.”

The reason this happens is that CSS line 6696 (in my code) shows this:

.header-wrapper .header .fullwidthbanner li { visibility: hidden }

Eliminate that from your CSS and the counter will show on mobile. Now, it won’t show properly. I’m currently working to make this look neat, and it’s a lot of work.

In my experience, designers hide certain features for mobile because it’s the easy path – save them work.

I did get the countdown working on mobile.Thank goodness, because mobile to me is more important than desktop – I’d rather have the countdown working on mobile and not on desktop if I had to choose. But currently it works on both. Anyway, it took me an entire day, and I had to go over a lot of the CSS. Final result is beautiful, and you can see it in action here: http://www.3rd-dimension.co
So how do i implement the countdown in the site? http://dmwds.com/onepage/ so countdown is not working . what am i missing?



<!- /.text -> <!- /.inner -> <!- /.wrap -> <!- /.clock-item ->



<!- /.text -> <!- /.inner -> <!- /.wrap -> <!- /.clock-item ->



<!- /.text -> <!- /.inner -> <!- /.wrap -> <!- /.clock-item ->



<!- /.text -> <!- /.inner -> <!- /.wrap -> <!- /.clock-item -> <!- /.clock -> <!- /.countdown-wrapper ->

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.0.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”assets/js/kinetic.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”assets/js/jquery.final-countdown.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $(’.countdown’).final_countdown({ ‘start’: 1362139200, ‘end’: 1388461320, ‘now’: 1387461319 }); </script>

???They came in you theme

uploaded your template and the countdown did’nt display all.. and the instructions is a bit vague.

upload old html folder not the new folder see if that one works.