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Greetings – Any chance of a live preview for this template?

Looks great – I am interested in purchasing it, pending seeing it live.

I upload a preview of this template, I don’t understand why it’s not online. I contact support to fix it.

Thanks for your comments

It’s done,

Live Preview is online !

Screens look well – hopr the preview is up soon!

Good luck with it!

I hope too ! I contacted the support for the preview file.


i would like to know how can i edit your company logo (cu3er.swf) file which is appearing on banner.

Thanks for purchasing my template. I m currently in holidays, i Côme back in one week to help you

Hi shaff,

I don’t see the logo you talk about. You can contact me by mail or see the wiki on cu3er website.

keep me informed.

And thank you for purchasing my template

Hi, i have problem with polish fonts like ??? (khem, ) . Encoding is utf-8, but there is a problem with displaying these fonts.

Hi, first thank you to purchasing my template

where do you have the problem? on simple text or on cufon text?

I think it’s on cufon text. You must generate the TitilliumMaps26L_500.font.js (with titillium font) on the cufon website and select the correct alphabet.

You can do that on this url

Be sur you choose “Cyrillic Alphabet” or “Russian alphabet” or else.

If you have always the problem or you don’t understand my answer, you can mail me.


I have this problem when i use the < p >< / p > tag.

Can you mail me or give me url of your page?

Because I’m french and I never used cyrillic or russian alphabet.

Do you try with equivalent HTML special caracter like that ” &xxxx; ” ?


Great and very perspicuous and practicable template! I will check your other works!

Best Tamás

Hi ambrits,

thank you for purchasing my template

Best regards

@Clemento_Pakito: Site which i build is here:

you can see it in the ‘Oferta’ table.

I didn’t try the equivalent HTML , but normally polish fonts work fine with utf-8 :

Re Michal, it’s done ! I maked some test and I found the solution!

You must open your file (ex: index.php) with notepad or other, and save as with utf-8 codage.

After you can put in your special caracter without problem.

Original file is coding in ANSI .

Keep me informed.

Best regards

Now it works great! :) Thank u so! :)

BTW this theme is awesome :). Waiting for more great themes… :)

Thank you!

A bientot

It is a beautiful template, but there are just a few things that seem difficult about it.

Why are the pages different widths? And why does the logo text change size when you switch between pages? Do I want to deal with converting things from polish?


Sorry but I don’t see what you are talking about, can you much explain the matter?

Best regards