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Me encanto, felicidades!. Al tratar de abrirlo con mi iPad no logra cargarse. Creo que el problema esta en las imágenes que carga o en la resolución. Estaré pendiente del arreglo, para adquirirlo. Gracias y mucho éxito.

Very nice template!

Thanks very much!

Thanks a lot :)

Amazing :) Good Luck

Thank you very much! ;)

So i never used bootstrap before but i really like this template. is this something difficult to learn?

No it’s not really, everything is explained in details on the official page and in documentation so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.. :)

Just got this bad boy! very nice!!! One question though, in the ‘quick-actions’ links in the ‘top-bar’ div, I want to pre-set the ‘sidebar to closed on most pages and not display those buttons… is there a simple way to set it aside from adding

to every page? I want to just strip that little side bar code out of the page…

Again Great job!

Thanks for purchase and yes of course it’s possible, please can you drop me a message on my email from my profile page and I’ll give you instructions how to do that… :)

Hi, can i see a deom without the widget bar ? lior

I didn’t included it in demo (will include demo page in next update), but it’s possible to do! If you want to hide widget bar just add class=”nosidebar” to body, remove html code which contain widgets and remove jquery “cookie/quick action” for showing/hiding sidebar on that page…

Hi! Thx for great template! One question: Is it possible to remove unnecessary css and js from login and error pages? For example make separate css for this pages?

Thanks for purchase and yes it is possible of course, just copy css section for error pages and login to another css stylesheet and that’s it! :)

I’m not quite correct to say – there’s a lot of plugins and files in them. It is not clear what is used and what is not.

Please proceed me email from my profile page, and I’ll give you right and detailed instructions on what part and code you need to move/edit.

Beautiful! Congrats =)

Thank you very much! :)

Nice theme, but don’t work on ipad mini i’m open demo in Safari Browser – and see: – empty screen, with default background, and “loader”

Thank you, but umm I will review this one, already got similar report and I think it’s the problem with jQuery loader (loader doesn’t dissapear)... Will be fixed in following update for sure!

Another great design by a great designer / developer, always here to help.

Sorted thanks mate, another issue I have is you don’t have any other password-input :( no email-input etc like I think you had one other one.

Hmmm, I’m not sure if I understand you very well, but could you drop me an email msg from my profile and maybe I can help you more or do something about that! Thanks a lot!

I did it :D using your icons. :)

Hi Rhoulettex,

This is GORGEOUS! Two quick questions. How do you get checkboxes/radio buttons to line up when using multiple spans? (See here – http://www.prevuelogic.com/new-demo/createquote.html )

http://imgur.com/7kGrOIZ – Notice they are not in line.

The generated code: div.radio { top: 7px } seems to make it display improperly. Any easy fix?

Also, if there are multiple phone/email inputs, the masked inputs only work for the first field – http://www.prevuelogic.com/new-demo/contact66.html

(Office Phone/Mobile both have a “phone” id, but only Office Phone works)

Thanks for your time! :)

(Also any update on the jquery loader not working on IOS?)

Hi I answered to your mail, and about IOS it will be updated in next update release… ;)

Any estimate on when this will be out?

I will release first update before 1st May, so it will be within next 7 days…

Heya mate you know the progress bars on the left for diskspace / bandwidth / mysql how do you edit them?

I can’t really understand very well what are you trying to ask me and if you proceed me mail with better info/explanation maybe I can help you more, but currently they are using UI progress bars to animate them.. More about UI progress bars read here: http://jqueryui.com/progressbar/

You can edit them in file main.js after comment line: /// Animate progress bars in main navigation ///

For more info and better explanation please proceed me mail. Thank you :)

Hi. Very nice theme. By the way, I have slight problem. I’m not sure if it’s template problem or something else.

In index.html When i change this line:

<ul class="mainNav"> <li class="active"> <a href="index.html"><span> <img src="img/icon/mainNav/dashboard.png" /> Dashboard</span></a></li> </ul>


<ul class="mainNav"> <li class="active"><a href="http://www.test.com/index.html"><span><img src="img/icon/mainNav/dashboard.png" /> Dashboard</span></a></li> </ul>
the dropdown submenu is not working anymore and the flexslider is not showing up.

I can send you a screenshot.

Thanks in Advanced!!

Hi no problem at all we will solve problem, could you please proceed me screenshot to my email from my profile page. Thanks for purchase! :)

Hello, Thank you for the solution you gave. I’m looking forward for the next update!!! Thumbs up!!!

Sry missclicked… Wrong template ^^

hi I want purchase ur infinity theme but its seems like the Live Demo not working.. can u give me another link to check the live demo?