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Very Nice.. Good luck with sales …!


This is good job! :)

Thanks mate :)

Great work! Good luck :)

louiejie Thanks, I appreciate.. :)

great work… Any plans for WP version..


Thanks, ya working on it… :)

Hi, nice theme. When do you think the WP version will be available??

I think at the end of this month or first week of next month.

What a fantastic design, this is one thats visually great and simple to use. Good luck with this.

Thanks mate :)

Very nice mannatstudio. :)

Thanks themecenter… :)

Is it possible to use Portfolio Style 3 into Portfolio Gallery?. Thanks

Yes, you can use style 3 with gallery. Just few html changes that’s it. :)

Any updates on Wordpress Version?

Wordpress Version is coming soon. :)

any estimated date??

I think in this week or next week..please follow me on Themeforest to get latest updated of my template. :)

Hello, I want to know how I can change the size about menu because I just have only 3 bottoms.

Thank you very much.

Hello revangel, thanks for showing interest in my template. Please share your site url via PM so that i can help you in more better way. :)

I like it.

Could you please add a LinkedIn and GitHub Icon on Get Socialize On section at startpage and on Faces Behind Infinitus on about us page!

I would really like if I could have those aswell!

In your time.

Best regards.

Thanks for showing interest in my template. Send me PM for icons. :)

Hello Interested in this template but when viewing it in ie7 under windows xp it looked strange and unusable and could not click items that worked in firefox and further their are javascript errors. Upon page load Could you please correct these .

Thanks for showing interest, I just send you an email. :)


I have a simple problem using Ajax with prettyPhoto.

I have a format like this data-gal=”prettyPhoto[ajax]” href=”/show-job.html?ajax=true&height=650&width=860” in a link tag.

It works great in Chrome when I click on the link and the show-job.html content shows up as a pop up.

In Firefox and IE the show-job.html content do show up but it shows up beneath all content and not in a pop up!

I think it is a modernizer problem but I do not know? Do you know?

Best regards!

No problem :)

Can u share link..:)

Very nice! Would it be possible to add a button to open and close all toggles on a page?

Yes, If you purchase my template, i will do that for you. :)

Is there a boxed version? Thanks

No.. If you purchase my theme, i can do that for you. :)

Hi, there is strange problem when I use portfolio-gal-col4.html template. Your isotope script does not work as expected. Also on your site the problem is the same!

The problem is that when you visit the page for the first time the portfolio items overlap and the height is too short and cuts the content in half. When you filter it then it works great all of the item content shows up!

Can you please help me with that?

Best regards.

Hello DamirCalusic, i checked that on my side and it works perfect on all browser. The images take time to load but no portfolio item is overlapping each other. If you face this problem again, send me a screenshot through my profile page.

Thanks Mannat Studio


ota Purchased

hello mannat,

I am very impressed with this template, so clean and easy to use. But, I have a very strange and annoying problem with pretty gallery. When pop-up image, every few second page is reloading. Need help for that… plz

Best regards.

Hello, thanks for showing interest in my template. Can you please share me the site url so that i can have a look, what exactly going on. Because my live is working well and no one has complaint about this.

Mannat Studio


ota Purchased

Thanks for your prompt response, url is and on other pages where is pretty gallery…. very strange. Yes, you are alright, I was look other sites who use same template, and really works good.

Send me message from my profile id page. :) I found the bug let me send you setting from there.

Regards Mannat Studio


i have the problem with Homepage Gallery – the price shown there is netto?!!!

Can you please fix this?



~line: 90 $_productVAT = Mage::getModel(‘catalog/product’)>load($_product>getId()); $_priceIncludingTax = Mage::helper(‘tax’)>getPrice($_productVAT, $_productVAT>getFinalPrice());

I don’t know what you are asking and even you don’t buy my template.

Your demo is down. Server says you’ve exceeded your bandwidth. Better get something a bit better than the Hostgator $1 a year option.

This will be fix soon, after weekend. :)