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Hi 7loops,

I have detected a few bugs that you might have a quick solution for it. Here it goes:

- infinity.7loops.com: Index page in iphone appear at the bottom of the screen.

- In iPhone and other small scrceens (like chrome reduced to it’s minimun) the information is cut off. It appears that the responsive layout it only working at some level.

For example:

- #dashboard->Overview->Quick actions: Some text like “Notifications” comes outside the box.

- #dashboard->Overview->Orders widget : The Orders descriptions goes outside the box.

- #dashboard->Overview->Notifications Board : The message and percentage goes completely outsite the box too.

This happens a lot. Are you aware of this and preparing some update? Or do you have any solution to this problems?

Best regards,


no I haven’t tested it on iphone specificly. Just android and ipad.

Can you please send me more info on my email thru the contact form?




Sure not problem…When I get back home I will send you some screenshots to prove what I am saying.

Sorry for the delay…Sended more info thru the contact from!


I received the mail.


Good work!

Thanks ;)

very nice work…however, when i saw ‘layered PSD ’ on the list of items included..i made the mistake of thinking there would actually be layered psd’s of the site (as seen on the screen shots).... which is basically my whole reason for having purchased this file… boy..was i ever surprised when all i got was a layered file of icons… as in, surprised in a very awful way.

I am very sorry for your disappointment. I am curious do why do you need the PSD if you already have HTML and CSS ? You can change almost everything (colors, backgrounds, borders, corners, shadows,..) in the CSS . There are almost no images in the theme except for icons and backgrounds, everything else is pure CSS . You need a PSD if there are a lot of images and you need to change them, but here there are none.

BR Alex

Hi dude…thanks for responding… sorry if my previous post was a bit snarky…was a bit upset… over it now ;)

basically, most of the files i download here also come with a full on psd…the entire site (or most of it) in layered PSD form…i get it that yours does not..just didn’t expect that based on previous downloads where the term ‘psd’ was on the list….when you see that, there’s an understanding that you’re getting the full site mockup in a layered psd….so when i didn’t, i felt like i’d been ripped off…..

as to ‘why’ I’d need that psd…often when working on a project, there’s a concept and mockup phase….in the case of the project i’m currentlly on, i had a good idea of what i was building, and what i’d need in terms of a layout and UI items etc etc….when i saw your file here, it was very close in terms of structure, colour, and ui elements….so I figured I’d download it, and use the PSD to create ‘my’ project… then, when all was said and done, i could just pass the code over to my developer and show him my ‘alterations’ in the design and we’d get to work…..no such luck though…..no psd, so i ended up just building my own design from scratch….hopefully down the road i can use this stuff, considering i paid for it…but at the moment, it’s quite useless to me….

How can I have a page that does not utilize a left sidebar? Basically, I need a few full-width content pages for wide tables and things.

Sorry for the very late reply, but I was on vacation.

You can do this easily like this.

change the #main-container and change the left padding to 20px and remove the left menu from the template.

that’s it :)

Hi, I am verry happy witht the functionality but i am missing a good fileupload in the forms do you have a smart solution for that??


the only build in solution for uploading files is the file manager, everything else must be custom made.

Hi, I have purchased this theme and it does not work. everything shows in the same page. I uploaded it to my server and it still does not work. Can you please help.


Can you give some more info? Maybe you can contact me thru the contact form.

BR Alex


When I try to load the index.html I get a blank page. Looking at Chrome, the console error reads: ” Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.”. All other pages are blank as well. Do you have any solutions for this as this is the first time I saw such an error?

Actually, never mind.

For those of you who get a blank screen when you double click the index.html file, assuming you have Windows 7, open your IIS , create a virtual directory to where those files are and create an application by right clicking on that virtual directory. Then browse your application.

It takes about 30 seconds to do this and then you can view the demo pages.

good day! I’m not finding the images in the archive 32×32.psd.

file.png charts.png alert.png

where they are to edit?

Once i purchase this, how exactly do i attach it to my website?

I have an html template already with a blog, but there is no admin panel to create posts like a content management system like wordpress, I’m hoping this can provide me with that?


I have purchased your Infinity admin template but in IE8 it is not responsive. I also notice this problem when i view your online demo template. Can you help me fix this?

Hi. With this template can i use a sub-menu in the left side menu? I need three levels menu. Is it possible?

Cool theme,

Adding a Side Box under the menu would be cool.. How can i get this done?

There is a option for a second and thrid levels menu to left sub-menu s?

no third level menu is not possible yet

I wish I’d read these comments before purchasing because I also thought that “Layered PSD” meant that there would be a layered PSD. Perhaps you need to specify that there is no PSD of the whole layout, as there commonly is with themes. I’ve just blown my money.

Do you need the psd for the modification of this theme or something else?

Could you add the login form in html to the project, because i’m trying to create an admin interface in php. I’ve created one, but i can’t seem to get the validate and alert-msg error-msg to work.

Tasar?m düzgün çal??m?yor alacak arkada?lar lütfen dikkat edin. Ço?u dosyan?n içeri?i bo? tam responsive de?il. Çok u?ra?t?r?yor.

.html dosyalar?n hiçbiri aç?lm?yor. Html olarak nas?l aç?caz bunu lütfen yard?m et yada param? iade et


Compliment of the day.

I purchased your template ‘infinity’ from evanto and I must tell you this “your job is awesome”,I really like that stuff.

However, I need an assistant here, I need answers to this few questions urgently please:

What’s the username and password for one to login?.. Am not sure if you mentioned it on your doc

Secondly, which JavaScript file is responsible for displaying the login script? ...

Finally for now, is there any script that automatically creates the database and it dependencies?.. Also, what exactly is the importance of the PHP folder you added?, are they essential to the effectiveness of the theme?

Lest I forget, I actually didn’t find any .htaccess file included but any attempt to view some other program files like the dashboard, forms, doc etc I usually get redirected to the index script..why?

I also discovered the theme is not fully responsive for android device.

I await your quick response … Thanks