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do you use jqtransform ?

Yes jqtransform is one of the plugins I use in this template.

Does the download have the same structure as demo? If so, can the html files included via jquery be .php files? I’m interested to buy it for an ordering system, but it scared me a bit when I’ve seen all that javascript :)

Hi, MariusP

a lot of that javascript is there just for the demo so don’t be afraid :). All the js plugins work just with a simple init javascript call.

And of course you can use this admin in php, python, java or any web programing language you use. You simply take the .html files include the .css files, include desired jquery plugins and initialize them, and that’s all that it is to it.

Good luck!

Ok. Brought. Wish me luck :) Looks great!

Hi. Take away the right to upload the files in the file manager. People can upload a virus. :)

Thanks, totally forgot about that :)


Oddly enough, but clicking on the icon to upload a file, the download takes place (the browser Google Chrome).

This looks sweet! Couple questions:

1. The demo looks the same, except squished, on the iPhone. Is there a separate (mobile) version of the demo that runs on an iPhone?

2. I see you’re using Gritter. Is there someway to see it in action in the demo?


1. It should adapt the layout automaticly for iphone on the demo. You can try it in your browser and resize it below 960px.

2. You can see the gritter demo if you click on notifications button in the submenu.


I just purchased this template and I downloaded it and tried to open the index.html and the only thing that comes up are the Dark version, the different background types and Liquid Layout buttons on the left side of the screen. This happens in Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera. IE and Safari seem to be working.

You will have to give me more details, how do you open index.html. The download package is exactly the same as the demo and it works fine there.

Please follow instructions “In order for this template to work you have to run it on a server. It will not work like a simple HTML template localy!”

The demo is heavily ajax based and will not work just by double clicking the index.html.

If you need further instructions, please let me know.


Wow, I have never heard of that. I don’t have a server to run this template on. That doesn’t make sense to me. Why would it run in IE and Safari then?

Also you might want to mention this somewhere before people purchase this template. This is a little disappointing…

You need a server for the Demo to work. You don’t need it to use this theme! It doesn’t work properly in IE and Safari, it is throwing errors.

In the latest version I have added a plain html template version of this theme (bootstrap.html) you should download it again.

About the server, this is a Admin template so I presume you need a server for any kind of administration to work anyway. What do you want to use it for?

awesome work!

Thanks ;)

For the data table, I bought the creative table script, how would I plug that in? Can I just rename that page? I think it has to do it’s thing before the header is sent though…


I don’t know that script, but you should include it in the main Infinity file and set it up like it says in their instruictions.


Hi, The responsive layout is not working fine in my iphone. Will it be fixed. Before buying this, just want to get clarified.

Overall, good work!

Thanks, Sathish

i am currently working on a update which will include an iproved layout for mobile devices. Will put it up in couple of days.


nice work…

Thanks a lot.

Mobile version does not work on iPod touch.

Great work. Are you planning to add gallery with pagination? I would be interested if so. Thanks

Yes a gallery and a few other things are already in process.


nice work on the demo what method is used to load pages?


I use jQuery.get(). It just loads html from another template so you have different sections in separated html files without the header and other stuff.

Thanks for the purchase ;)

Hi, 7loops say : “in the latest update I have added web documentation, you can see it in the demo under Docs section, I explain there how I load the content from the main menu and the left menu. I use 2 different tehniques.”

Where is the doc? In doc foler i have, INSTRUCTIONS .txt ad README .txt

Sory for the late reply, the docs are online on the admin demo


see main and left navigation.


Very nice, clean style, perfect for an application I’m working on. I look forward to seeing the improvements and enhancements.

Thanks :)

doesn’t work. blank page. what am i doing wrong?

Have you read the README file? I think you are trying to open the wrong file.


never mind. it had to do with permissions. I did a CHMOD 777 -R to the directory and it works fine now. sorry about that! great work!


JL Griffin


glad to hear everything works fine :)


OK I Need to know how you handle page changes such as /#login. I Understand it redirects to login.html inside of index.html HOW ? i have to allow session variables in php to render inside the template, so all documents have to be changed to .php and whan i do, it gives me a blank page when i go to such pages as /#dashboard. How to fix?

Thanks, JL Griffin


don’t use this template the way I use it in the demo for production. I would suggest you open bootstrap.html and save it as index.php and now you have you dashboard PHP file. Now you take original bootstrap.html again and replace the HTML inside id=”body-container” with the html from login.html, remove style=”display:none” from id=”login-container”, save it as login.php and voila you have your login file. Hope this will help you.


Cool thanks. got it working great now :) just out of curiousity, how do you handle the page changes. very unique. AJAX of some sort?


in the latest update I have added web documentation, you can see it in the demo under Docs section, I explain there how I load the content from the main menu and the left menu. I use 2 different tehniques.


Good job! Bit tricky to adapt to another language, because to be strongly tied to javascript. Now waiting for the contacts tab! ;)

Sorry for bad english ~ cheers from Brazil!


it shouldn’t be so hard to integrate some other language. All the text is in HTML .


Woooow! Already got the v2(official?), is getting better. We have a docs now and separated files… U have a 5 stars, dude! :D

P.S: just fix dark.css, line 5: “bg_dark3.jpg” to “bg_dark3.png”.

Yes I am trying to improve it as much as possible :)

Thanks for the tip ;)

orders widget calendar widget

Is there a way to play with them for a non-user of Javascript or we need to open the JS files and try to add dates in the calendar or orders in the orders widget?



the order widget is plain HTML so you don’t need any javascript and the calendar widget is the fullcalendar jQuery plugin link http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/, so you will have to do some javascript for this one to work, but it’s wery straight forward.


“this is just for the demo, don’t use this in production!!!” why? it need some customisation on server side but it looks pretty cool :)

Well you can use it but you should do some modifications for the production.

Thanks :)

“You don’t need it to use this theme! It doesn’t work properly in IE and Safari, it is throwing errors.”

I saw this in one of your previous comments…does this theme not work in IE?

That was only a reply to a specific question. Since than i have made 3 updates and the issue is gone.