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I’ve been checking back here every hour today to see if the new version has been released yet.

To note, version 1 of this theme is unusable and a new version was said to be ready by Monday, March 22.

Would just like to say that I’ve managed to get the theme working over at freakyleaf.co.uk/blog...

Have had problems with the slider as a lot of people seem to have but it does work… eventually. Think it was more down to luck than anything though to be honest…

In IE all 4 of my slider images show (albiet without the blinds effect) but in other browsers am only getting the first 3…

My main problem is with my blog’s title… It seems to be stuck on “Featured | Freakyleaf” which is neither what I have as my blog’s title in WP’s main settings or Platinum SEO … Can’t seem to shake that one…

I still have Problems to get the Slider working. Wrote 4 times to the author but no answer…

Also – did you guys realize that the “Website” is really slow? My client was asking and I checked the Site with another Theme and it worked much faster than with this theme.


How can I change the sort-order of the Mainmenu by hand? Now its: Page first then Categories alphabetical…

Is the theme updated yet?

So are we done here? This needs to be fixed! I’ve emailed for the quick fix, have been waiting patiently for a revised slider… what’s up?

The author has obviously gone into hiding – not cool, considering the amount of unhappy customers…

Have just noticed another odd quirk that I thought I’d share with everyone… Up until now my featured blinds have been happily working in FF & Chrome (albeit only 3 of the 4), but having posted my first tweet and it appearing in the footer, the blind transition has become a fade (such as it always has been in IE) and now all four of my featured slides are showing! So I suggest if you want a slightly less buggy version of this theme go ahead and tweet! It might just work :/


That has got to be the weirdest bug fix I’ve encountered ever… freakyleaf… thanks for the info!

Hi, Would it be possible to embed a video where the image slider area is?

Cheers, and thanks, P

How to solve the featured slider issue

1) Update the floom plugin (copy/paste from the file: http://nouincolor.com/floom/1.1/Source/floom.js to /infinity/js/floom.js in your theme directory. This theme currently has the 1.0 version of the file. It’s buggy and has been updated to v. 1.2.2. Replace accordingly.

2) If you’re using pages for the slider, the floom slider plugin should now work, but if you’re trying to use posts, there’s a small mistake in the /infinity/includes/showcase.php file.

Basically, the post loop is looking for posts in the “showcase” category. It doesn’t have code to look for the category you specified in the theme admin. You can either edit the file or change your featured posts’ categories to “showcase”.

Here’s what my cleaned up file looks like: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/144582/showcase.php . I removed the author’s mumbo-jumbo and just made it easier to read, although I sacrificed the ability to control the loop selector from the admin.

Good luck!

jason [at] item-9.com

Thanks j… dude…thank you!

@ jpelker

Thanks for the guide, however it doens’t seem to work for me. I’ve done as you described, but the slider never loads and the wheel just keeps spinning.

Anyone else who are still experiencing problems?


How do you make the caption show in the showcase

This is really sad to go this long with no response.

I would like to purchase this theme. Does it work with 3.01?


I have seemed to get everything to work, after many stressful hours. However, when a blog category loads for the first time the text and date for each post appears over the image but then you click on the tab again and they appear fine.

Just wondering is there a way to fix this?