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Looks great. Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you ;-)

Wow! Great work! Good luck to you ;)

Awesome Work! Good Luck with sale! :)

Thank you 4smart ;-)

Afarin Navid, HTML esh ro ham age besazi dige aalie ;)

mamnoon ThemeCafe, HTML esh ro ham hatman mizaram ta chand vaghte dg. merci k nazar dadiii…

very nice work :)

Thanks bigpsfan ;-)

thank you.

Very nice theme,Moafagh bashi pesar!

merci, va hamchenin ;-)

The theme looks great, however the organization of the PSD layers is very poor. There is minimal naming and the layers are very disorganized. Tough to work with, unless you don’t plan on changing much.

Example: http://i.imgur.com/EyCHkcE.png

It would be nice for each of the various content blocks to be grouped.

Thank you for your purchase. All layers and groups are organized properly. Actually I don’t get what did you expect. I don’t know how much you are familiar with layers in Photoshop but I can assure you if layers were disorganized, Envato Marketplace team viewer wouldn’t approve the PSD. I hope you enjoy the theme.

Great work! GLWS

thanks a lot…

Nice design & Welcome to Forest :)

Thank you ;-)

ba salam karhatoom kheliy zibast . ma mikhastim ye template to themeforst enteshar bedeim ! vali be moshkel barkhordim . ma template ro zadin vali taaied nemikoonand . har chi rahnama khondim be hig jaa naresidim . az shoma ke hamvatan ma ham hastin , mishe komak konid ke bayad chi kar konim . ba tashakor faravan

Guys, I’m having trouble mounting my wordpress. I can not set up a site just like the “Preview Live”. I have used the demo content available but did not succeed. Is there any way you could help me?

I wanted the site as it is in Live Preview and only change the texts and pictures.

Hello snaydeck, Thank you for your purchase, for better and prompt consideration please discuss your question in NAVIDESIGN forum.