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Preview site not available anymore!

thanks. it’s now up and running.

What CPU Quota Exceeded Error mean ? The website has used more than its share of the CPU. In shared hosting were many websites hosted on the same server there is a limit of the CPU usage for each site. When a site exceed the limit it suspended for 24 hours. We had to do that for protect the server and not slow down every website hosted on the same server.

thanks for the useful info.

Hi there, just downloaded this. Is it just a case of copy and paste the HTML into Mailchimp and think maybe I was expecting a template builder so I can create different versions?

thanks for purchasing, you can either use the different layouts comes with the product, or you can easily create a new layout by taking the modules you want with a basic HTML knowledge.

I love this template. Robbie helped me get it working and even offered special support to make it work in additional email clients. GREAT support for a great template! :)

thanks for the lovely feedback!


Great template! I have a problem when I import the template in MailChimp with responsiveness. Responsive design works when I import the template, but when I insert shadow600×60.jpg in MailChimp as the divider, responsive design doesn’t work no more.

How can I fix this?

Kind reg.

problem fixed.

Many thanks. What should I do?

It is now updated,
you can download it for free.
contact me at and i’ll help you with that.


thanks for the template – i wonder if you could advise on links to images in mailchimp and the best method

in the template i’m using (non-editable) images such as backgrounds that sit on my server

in campaign monitor you upload all the images but in MC you only add the html

how do you add the images when they’re non-editable? and particularly if they’re a background image in the header css?

thanks Steve

the images are not background images.
after you import the html into MailChimp you can use the MailChimp editor as in this screenshot.
for further help you are welcome to contact me by Email.