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I love your color. Nice!!!

Thanks my dear friend.

Its amazing and nice. also extra colors….

Good Luck With the Sale Mate

Thank you

Nice Themes , GLWS :)

Tanks dimitry…

Very Good Design, GLWS ;) Ghashange, Movafaq Bashi

merci ThemeCafe az rahnamaiiit ;)

Nice Job :) (salam va omidvaram dar ayande baaz ham kaar haaye khoob az shoma bebinim)

salam dooste aziz, mamnoon.

This is a wonderful design which I would like to buy. I want to know if services single page icons can auto play(move). “DESIGN SEO SUPPORT PHOTOSHOP HTML5 EXPERIENCE”

Also the /INFINITY/home_2.html page. Can the WEB DESIGN,PRINT MULTIMEDIA DROPDOWN auto scroll along with “Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada.”

please submit your request via email.

Awesome! keep it up!

Thanks ThemeREX…

very great style , i like it :) good job , i whish you lots of sales :)

Thank you so much.

very nice design, I have just one question when you click on “get started” or “learn more” then the description in the left side of the slider disapears and slider arrows dont work (you cannot change slides). Is this how it suppose to work? I guess I am not sure what should happen after clicking on “get started” and what should happen after clicking on “learn more” Thanks

Thanks Laufer, improvement is done.

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you.

Khili khob shode ,Moafagh bashi :)

Yedune Bashi , Irani Bashi… Harf Nadare Karet

merci Hossein aziz.

I am a starter when comes about html… i see there is design for blog pages… How do i post?... I have to use a program or something?... I normaly use platforms as wp… that way i ask… And I whant to go on html because is more easy at loading…

You should start learning HTML & CSS to edit this template. This is not similar to WP which means it lacks management panel that you can post contents in blog.


Our worker is not properly understood the task and asked in Russian.

Thank you for the beautiful theme.

But unfortunately the contact form does not work!

Thank you for your purchase,

our support team responded to you via email :

improvement is done and over the next few days will be uploaded.

this problem improved. please, download again.

NAVIDESIGN Hello, I bought your theme and I like it a lot, but I have a display problem in Internet Explore because it does not load font. With Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome everything is correct, the only browser to have problems is Internet Explorer. If you’ve already been to?

between all browsers, Internet Explorer always has more problems for displaying website template. also, in other templates these problems exist. but usually this problems is less in Internet Explorer version 9 and new one.

What should I do? I ask ThemeForest repayment of the template because obviously you can not use because it is not visible properly on windows and you have no intention of solving the problem. Say it with other browsers you can clearly see it is not acceptable, especially for the fact that you sell them compatible with older versions of internet explorer and it is not true. I am very disappointed.

INFINITY version 1.2 is compatible with IE 9 and newer version. please, download again.

not sure if this has been asked already, but is there a wordpress version in the works?

Not yet, but it is agenda.

Do you have any code for integrating modal screens.. ? or should I just use some Bootstrap function?

PS: I will immediately pay extra if required.

Thank you for your purchase, can you explain more that, for what exactly do you want? if there is sample which can help us, please send for us.

Are you planning an update to include latest version of Font Awesome? I noticed that the included version doesn’t include Google+ and such. I tried to do a quick file replace, but it appears the newer version’s syntax changes and naming conventions do not work with the current template.

Thank you for your purchase, Yes, sure. the icons will be updated in next template update, but for now you can use from all of the icon except the new 14 icons.