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Awesome template ResetBlue , glws mate! ;)

Thanks Csspress, I appreciate :-)

Hi ResetBlue,

I can’t get the template to work in older IE browser. The slider goes nuts.

Any tips to make this work properly?

*I just see that it isnt suppose to work with IE8 . Any tips how I can make it work e.g. without slider

Hi Verhulsdonck, thanks for your purchase :-)
To hide the image slider just set “display” propriety to “none”, in style.css.
I’ll be more specific as soon as possible, I’m on holidays right now and I’ll be back next week….. I’m really sorry…

Holidays are more important, so enjoy :)! I will be on holiday next week. But please do inform me how to also fix scrolling in IE8 . Thanks in advance

The update was approved right now :-) just download it again
Let me know if it’s good for you.

Hi, can the countdown functionality can be hidden away as i would like to use the template but not the countdown. Thanks

Hi Carla, as I wrote via email, yes, the countdown can be hidden or deleted. Thanks for your interest :-)

thanks a million for confirming, it is a fab template.

Thank you :)

Hi, nice work! The countdown timer in your demo isn’t running! I’m using Google Chrome but I dunno if it’s the same thing with other browsers.

Really thank you :)
It’s just a plugin update matter… fixed.
Thanks again :)

Hi nice template. For some reason I cant get it to send emails. I downloaded file, placed my email into the subscribe.php file to test, uploaded to server, tested but never received any email.

Any help would be nice. Thank you

I have double checked and the form works fine, I’ve received all emails on my account…