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Hello, i cannot inatll the theme. wordpress error: theme has no stylesheet include. “(code)style.css(code)” is missing.

What can i do für success installation?

thank you for help :)


Did you try to upload file named infographer.zip? :) That’s actual theme’s file.


Hello again -

I had a quick question about using “flip images” for my latest blog post section. I posted the screenshot with question here – http://screencast.com/t/FlNjdCDxmj

Looking forward to your advice!

Thanks, Kyle

Hey Kyle,

Unfortunately, that’s not possible currently, but you can easily build your own shortcode for that via child theme if you are familiar with coding.


Good day,

I just created a child theme and put it on my wp-content/themes, but unfortunately i was trying to changes some CSS like font sizing but it did not worked and tried to debug it on firebug my style.css on child theme is not loading, then I read something that infographer already comes in with child them I just need to activate it, how can I activate the child theme and override some css modifications?



if you are just making CSS changes, you don’t need to use child theme, you can save your custom CSS in Qode > Custom CSS field :)



how you have positioned the counter and pie charts side by side?

Only with table? but then the background is gray, although the content is in the parallax.


Here is how we did it on the home page:

[section color='' title='FACTS' id='5' full_width='yes']


[parallax_section id='1' height='500']

[separator type='transparent' normal_full_width='' pattern_full_width='' color='' thickness='' up='' down='80']


[counter type='type2' position='center' delay='' digit='987' font_size='168' font_color='#ffffff']
<h4 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ffffff;">FACTS 1</span></h4>
<p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ffffff;">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, feugiat delicata liberavisse id cum, no quo.</span></p>


[counter type='type1' position='center' delay='' digit='654' font_size='168' font_color='#ffffff']
<h4 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ffffff;">FACTS 2</span></h4>
<p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ffffff;">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, feugiat delicata liberavisse id cum, no quo.</span></p>


[pie_chart type='transparent' title='<span style="color: #ffffff;">INFOGRAPHIC THEME</span>' percent='75' percentage_color='#ffffff' active_color='#ffffff' noactive_color=''] <span style="color: #ffffff;">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, feugiat delicata liberavisse id cum, no quo.</span> [/pie_chart]


[pie_chart type='transparent' title='<span style="color: #ffffff;">INTERACTIVE THEME</span>' percent='60' percentage_color='#ffffff' active_color='#ffffff' noactive_color=''] <span style="color: #ffffff;">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, feugiat delicata liberavisse id cum, no quo.</span> [/pie_chart]






thank you very much :) – TOP!

You are welcome :)

Hi guys,

This infographics could be used in other wordpress theme or just work in this theme?.. I mean, I have already my theme and I would like to improve it with some info graphic bits. That is possible install the infographics as plug-in?


Unfortunately, we didn’t yet build it as plugin, but we plan in the future when we hire more people that can work on it :)


Hello, I have two questions again: Could you give me the code for the “THE CREATIVE PROCESS” - “OUR TEAM” post and the “footer”?

That would be great. :)

The menu with logo is positioned right and not centered as in their template? What i must do for a center position?

Thnak yo very much :)


Can you please submit your requests to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and give us your ticket ID and support team will give you anything you need :)



I registred on the FB plugin. Unfortunately, the login does not work . I registered manuel again, but does not work.

Always get error message: Your email / password combination is incorrect.


Please submit ticket with login details so we can inspect the problem.



I am facing problems with the portfolio.

Although I have read the documentation and tried to apply the same on my website it is still not working… I can’t see anything posted on my page.

I did include the shortcode in my one page site and i did add a new portfolio from the corresponding section but unfortunately nothing is being shown on my page.

Appreciate your prompt help on this matter.




Did you set Featured Image for each portfolio item? It’s used in the portfolio list page.


Do you all have urls of people who have installed this theme? Looking for inspiration as we build our site. Thanks!


We cannot share URLs without customer’s approval, but we ask here other customers to share their urls if possible :)


Is there a way to center align the topgraphy shortcode?


[icon type=’black’ icon=’mobile’] [typography position=’left’ big_font_size=’’ big_color=’#e91b23’ small_color=’#333333’ big_text=’(403) 288-4004’ small_top_text=’CALL’ small_bottom_text=’TODAY‘]

I’d like to align that center but it won’t do it. Tried it with p align, div align, center HTML… etc.


Can you please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access and link to that page and our team will help you :) Please provide ticket ID here.


Tell me please, how can I use you absolutely unlogical portfolio?? Step-by-step please!


What exactly is not logical there? I would prefer concrete questions so I can provide concrete answers. Did you set your portfolio items and set featured image for each of them (as that image is used for the list). Did you create page and add portfolio list shortcode to it? What problems did you face?


What is portfolio list shortcode? This: [portfolio_list type=’1’ columns=’4’ order_by=’menu_order’ order=’ASC’ number=’12’ category=’’ selected_projects=’’ filter=’yes’ lightbox=’yes’] ? Yes, I did it. And i’ve create few works in Portfolio section, with featured images. But no one fo this works is visible on site


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access and we will help you there after we inspect what you did so far :)



I wanted to ask something, I have a 5 main menu at the top level like A, B , C, D , E when i tried to install and activate the Child Theme that you have on the package, I got an additional 1 Menu it adds the Home, A, B, C, D, E

Any ideas?



this shouldn’t happen. Did you added any code to child theme?

Best Regards


I installed the Infographer theme on my site and am getting the following error message when I try to view the site:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home2/ebook68/public_html/wp-content/themes/infographer/includes/google-fonts.php on line 1

In the theme area, this message is appearing:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Infographer ChildTheme URI: http://demo.qodeinteractive.com/infographer/Description: A child theme of Infographer ThemeAuthor: Qode InteractiveAuthor URI: http://www.qodeinteractive.com/Version: 1.0.0Template: infographer

Template is missing.


I really need access to COMPLETE theme files. I have followed all the recommended procedures on the ThemeForest site in dealing with broken themes. If you’re not going to give me access to the complete product, then you should just go ahead and issue a refund.


Can you please fix your FileZilla as explained here: http://themeforest.net/item/infographer-multipurpose-infographic-theme/5027304/faqs/16673 and upload theme files again?

You need to install main theme first, so you can install child theme.

Our theme is completed, otherwise it wouldn’t get approved at ThemeForest. We will help you to setup the theme and demo content. If you still have problems, please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access and give us ticket id here.


Like I mentioned before, I have already followed all troubleshooting advice on ThemeForest in regards to broken themes, with no success. I already have two support tickets open (Jan 16 + Jan 17) explaining the problem. The content is similar to what I have described here. I unable to activate either theme (parent and child) as both are missing files. Please find a way to send me the full theme.

Hi :) Theme’s uploaded to ThemeForest are not missing files :) What are your ticket IDs? Did you provide WP admin access with the tickets?

The ticket number is #148354. I have included the Wordpress admin access details.

Thanks :) Just assigned it to support stuff and explained them our conversation :)

Any way to make the counters read out 3 zero’s instead of a single zero? Thanks.


Unfortunately, 3 zero’s is not implemented.

Boxed layout doesn’t allow full width template to expand, as content is boxed.

We can take a look at bg image problem if you submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com and include WP admin access.


Thanks. Just assigned it to support stuff.

THere is no template page for the about page as shown in the live preview.

There is a contact page template, and full width, blog etx etx etx

How would I go about making an about page like you have shown?

nvm you have mega shortcode options. Im assuming thats how its meant to be used

Most of the shortcodes not working. The javascript doesnt load? Not sure whats going on


We can take a look what is the problem on you side. Just submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com and include WP admin access. Please provide ticket ID here.


Hello.. your templates are awesome! :inlove: I’m hesitating between this one and 2 others from you. Thing is I really love this one but…

1 / I’m not sure. Can we add beautiful full-width sections with images and contents upon parallax effect like in Stardust and Elision?
2/ I have the plugin Visual Composer. Will it work on your theme? Is it compatible? I mean can I use both visual composer and your shortcodes for the specifics?
(this last question, can you tell me also if this plugin could work on Stardust)
Elision would be great also but sometimes I have a jquery script error and I’m not fan with the loading in the middle of the page.

It’s sooo difficult to choose!

Thank you very much :)

After a long try – for everybody – I have to say Visual composer is not compatible. It works but it does weird things with responsiveness… so it’s better to forget it and use the Qode shortcodes.

Thanks for the update :)

Do you have step by step instructions anywhere showing how to build a one-page site?



Our support stuff will provide instructions. Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and post ticket ID here.


Hello; I want to get this theme. But if we can install the theme demo page content? In this way, practically all the functions of the obvious themes, understand, and according to him is our chance editing. When I get to Themefus Metrovibes theme, demo content has also been able to install and very helpful. If you have exhibited in the demo page, the term Abileceksem loads of content in the same way, I’ll make your purchase. You could get an immediate answer, I’d appreciate it. Good work.

Thanks. Just assigned it to support stuff.

Okey; no problem. Best regards. Webtrolog.

Thanks :)

Hi Qode,

I placed a question http://qode.ticksy.com 2 days ago. Can you please reply?

Kind regards.


Ticket #156858

you sent me an email with a no reply address…:-)

Hey, just assigned your ticket to support stuff :)

Hi Quode!

I love this theme, but am stuck on a couple modifications I was hoping to make:

1) Can I disable the main menu re-sizing when I scroll down? I would like it to be in the shorter mode at all times.

2) Can I put the social widget shortcode in the section menu? I know this will take some customization – I would like to put it next to the “back to top” button on the right.

Thank you!


Thank you :)

1) Unfortunately, that option is not available in this theme. It can be done by editing our JS files. Please post question to http://qode.ticksy.com/ regarding this, so our support stuff can point you to right file

2) Same as 1) Our support stuff can point you where to do that