Discussion on INFRA - Clean & Elegant Magazine Theme

Discussion on INFRA - Clean & Elegant Magazine Theme

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Hi there. I’m thinking about buying Infra but since I’m a dummy to Wordpress I’d like to ask two things.

1. Since my site will be a travel blog focused on photography, is it possible to include clickable picture galleries to the posts?

2. Is the sidebar optional inside the posts or is it fixed like the examples?

Thank you.


1. For this you will need to find some plugin, maybe this could fit for your needs https://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/

2. You can disable the sidebar in each post/page, you can also change the sidebar position in each post/page

Hi! I recently downloaded this theme, and (like others that I’ve seen comment here) have a double sidebar showing up on my homepage. It appears to be in a field that cannot be dragged to the “trash.” Please assist – thanks!

Yes, you will need to add a new layout block with one sidebar, and then drag the column with all the blocks from the layout with 2 sidebars to the layout with one sidebar.

Hello, I have two questions: 1) How can I adjust the size of the site logo header? I tried uploading a smaller image to no avail. 2) I have entered my purchase code in the settings and checked it over again, but it still displays “The purchase key you entered doesn’t match with this theme. Please edit it in the theme management panel.”



I was able to fix the header image by re-uploading through Infra’s management page, actually. For the second question, I haven’t modified any theme files, I just uploaded it directly from the ZIP format.

Also, I am trying to setup my home page to use the “Drag and Drop” Visual Composer template, however it seems I need a license to use templates?

Never mind about the home page, I realized it’s the WordPress page template after looking through the documentation.

Can you please open a support ticket here: https://www.orange-themes.com/support/ and add also wp-admin and ftp access details, and our support team will have a closer look at it.

Hi. I purchased the INFRA theme however, I want to use the Fashion Blog Demo. How can I do this?


You can purchase the fraction theme and then create a refund request for the infra theme.

Hi. Im sorry but I am a bit confused. The fraction theme is not the theme I am looking for nor does it have the Fashion Blog demo. The Fashion Blog theme is suppose to be included in the Infra package see link below



Sorry for misunderstanding.

Please create a support ticket here: https://www.orange-themes.com/support/ with the wp-admin access details and we will set the page up for you.

Can this theme be used for a business website as well? So create (static) pages instead of using latest post…

At the moment our front page is a static page that is built using our homepage builder.

hello,How does the TAGS page category style appear as a grid view?


You just need to edit the tags page and set the style https://i.imgur.com/cdrKUUE.png

I would like to ask, home page at the top of the list style is different from the official website style, the official website of the text under the black background, block style similar to only grid block style1, how to adjust, thank you


The homepage is built using our homepage builder, just create a new page, assign it to the drag&drop template https://i.imgur.com/qsfkg4x.png save the page, and then you will see the homepage builder where you can add your wanted blocks


Hi ! It is possible to activate an “edit comments” option for subscribers? Or a plugin compatible?

Thanks a lot !


By default this won’t be possible, but it might be possible by some plugins.

i ’ ve tried by some plugin but there is no compatible with the theme. Have you an idea ?

I think you need something that can customize WordPress user capabilities. But can’t name any specific plugin that could do this at the moment,

A developer bought this theme on our behalf, unfortunately, as such, I’m not able to leave a review. I hope people read this before buying! Infra looks pretty good but has a few issues. Up until September 1st the support department were good at responding to tickets and all was OK. Since then, the theme has been moved over to “Mooz” themes and not a single ticket (mine or anyone elses) has received any response, though a couple of them have been closed, suggesting someone somewhere at Mooz Themes bothered to read them before choosing to ignore them. Long story short, do not buy this, or any other theme by Orange Themes/Mooz Themes as there will be no support available (despite your having paid for it)


All our themes are supported, you can create a support ticket in our support forum here: https://www.orange-themes.net/members/support/ And they all are answered usually in 24 hours.

Thank you for your response. Then it appears your old domain, orange-themes.com has been hijacked by https://moozthemes.com/ where it is announced that Orange Themes became part of Mooz Themes on Sept 1. Users are told to log in there with their old orange-themes.com login details. All old tickets are on display, along with a load of new ones, and you have a series of angry customers with unanswered tickets demanding to know what has happened to their support. Are we in danger of a security breach? This moozthemes page contains details of FTP access to people’s sites…


Not sure why that forum is working and why you can submit tickets there, will let this know our main developer, basically it should duplicate the .net forum but seems like there are some issues with the database.

And you data are safe there, but please create a ticket on the orange-themes.net page.

How come when I select the option to hide my blog page view, date, and comments….my page still continues to show them? Is their a setting somewhere on the theme where I need to turn this function off? Please advise. Thank you.


Do you use any cache plugins?

Hi, do you still make new WP magazine templates? Do you still update your templates here at envato?


At the moment we are not working on new themes, but we keep supporting the existing themes.

What are the font names for the Fashion catalogue or what is the code to use it as the main text for my page?


You can see the fonts here from our demo: https://i.imgur.com/2sXvglD.png

Hi!, in infra magazine template, how can I create a 3 posts block like the one shown under the demo menu? (http://preview.themeforest.net/item/infra-clean-elegant-magazine-theme/full_screen_preview/13259545) Thanks


Could you please send direct link to the page, not the iframe, you can sue this link http://infra.orange-themes.net/index.html to navigate to the section you want and send it here.


Do you mean this one https://i.imgur.com/zjklGw4.png ?

Its, to create that you will need to create/edit a page, then assign it to the drag&drop template and save that page, after that you will see our page builder where you can add the main slider https://i.imgur.com/jbIeyNo.png

Hi, how would you please recommend this theme if it is for an online affiliate marketing business(fashion industry)?


I could say that this will be the best theme etc, but I think the customer should make his own decision here, if he likes what he sees in our demo and things that this will fit to his needs, then I would recommend to use it :)