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Hello! Suddenly disappeared comments. When you activate another topic comments are displayed. Plugins deactivated, did not help. What could be the problem?

Hello Yulana!

I’m not sure what you mean. Please send me access your site in private message and a more detailed description of the issue. Thank you!

In the top menu, can I have less than 5 menu links?

IE: Home, Services, Contact Us



Of course you can! In WordPress admin you decide how many menus you want.

Does this theme work with the Visual Composer?

Hello! I’ve never tested it with VC, however since the theme has been coding by WP standards, it should work with it. But the theme’s own shortcodes obviously won’t be included in the composer interface and some styling might be required also.

Great theme – nicely coded and easy to work with.

There is one small bug in the photo gallery post template you want to update for the next release; clicking on the same photo thumbnail that is already displayed causes it disappear. It can then not be brought back by clicking on it again – you have to click another image.

I'm trying to see where the problem is and if I find it, I'll pass the fix on!

All the best

Hello and thank you for the note! I’ll figure out this problem.

It’s done. Please overwrite ingrid/js/startup.js file with this one: http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=zqTxvkhH

Thanks for the very prompt update! I actually fixed it in a slightly different way but I’ll use your code to make sure any future updates don’t break compatibility.

This is one of the best themes I’ve ever worked with and great support – I think I only added about 10 lines of CSS to customise it, and that was all!

Compared to the usual theme where I have to add PHP changes and major code re-writes, which take a lot of time, this was a breath of fresh air. Great work and highly recommended to anyone looking for an eye-catching, easy-to-use theme with well thought out back-end options and nicely coded with no horrible hacks!

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Are you going to add support for WooCommerce any time soon?

Hello and thank you for choosing my theme!

I’m not planning that currently.

Hi Out there, I have a pre-sales question. Is it possible to assign colors to post categories on the home page? Thanks in advance for you quick answer.

Hello and thank you for your interest!

Unfortunately it’s not possible without customization.


i use lastest version of WP and of this theme. I would like alos to have the lastest version of Slider Revolution, plugin included in the theme but not up to date.

Can you please send me the lastest version of Revolution Slider ?

thanks a lot


Sure! I’ll update the theme ASAP. Thanks for the note!

Where i can find archive version of InGrid template? I need 1.8 version.

Hello Tomek!

I provide support via email. I replied you already! ;)

Hi, love your theme. How can I make PNG images on front page transparent? They keep showing white background eventhough they are PNG with transparent background. thanks

Hello! Please send me a screenshot in email where you mark the images you think about. ( I already replied your previous one so you’ll know my address ;) )

Hi, it’s not a support demand. I would like to have the last version of revolution slider. Can you send me that or i can get it by myself in other way. Is there a licence problem with that ?

thanks a lot

Hello! I’ll update InGrid this week and it will contain the latest version of the slider!

Hi, Recently I updated Ingrid theme and I had some problems.

The theme update works fine but whenever I update the slide pluguin that Ingrid recommends me, it all desappears and nothing works as it should.

I have detected one error: ” PHP Notice: Undefined index: WP_Widget_Recent_Comments in /home/ksdhfsdgg/domains/xarcuteriasole.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/ingrid/framework/theme.php on line 434”

I send you a e-mail explaining the problem

Thank you very much for your help

Hello! I replied you in email, because that’s the only way I provide support. TLDR note: it’s just a PHP notice not an error, nothing to worry about.

Hello, Featured image dont work on my site – http://www.espressoplanet.rs Can you help me?

Thenks, Andrija

Hello Andrija! Please send me the exact link to the page where the image doesn’t appear, also send me access to your WP admin via email (contact form is on my user profile).

Hi ThemePrince. After my update of the theme the slider in not hidden any more in mobile and tablet, although i added this code in the style-mobile-responsive.css and style-tablet-responsive.css in the last line, as it worked in the former version of the theme:


display: none; }

page {

margin-top: 0px; }

.heading2 .center { white-space: normal; }

Any explanations for that?

Look: http://www.grosse1890.de/


I guess you want to hide the slider on homepage. That’s a revolution slider, so the proper code is:

.forcefullwidth_wrapper_tp_banner{ display: none; }

Also start using a child theme so that way your changes will not be lost after a theme update: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes


Another little problem, the code:

[heading title=”Willkommen bei der Große Karnevalsgesellschaft 1890 Düsseldorf e.V.” style=”2”]

On the same site: http://www.grosse1890.de/

is not responsive. How to change that?

Hello! I’m providing support only via email as it’s stated on the support tab. Please send me your message there.

In style-mobile-responsive.css on line #354 remove this code:
white-space: nowrap;
from .heading2 .center class

Hello, i read about RTL and comments are about 4 years ago, does it support RTL? or not yet?


Hello and thank you for your interest! Unfortunately it doesn’t support it.

After updating the theme, all the pages spacing at the header is creating a logo overhang. How can I fix this? See an example here where the logo is blocking the top of the page: http://therangewi.com/news-updates/

Basically, the tops of every page is being blocked by the logo hanging down over it. See here as well. http://therangewi.com/shop/

Hello! In Theme Options – General remove the value in Set top panel padding for logo setting. In case it’s still not working, please send me access to your WP admin and I’ll have a look!

Perfect. That worked,