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Look good bro, good luck with sales! :)

you did a cool theme!

Thanks ))

Really liking this theme, good luck dude!

Can the portfolio page work with 4-column with right side-bar? Also, can I make the width more narrow – or is this set? Beautiful theme.

The portfolio page can’t display 4 columns with sidebar. It’s set, yes. Thanks for your kind comments

Hi, Nice theme. It seems, for me, the slider is tucked under the header/menu bar. Viewing in Firefox 22.0

Thanks. It’s just picture :)

Very clean design. Good sales! =)

Great looking theme. Check on FF. Slider is hidden.

Hm. I see the slider in FF

yes, it’s really clean design, wonderfull work

Thanks of lot

Great theme! Good luck :)

Running WP 3.6. After uploading theme, as soon as I try to activate the screen goes blank. Can’t access the site or WP backend – everything is blank.

I have no plugins running. Please help.

Open wp-config.php in the root of wp and find “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);”. Change false to true and try again. After please write me (shaggysmile@gmail.com)

Fixed the problem. Was running PHP 5.2, this theme needs PHP 5.3.

Yes, we are using PHP 5.3 in our framework. Today I’ll try to update module for PHP 5.2

just 3 words.

Simple, Clean, perfect!!


Just one word – Thanks )

I have problem with homepage slider, size become incorrect when I use the recommended px. What´s the problem? Send me an e-mail and I can show a screenshot, hej@niklaslarsson.nu,

Otherwise, nice theme!


I tried to activate the theme but started getting a blank screen and couldn’t access wp-admin or the entire site anymore. So I followed your instruction above “Oand pen wp-config.php in the root of wp and find “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);” CHange false to true”.

Now I’m getting this error “syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or ’$’ in /public_html/wp-content/themes/happyhour/framework/core.inc.php on line 30”

Please help.

This theme requires PHP version 5.3 or greater. But we’re updating our framework for PHP 5.2

Hi there,

I want to redesign my site and i like this theme, but is it possible to have breadcrumb for the landing pages? thanks!

Regards, Jess

Unfortunately, breadcrumb functionality dosen’t provide in this theme

Something is wrong with your backend panel.

1) If I go to the backend theme options panel, make no changes, and exit everything returns back to default (your logo shows up, etc…).

2) When I try to add my phone number, address, email, Facebook link, etc… and click ‘save’ ... my settings do not save. In addition, everything returns to default (showing your logo, etc…).


Google Maps does not show up on contact page even though everything is set up properly.

Very strange, but I haven’t problem with backend panel