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Just one question, is the blog page really working?

No, it’s just demo :)

Hi ! It’s a great template ! :) Is it possible to make a Wordpress ?

Of course ) We are working ))

Should I use php files ?

Of course. You can use php files


What is the advantage of using the php over html, do the links get auto updated with the php files (as in wordpress case)?

Also i get error 404 i click on the menu option (the only thing that works is the homepage) e.g. http://localhost:8888/happyhour/blog/ leads to error 404.


1. Advantage of using the php in easy updates in front-end development. 2. About 404. Are using Apache? Please check mod_rewrite in server settings.

I have looked at the file permission and it’s still not working.

I have spent hours on this, deleted the .htaccess file but no difference. Think it has to do with the template, a prompt repsonse will be appeciated. thanks

On preview images from product page I see an background with arrows and on demo page, different background, grunge only. Why?

Why is half the image on the index page hidden by the top nav?

It’s image for example.

I am having massive problem with the php files and still waiting for a response. If it is not possible to get a solution, I would like to ask for a refund please as the theme is not functional

PHP version is optional version. You may use html-version

Hello. Very nice template ) Would like to know how to activate search function in html?

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. What is mean activate search function?

There is seach pane on the top right of the page. But it doesn’t seem that search function works – cause when I do a search (lets say a word “example”) it just opens same page like http:/ipaddress/page.html?s=example and gives no search results.

But this template is static files and search function doesn’t work.

Hi, is there a documentation file? I don’t see it here. Is it linked somewhere? Thanks!

We are in progress…

I was wondering if there was documentation that tells me how to update my twitter widget and flickr widget. I looked through the java script and couldn’t find it there either.

Thank you,

Taylor Starer

You can find twitter and flickr widgets initialization in the bottom of the script (js/all.js).

Thank you! Also, what was the font used for the actual “HappyHour” logo?

The twitter API v1 is no longer supported. Do you have any insight on the v1.1 to use on the website? I have been doing some research, but all I see are work arounds. Any input would be great. THANKS!

PS The template is great. Thanks.

I’ll update twitter widget tomorrow

Twitter Widget has been updated.

what is the font u are using for the “happy hour” logo? thanks


How to make Html contact page to work?

Is anybody here?

Hi, wqalter. Contact page don’t work in html version. You can use free php scripts for contact form