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how many plugins does this come with? is there anyway to download it first to check it before purchase? because i am interested.

I see the page speed has page size of 3mb why is that? why is the page size soo bloated?

Hello, you can’t download themes/plugins before purchase on Themeforest. Most of all plugins are optional and you may not use them. Our demo sites have a lot of high res photos this is why page is 3 mb, we displayed all theme 30+ blocks for demo purposes. On real site you should optimize your images and will not have so many blocks and images on one page. Without images and with cache plugins page size is 50-100kb. Plugins: Kirki, Inhype Addons, AMP, Page navigation, Login popup, Translation manager, Instagram, Mailchimp, Lightbox, Contact form, Regenerate thumbs. More suggested in docs for manual installation.

I am on a siteground go geek plan. So, i hope this runs fast. Will purchase it soon! :)

Is there another plugin install for (reviews box) on your posts? I need that functionality and i like that’s its integrated inside the theme.

Review feature built in in theme. But you may not use it and install any other third party review plugin and use it with theme instead.


rjsmer Purchased

Was going to buy newspaper 10, then don’t know why I searched blog here and this was second item, this is beautiful and the post layouts are really awesome great work.Purchasing.

Thank you for your purchase! :)

Why isn’t there a load more option for articles?

Hello, load more feature available in some post blocks and blog listing block. This theme does not have infinity scroll feature for single post.

I mean for category pages. You work with old navigation page structure. Would be nice if there is a load more articles option. Also….I have 223 authors…...how to show all the authors on the author page?

Sorry, load more feature does not available in categories (I will forward your request to dev team). To show authors list you need to use some third party plugins that have this feature (for ex. as shortcode), for ex. https://wordpress.org/plugins/authors-list/


juliomch Purchased

Im very dissapointed with this theme. First of all, I don’t understand why on mobile version, if I swipe the Header Blog Slider I find that the web has a wider empty content, showing just my background. THIS will make my users go away. Its unaceptable and I found a hundred problems like this. I dont even know where to follow… By the way, the Drag&Drop option in Live Preview is just FALSE.

Hello, I am sorry that you disappointing with theme, please contact our support at https://help.magniumthemes.com/ and we will find solution for your problem that will satisfy you.

How do you upload the demo style and layout without the content? I already have lots of content on my site.

Hello, when you import theme demo data you can select what you want to import (content, widgets, theme settings, etc). Select ONLY theme settings (deselect content, etc). Make sure you created full site backup before doing this in any case, in case if you will do something wrong to not lost your content.

Thank you for your prompt response. Can I also import home page and blog page template, or is this included with the demo install?

This will be imported with theme options. Just select Your latest posts to be displayed in Settings > Reading.


xLorav Purchased


Hi.. How can I remove the area I marked? Thanks..

Please contact us in support system at http://support.magniumthemes.com/


xLorav Purchased

Hi. Blog Listing – Grid. Blog layout 2 columns. Can I change it to 3 columns?

Please contact us in support system at http://support.magniumthemes.com/ , support team does not answer in comments, sorry.

Is there a way to remove the tags from showing on each article on the homepage, or to change their style? Not a fan of the pill shape. Thanks!

Hello, this is not a tags, this is post categories. Of course you can hide it by little Custom CSS code or change styling. Our support can help you with this (if you don’t want too complex styling, or moving elements to another location).

Is there a way to change the shape and colouring?

Yes, theme support team can help you with this.


Noodweer Purchased

Are the CSS files included (pre-sale question). I only see PHP files.

Hello, this is WordPress theme and it have all related files (PHP, CSS, JS, POT, etc).


ay30mayne Purchased

Shopping around for a new theme for my online magazine, I believe this is the one, but before I purchase this theme I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to center the header on mobile? 2. Can I remove the cart icon from the header?

Hello, 1) You want to center LOGO on mobile? 2) Yes, of course, this is theme option


ay30mayne Purchased

Yes how do I center the header logo on mobile?

You can do this with Custom CSS code that you can ask from our support team.

it is support for rtl

Hello, no.


lamby2k2 Purchased

How do I remove the”Power your team with InHype” mailchimp banner from the bottom of all post pages?


lamby2k2 Purchased

Thats what I thought. But it still appears – https://www.myhomeismyoffice.co.uk/microsoft-teams-v-zoom-which-is-better

If you scroll to the bottom you will see.

Any suggestions?


lamby2k2 Purchased

I found it. Its in the subscriber block content. What if i don’t want it to appear at all? Currently Ive just made it white, but it leaves a large space.


You can just remove this text in Theme settings > Home: Subscribe block or disable this entire block in theme settings.


First of all the theme is excellent. However, I wish to know if I can have custom and different sidebar on every other post.

For reference, you may want to visit hostingfacts.com. On the right side on every blog, they have different sidebars. Can we accomplish this using inhype theme,

Hello, you need to use third party plugins for this, for example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-sidebars/

Is the theme WCAG 2.0 compatible?


dedalx Author

Hello, theme have only basic accessibility support and not for all elements.