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Good job.Good luck! :)

thank you

Very nice!!! But does the emailform fuctions well?

It says: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in [link removed]

check again please

I’m going to ask moderator to remove the link in your comment so comment is going to be hidden for some time, thanks for letting me know about email form. Now it works.

I think it will work now!!!

Great job! Thanx, I will contact my client for buying! :-))

just got this i am glad i did its very cool ;)

Send me message through my profile contact form and I’ll reply to you. I don’t want to post links here. Thanks.

got the preloader and ok

how could i add drop down links in the menu?

hello, thank you very nice template :),

I got little 2 problems.

first i got the email form problem too. And when i visit a galery item and i click back the page is white and i have to click again for it to become normal.


Hi, thanks for purchase. What kind of problem with email do you have? Did you follow instruction and add your hosting data in sendemail.php file? Regarding gallery I don’t see issues, please make screenshot and send via my contact form where you see problem.

I have a problem with contact form. someone could help me ? Thank you very much.

Not suddenly I’ll try. if I have a problem I would return to you. Thank you for your speed

Is it possible that I give you my coding (sendmail.php and class.phpmailer.php) to help me ? I apologize for the inconvenience.

You only need to make changes in sendmail.php. Please send me email via contact form on my themeforest profile page.

hello, i cant open index page in Dreamweaver cs3…all the other pages are ok..why?

you have email

Hi there, I’m having the same issue as renatar0420… I can open all html pages in Dreamweaver CS6 except for the index.html. Is this an issue that you could assist with?

Just realized this isn’t the place to post this. Emailed you instead!

Hi, I have a question about the contact form:

$mail->Mailer = "smtp";
 $mail->Host = "xxx-xxx.de";
 $mail->Port = xx;
 $mail->SMTPSecure = "tls";
$mail->SMTPAuth = true; // turn on SMTP authentication
$mail->Username = "YOUR HOSTING EMAIL"; // SMTP username
 $mail->Password = "YOUR HOSTING EMAIL PASSWORD"; // SMTP password

It doesn´t sent the Mail. Is it because there is no sntp password in the file?

Thanks for the Support

Yes, and because no smtp username.

Wich username do you mean?

$mail->SMTPAuth = true; // turn on SMTP authentication
$mail->Username = "webxxxpx"; // SMTP username
 $mail->Password = "xxx"; // SMTP password

or the mailadress

$mail->Username = "xxx-xxx.de"; // SMTP username

Thank´s for the support

Your hosting email address is username.

hello, i cant open the index page in Dreamweaver cs4

message sent

Hi Ray,

Can this site work non-parallax?


I don’t know. :-) But you can hire me for customization work.

Do you know off the top of your head what would be involved so I can tell if I can do it. If not what would you charge to do it?


I tried to explain in previous message what could be done with parallax. If you decide to hire me, after you buy template, please send custom job proposal here https://studio.envato.com/users/rayoflightt