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Awesome job – this is great. HTML version????
Good luck with sales

Beautifil. Brilliant. Nice first item.

nice work…

Please tell me this will become a wordpress theme soon!

:) Yes. Soon..

absolutely beautiful theme! This will soon become my new portfolio once it launches as a wordpress theme. Great work!

very nice, like it :)

I was about to buy this template, but if you’re expecting to have the HTML soon (week or two) I’ll wait. Your work is incredible!!! Nice first item!!!

Hi, are you working on Wordpress based version, or HTML version?

I see you are planing on making a Wordpress version… any thoughts on adding “custom posts” (video, status, link, image, gallery, sound track, etc) and making it Responsive?!

Sorry I bought the landing page version.

Hi, I purchased the HTML template, and have made most of my updates etc. We are about to launch, but the site is showing up all wrong on mobile. How can I fix that so it shows up like the desktop version?

Thank you!