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Great work. GLWS !

Preview not working….

Thanks for the heads up ;)

Awesome design! Yellow and black looks fantastic ;) Congrats

Thanks man ;)

Unique work !Good Luck :)

Thank you :)

Love the color scheme! Looks great!

The theme is broken…. I paid for it but the scrolling is misaligned and glitchy.

Ah you beat me to it :) yes for each element you can alter the ratio which alters speed/position

So will it be my responsibility to fix all the misaligned elements?

Are you using a mac/windows? which version? if you send me an email from my profile I’ll have a look

I have the same problem as madongus with the preview. I use Win7, FF 28.0, Opera 20.0, Chrome 34.0, IE 11 and Safari 5.1.7 FF is the only browser who shows the portfolio pictures. Sorry to say – nice theme, but seems as full of bugs …


Thanks for the info ;) there was a js error in the preview which I’ve just replaced now – just to check windows machine :)


awesome work.. good luck with sales :)

This theme is very nice! I’d like to buy it but I would need to set up the portfolio with category filters (logo, web, photo, etc) and also add audio files with the player in both categories separately in the portfolio that bio page. The same thing also for the youtube video: it will be possible? thanks


This would be possible with some customised code but not out of the box I’m afraid.

If you require customizations I’m happy to help.

If you email me via my profile I can send you some prices.

Thank you

Hi, Is there or will there be a fix for the jerkiness in Safari? Cheers

Hi Marinkom,

I’m in talks with the plugin developer to get a fix resolved at the moment. Thank you for your patience I’ll update as soon as it has been resolved.

Thank you

Awesome, That is the only problem as far as I can see, otherwise it is perfect ! Thanks

Thanks. ;) glad you like it, keep an eye out for the update. :)

Can you tell us please how to add filters in portfolio? thank you

Hi Chris,

The theme doesn’t support filters, just an open gallery. I could put this down as a feature request.

Which kind of filters would a tattooist need?


I have many tattoo artists and i need to filter the portfolio by artist name. I tryied to use jQuery Isotope but it didn’t work.

Im doing something wrong?

<.script src=”js/jquery.isotope.min.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> <.li><.a href=”#” class=”selected” data-filter=”*”>All<./a><./li>
<.li><.a href=”#” data-filter=”.name1”>name1<./a><./li>
<.li><.a href=”#” data-filter=”.name2”>name2<./a><./li>

<.div class=”work” data-filter=”.name1”> <im.g src=”http://” alt=”” />

<.div class=”work” data-filter=”.name2”> <im.g src=”http://” alt=”” />

The quote section does not go “full witdh” the “so you want a tattoo” sections is the wrong size on a “fullscreen” on my size. I fixed the tattoo part by making the img bigger ( 1000×19000) But now i am trying to fix the Quote part. My screen resolution is 1920×1080. You might wanna make that part more responsive for future buyers with a bigger screen.

Overal i love it. And i am happy to work in it. Thank you and well done.

Hi Robin,

Thank you very much for the purchase I’m glad you’re enjoying it :)

I’ve uploaded a fix which sets the background to cover which will make it full width :)

Thank you

Hi Lee, nice theme but I cannot get it to work. Probably I’m a bit rusty. Could you please give me a hand?

Hi there, thanks for the purchase, sure I’d love to help. What exactly is the problem you’re encountering?

Hi, I am considering buying this theme but am encountering the glitch issues on Samsung Galaxy native browser.

Which plugin is causing the issue and what effect will turning it off have? (I guess it has something to do with the photos in the background?)

Edit: Also, on tablet the site is showing up briefly and then the loading sequence is kicking in…possibly a cache issue, as this doesn’t happen on my desktop.

Hi there,

This may be the js plugin for the parallax, thanks for bringing it to my attention and I’ll investigate this :)

great work, if i have any question i can ask you ? have a nice day

Thank you ;)

Sure, just drop me an email via my profile page :)

Does this template include full RTL support? (Other languages)

Hi xporthai,

I haven’t tested I’m afraid, I’m assuming it’s just a change in the CSS for ltr?


juanluc 2 hours ago Flag

Hi there, I bought the INKD HTML template. It is very good, congratulations. I want to know how to solve some problems (slow, choppy and somewhat crude) with animations to waypoints. You can see what I describe for example if you click on “Mazo Yu Tarot” (or some other). Is it because of the background images? If you go from “Blog” to “Contact” the animation is perfect. You can help me solve it?

site: www.yutarot.com

Thank you very much

Hi there Juan,

Thanks for getting in touch, what machine and browser are you using?


So I have not been able to get the contact form to work for my life. I have emailed you but have not gotten a response :( ...


As it’s a html doc you would need to incorporate some php,

but I find this works a treat as it requires very little input http://forms.brace.io/?redirected=yes :)


first of all, great theme

but i have a question, where can i set the information of the contact form? at the moment i have the problem as well that it is just possible to enter text in the message field, but nothing at name and emailadress.


Hi there,

Sure, do you have the contact 7 form plugin installed?

i just use the html template, no wordpress

Ah sorry my mistake, I recommend this little script :)