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very nice and neat theme! like your grey background GLWS ;)

thanks, olechka.

thanks, mate.

Very nice template, bro.
Good luck with sales :)

thanks, sheko. hope you good sales too.

Can you change it from the red? Or would that be a lot of work?

No, it’s not, maybe I do an update for new colors

thanks, mate

hi, just noticed on IE9 the contact link at top drops to below Home page. is it poss to have a captcha/security code for the contact form? thks. good luck with sales

thanks for info, it’s fixed now. for the captcha , see it is possible

Is a Wordpress version in the works? Thanks!

Yes, WP version is coming soon.

Very Nice Theme Ahmed :),

Good luck with Sales

thanks, my friend.

omg! nice template brother w8ing ur new project

thanks, my mate. wish you best luck.

Three Columns Errors?

    Appears at the bottom of the blank?

can you explain what you mean?

Dear friend,
everything works just fine, the problem in your browser or you may disable the javascript, something link that, but everything works just fine.

Any update on WP version?

Wp coming just about 2 or 3 days, maybe 1 day, stay up

hey, man. that when you work on the mobile with and use filterable, then you stretch the window, the quicksand plug-in sometimes does that,
but if you work in mobile width on a real mobile, everything is okey, and when you use PC width on a computer also, everything is okey.

Can you post the link to the WP version once it is available? Thanks!

of course my friend, I’ll.
it’s coming out very very soon

How do I get the header (the strip with the logo, menu etc) to stay at the top of the page and not persistently ‘float’ at the top of the screen on mobile phone devices only? I find it takes up too much screen space and I would rather it not stay visible the whole time.

ok, follow my structions here to get it.

1- Open (functions.js) file in javascripts folder 2- Scroll to line 35 until you find function with comment (fixed the menu when you scroll to down) 3- Replace this whole function with the following function and you’ll be good to go


    if($(window).width() > 767) {
            //accounting offset top of the element on the page
            var header = $('header').offset().top;
            var y = $(window).scrollTop();

            if ( y > '150' ) {
                $('header').css('position', 'fixed');

            } else {
                $('header').css('position', 'relative');


Please, if you like the template and support , don’t forget to make your rate in your download page

Perfect, thanks!

did you ever get the wordpress version finished?

still in process

I hope its going well? Do you have a realistic ETA as I have a client who it would be perfect for but I cant hang on much longer I am afraid?

Thanks for your help.

maybe less than month or something, because I work in a lot of projects at once.

Beautiful design but terrible CSS, Everything is one font, one size one color. no matter if I use H1, H2, H3, UL, LI… everything is the same. I had to rewrite almost the whole CSS and using different CSS files for each page… why???? Why would you use tables for the headers when this can be done with simple CSS. Why??

Hi Ahmedchan,

Is it safe to assume that you have yet to complete the WP version of INKR? There’s no pressure, but it seems like we all want it. This is a great looking design and I’m not a novice but I’d hate to spend the time and convert it myself. You have potential to make some money my friend… get on it. ;)

thanks, friend, but the thing, I’m not a developer, I was working with a developer, but he is not available for a while.