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I have purchased this theme. And would like to disable the InnCompany block on the home page. I believe the answer to this is here: http://worthapost.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10 I have registered on the Forum website a few weeks ago but still have not been enabled and our site is now ready to go live. Can anyone help?

Is there any chance my registration can be validated so that I can remove the InnCompany information from the home page?

I have registered on the Worthapost support forum a month ago. Is there any chance I can be approved? Thanks

Is it working on Drupal 7.4?

I too registered awhile ago, still waiting.

What a worthless piece of shit. This theme CRASHES Drupal.

Since the author is not helping at all to give us access to the instructions to disable the Innocompany block on the homepage, I tried on my own. Please note I did purchase the theme and do not endorse piracy of software in any way.

I’ll share my findings hoping to help other, paying, customers who are left in the cold.

Be sure to make a full backup before any attempts trying this approach. Please note, I’m not responsible for any consequences at all.

In the database (using PHPmyadmin or the tool of your choice), browse to the views_display table and edit the row with vid:1, id:page_1 and display_title “Home Main” (the third one in my case). In the display_options, locate the HTML-code for the “Innocompany is a modern…” piece of text. Delete anything between the quotes. This will get rid of the nagblock, but will produce an offset error.

Thanks to this link (https://www.drupal.org/node/1185806#comment-10981307) I was able to solve that too. Change the S:x (where x is around 600 or so) just before where you deleted the text, to the number of characters you typed i.o. the text you removed (possibly zero).

Now, to the admin interface. Go to the views interface and edit the “Articles” view. Change something trivial (the number of elements in the pager for instance) and save.

Hi. PLEASE PLEASE active my account ASAP. I have purchased this theme 2 month ago and requested an account for forum since 2nd Apr.

I have installed the Mega Slider module onto the site due to SEO problems.

However, it will not display within the slider block.

For some reason, it keeps defaulting back to the slider set within the appearance settings.

Please, can you help me with this issue?


I paid for it, there are no updates, no support from the developer!

Is there no updates or support being offered for this theme? If so, Envato needs to take action. They are quick enough to take your money!

Hi, Does this theme work with PostgreSQL?