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Is there a way to reduce the amount of space between the header and the page contents?




enter the following CSS in the Custom CSS option box in the Theme Options panel:
header {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

If you’re still unsatisfied with the result, change the value accordingly.


Hi, widget and sidebar don’t work in wordpress 3.5. How can I do?


Hi there,

first of all, have you created a sidebar using the Custom Sidebars option in the Theme Options panel?

Kind regards, 66Themes

Is there a way to highlight a link in the navigation, either have it a different color or as a button or anything similar? My client wants the store link to stand out and then the site can go live!

Again, thank you for all your help! Your support has been wonderful!

Perfect!!! Thank you!!

No problem!

An update on this: I forgot you can just use default WordPress functionality for adding a classname to a menu item.

When in the Menu option screen, click ‘Screen options’ at the top. Under ‘Show advanced menu properties’ enable CSS Classes. Now you just enter a class for any menu item, so there’s no need for the jQuery! Then just style the item using CSS.

Thought I’d let you know!


I created widget “Footer” in general theme option and added footer contents in widget area.

Then, selected custom sidebar as “Footer” in page i want to use.. but footer is not showing on the page. Could you please this issue?

Thank you in advance.


Make sure it’s titled ‘Footer Sidebar’, not just ‘Footer’. Also, you don’t have to select the sidebar, the created sidebar will automatically be used for the footer!

Kind regards, 66Themes

How do change the legend on the map in the contact information widget? on the page i’m working on (www.howltransportation.com) the legend on the google marker still reads InnoTech HQ. Also how can the map be zoomed in more. Awesome template BTW most of my other issues have already been answered on older posts thanks in advance!


to change the marker title and zoom level open the following file: /functions/widgets/widgets-contact-info.php.

At the bottom you’ll find the JavaScript initializing the Google Maps widget. In here you’ll find the zoom and title option. Change these values accordingly. For zoom: higher number means higher zoom level.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you require any more assistance.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Thank you for the fast response and solution! Great Theme and exceptional support!

You’re welcome!

I see where to put the */ before //Create overlay for every image link, but I’m not sure where the bracket ends. Or where the second instance of this code is. I’ve added a store page and the overlay is really messing with the layout. Sorry for the confusion!



That’s just a background color and a border being added to the elements by CSS.

Please add the following CSS to the Custom CSS option in the Theme Options panel:
#main .noBorder {
    border: none;
    background: none;
    box-shadow: none;
    height: auto;
    padding: 0;

Now all you have to is add the noBorder class to the specific elements you want border-less.

So for example the divider image: go to the Text tab in the editor and add

to the img.

Let me know how it works out!

It worked on the divider. Confused as to where to put it on my paypal buttons because they dont have anything that says class=

<input type=”hidden” name=”currency_code” value=”USD” /> <input type=”image” alt=”PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!” name=”submit” src=”http://www.tommybaldwinracing.com/tbr_images/cart_button.png” /> \\

You can just add the class wherever you like, for example right after type=”hidden”

Just out of curiosity….why does the version of the theme that I downloaded several months ago say version 1.2 but the one I downloaded today says version 1.1?

I’m about to update to WP 3.5 and was going to update the theme as well, but the version I downloaded today seems to be version 1.1.

Not sure what to do here 66, if you could give me some direction, I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


I see how that might be confusing, I changed it back to 1.1 a while ago since it technically still is 1.1. Not to worry though, it’s the correct version, which work perfectly with 3.5!

Kind regards, 66Themes

I added a new blog post and it threw off the alignment of the shortcode on the homepage. See: http://tommybaldwinracing.com/ How can I fix this?



yes, I see. Add the following CSS to the Custom CSS option:

.newsPreview {
    min-height: 230px;

That should do the trick!

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hi! I want purchace this theme but I have any questions. 1.- In the Kwicks Accordion mode, how many pictures I can utility? It’s posible Utility only 3 pics? 2. It’s posible hide the search bar?



thank you for your interest!

1. No, the slider accepts up to 5 slides and all of them need to be set. This is because the slider works on fixed widths.

2. Yes, by either using CSS or by disabling the code generating the search function.

Hope this helps!


You’re welcome!

Hi there. I have an issue. Some changes wont stick in theme options. like setting the menu and adding a background as well as changing link colors. Any suggestions?

Thank You

Hmm, is it possible you could send me login details to your WP site so I can have a look myself?


sure thing. email?

You can use the contact form on my profile page here

Hello! I’m excited to get started but having some difficulty in getting the theme installed. Can you please help? I can give you admin access into my admin panel.

No problem, let me know if anything comes up.


How do I get the “Our Clients” on the home page? I don’t see a short code for it on your demo typography page nor a menu option on the admin panel. All I see is testimonials and portfolio. Thanks!

You can just use the regular slides shortcode with images. Since you can use any content , just add some images.

Check here for an example.

As shown on the page, use this shortcode:
[ slides_container]
    [ slide] Your content here [/slide]
    [ slide] Your content here [/slide]
[ /slides_container]

Where the content are images. Make sure you resize them to equal sizes.

Kind regards, 66Themes

I’m having issues with the placing of my search box (www.howltransportation.com) for some reason is creating a second line instead of being on the first one. How can I resolve this?


could you please be a bit more specific? The search box looks fine over here.

Kind regards, 66Themes

Hey Very nice and professional template I would like to purchase it but I would need additional help to set it up. I know very little about html and other type of coding. I certainly don’t mind paying a little extra to help me set it up and for any additional guidance.

I would like to use the template for a Limousine service. I just need to be able to include few things like: Pictures, number of guest that’s traveling, what type of car they want, date requested, event type, pick up time requested, pickup address, and drop address, one way or two way. Something similar to this one but more modern: http://www.jasminliveryservice.com/


Thanks Lance

Hi Lance,

Thank you for your interest! Do you have any experience with WordPress? With the WP version, knowledge of coding is not required. An entire back-end system is provided so you can easily add/edit pages, posts and customize the site.

Instructions on installing the theme are provided and if you require any assistance you are free to contact me, I’ll be here to help you out.

About the specific services you mentioned, this functionality is not provided out of the box. However, there are many plugins available for WP, some of which will probably fit your needs.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards, 66Themes

I hope you are well?

I have a couple of issues, one of which I raised with you before but I don’t think you saw it?

1. On the home page you have the “Our clients” slider, on selecting an image/logo its not following the hyperlink, I would like to open a new window on selecting it etc, I’ve added these options from within the wordpress page/image settings but its not working, I notice on your demo page its not working either? 2. The search box at the top has for some reason decided to move to the left with the social media icons and is sitting under them, I’ve not changed this in anyway?

Can you please help?


I am well, thank you! I have answered your questions via e-mail, please check there.

Kind regards, 66Themes


Thank you for offering us great theme!

I need to adjust logo size for app screen size. Can you help me with this?

Answered via email :)



If I buy this theme for WP. Can I do eCommerce plugin with this theme. So I can do online shop with this theme?


Like I said in my previous comment: try setting up the permalinks properly. Read up on it in step 8 in the setup section of the documentation. Then go to Appearance -> Menu and setup the Primary Navigation.

Kind regards, 66Themes

How can I add widget on the page? and how can i change the colour red line to different colour. Which png isit?

To add widgets you need to create a sidebar first. You can create a new sidebar under Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Custom Sidebars. Just enter a name for the sidebar, click Add and save your options. Then go to Appearance -> Widgets and add some widgets to your new sidebar!

For the footer, create a widget named ‘Footer Sidebar’.

You can change various colour options under Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling Options.


Hi in main part under id=pageHeader i can see

just empty P which it take a space, so how I can drop it . it’s a great Work :) Thanks


it’s probably being added by the WordPress tinyMCE editor. Check the editor when editing the page for any white-spaces and remove them. It’s probably at the top.

Also, be aware that I only provide support to verified buyers. ThemeForest does not recognize a purchase of this item with the account you posted. Maybe you bought the item with another account?

Please verify yourself as a the purchaser for continued support, thanks!

Kind regards, 66Themes

How can I more the logo to the center. Its showing on the left


Hmm, strange. Just to be sure, did you actually select the sidebar from the select menu on the left side? Look for the Custom Sidebar option.

Yh I actually select the sidebar

What I did is Create sidebars call left sidebar – page home select left sidebar – widget put the text box but nothing there on the website.

You can’t use a sidebar on the homepage. You can only use sidebars on pages that support it, for example: the default template, subpage left sidebar, blog page and blog post.

I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but, when I install the theme through the upload feature in the admin, everything installs correctly but the actual theme folder doesn’t show up in the theme directory on the server.

If I reverse my methods, and upload the new theme to the correct directory via FTP, then the theme doesn’t show in the themes section of the admin activate. Very strange


haven’t heard of anyone experience this issue before. Maybe it’s a problem with your WP installation or installed plugins? Have you tried it on other WP installations, see if it works properly there? How about other themes, do they install properly?

Kind regards, 66Themes

I am trying to import the demo xml content and the attachments/images/files, are not available for download and import. Could you please fix the problem?


please check your e-mail, I’ve answered your question there.