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Hi, I’m having a problem getting my swf to play in this file. I’ll send you an email with the details. When you email me back, I can attach my html file.

I’ve made no changes to the HTML other than the swf path and it doesn’t play.

Now my swf path is a player that calls an flv file. So is that the problem?

I purchased this so I could display my own videos in my own player.

Please let me know.


Well Clubware3, That’s a tough question to answer, it could be for so many reasons. Not to cop out on this, but there’s a ton of help documentation on the Pretty Photo website. http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

Luck mate.

Ok. While I’m not adverse to sifting through documentation, all I did was change your swf link to my swf link.

Any thoughts?

Is it because my swf is a player?

Hi, Love the template, but I seems to be having a problem with the testimonial slideshow in IE 7 and IE8 . Works fine in the other browsers. In IE it doesn’t rotate the quotes, it simply list and shows all the quotes at once.

When viewing the slideshow on Themeforest’s website the template works fine in IE. However, the quote slideshow in the downloaded version doesn’t work properly in IE.

Please, help.

Hi – I bought this template but when I go to install it, wordpress tells me a stylesheet is missing. Any help on this, please?

This is NOT a Wordpress theme. Themeforest has a whole section devoted to those. Sorry.

Would like to buy this template but was the issue with the slider sorted out?

Hi, I am trying to view the demo but I receive a message from my Sophos that is installed by my corporation:

Malicious Content Blocked

Location: ericporterdesign.com/innov8
The requested location contains malicious content, identified as Mal/Iframe-AP and was blocked from downloading.
Return to the page you were previously viewing.

Please advise.