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Hi, I am trying to purchase it but the main menu is not showing on IE7 that I can see on Preview page.

Are you able to fix the problem?


Thanks for bringing that to my attention hyunjay.

Turns out to be a pretty serious IE7 only z-index bug.

I finally found a fix here:

To summarize the fix:

Add the following to the end of jqueryslidemenu.js in the scripts folder.

$(function() {
    var zIndexNumber = 1000;
    $('div').each(function() {
        $(this).css('zIndex', zIndexNumber);
        zIndexNumber -= 10;

I’ve done it to the preview. Let me know what you think.

Cool contact form!

Is the contact form easy to set up, i mean can i just drop in my own email addess and will it work? I love this template great work!!!

Yep, instructions come with.

Super easy, just replace the placeholder address with your own. Bam!


Excellent Theme! Thank you very much for your time.

I am having an issue in FF 3 .6.12. The div class three is not displaying the background gradient.

Here’s a screenshot.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hello Wangandreams,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what’s going on there.

I use the same browser and don’t see it.

I’ve also used Adobe Browser Labs and another testing service to get screens from all browsers in Windows and Mac and none of them show that issue.

It may be a video card or monitor issue because it looks like the footer JPG ’s are being rendered slightly off-color for you.

I can’t think of anything else. Please let me know if you find out anything.


Sirat, Hello!

I had my friend checkout the site on his computer and you are right, everything works as it should. It must be my hardware issue, absolutely no clue as to what is going on.


Again, Sirat, thanks for the theme! -wangandreams

Hi Sirat,

do you have a ready-sliced PSD -File available? I just wanted to change the psd, but there are no slices given?!

Thanks in advance, Benny

Hey fishmoRph,

Well, I haven’t used slices in a while but I did a little research in the GooglePedia.

The PSD comes with guides set and if you want to make slices from those, select the slice tool then click the ‘Slices from Guides’ button.

I stopped using slices years back because i’d get 20 slices with funny names back in the day, when I only needed 1 or 2. I know, I know, there are ways to make it work, I just find it easier to:
  1. Turn on Guides
  2. Drag out a selection
  3. ‘Copy Merged’ – which copies everything visible
  4. Paste into new file

Cheers, fishmoRph

Hi, i am having a problem with the contact form, when i try to send an email from it i get the following error: “A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.” How do i stop this, i already cmod the files in the script folder to 777 but i am still get the same problem when trying to send?

Please Help ASAP

Thank You

Hey darsryan,

I don’t think it’s a problem with the script(which I didn’t write and couldn’t begin to help with anyway) because it’s worked every time I’ve used it on different servers even.

I once had a similar issue a few years back and spent some time with my hosts tech-support to get it working.

Good Luck

Would there be any chance that you could have a look at the files on the server please.. I never had that problem with a contact form before and i have used many simular websites that run the same way and i always use the same host.

I would really appricate the help if you can. If you can help me can i send you the ftp details to your email?

I love the theme, great work. 5 Stars Best Regards Darren

Ok i managed to get it working, just incase anyone has the same problem, i set the following two files to 755 “send.php” and “form.js” and it work perfectly.

Thanks for the help Sirat

Hey there, great theme.

I’m having a great time, the client is loving the theme, providing me some great content and BAM , we’re about to seal the deal but the contact form doesn’t work.

I’ve switched servers, modded the file to 775 and still I get nothing.

Please help.. See

I’ll contact you directly Matt. See what we can’t figure out.

No one has contacted me. Please Sirat I’m losing money on this thing every day now…. :( :( :(

Hey Matt, You don’t seem to have any contact info here. I tried you on mySpace…

Guess I need you to contact me:

Errrriccccccccc! You’re the man! thanks a lot for helping me get this issue solved! I owe you!

:D :D :D

I bought your template the other day. I love what you have done. Looks great. I have a problem though….of course.

Using IE8 , version 8.0.7600.16385 under Windows 7, if I go to the two column setting, the menus pop out for an extremely short period of time and the one that comes out of the side is too quick as well. They’re so fast and unpredicatble, they aren’t usable. I checked with Firefox and they work fine. I hate to even write this, IE8 , version 8.0.6001.18702 under XP Pro works fine as well.

I added the script you have listed above and that did fix the index.html page menus. However the style.html menus have some major issues. They’re jumpy, you just can’t land on them with a mouse.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Scott


My videos are not showing in the gallery. Error message “file does not exist…”

My URL ’s are correct. I’ve tried it with the absolute link to the flv file directly and also to just the HTML page. No luck. Nothing in the help talks about how to add your video. Please help.


Ok. I now have the error removed but the video still does not show. But it does show on the html page I already have online. Still need some help. Thanks.

Hey Clubware3, Can you send me a link to your site so I can take a look at the code?

Sirat, is it possible to fix the issue with Windows 7 and IE8 , as posted above? I am at a standstill with the project.

Thank you, Scott

hi can you tell me how I use the blue design? Have I to delete the body tag in the css file?