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I’m quite surpirsed there has been no comment son thsi one as yet – It’s a real beauty… Elagant and clean.

The reveal tabs on the services page works very wel.

Nice work – Best of luck with it… Definate Bookmark.

Thank you for your comment. I worked quite a lot to get it done the way it is now, but I’m quite dissapointed with the lack of interest. Probably because the preview doesn’t show the right image when you hover it – I’ve submitted yesterday an update to get that preview fixed :(

It’s a very very nice design, one of the best!!! I will purchase!

Hey starshade,

Give it time,Your site is extremly solid and well designed. Themes like this will get their due respect and Sales…

Dont worry. Its a great theme! I have a project in mind for it, will be purchasing soon.

I love this, will definitely be purchasing. I love well designed themes that include as many page layouts as you have. Good job!

Thanks all for your comments :) I’m glad there are people who like it.

Starshade / Golden Works

I dont have a project for this yet. But I will buy anyway! well done, and nice work

Very nice template. I purchased. One question…how tough to turn this into a 3 column layout? Basically the unusable left column you have now, can that be ‘d out so I can put a Google Adsense 120X600 in that spot without pushing down the center and right column?

Hello ketch18,

That’s very easy to do. Just insert within inner-content 2 separate divs, float them left, set a width to each and you’ve got 3 columns. You might also want to add a margin-right value to the first div in order to have a nice spacing between them.

If you have difficulties doing this, just drop me a pm via contact form from my theme forest profile.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Golden Works

What did you use to get the headers to be that font?

btw Great design

Hello Oreius,

I am glad you like my design. I used cufon font replacement technique to make the headers display a custom font. And the font used is called anivers regular(it’s a free font).

Ok thanks!

yea I totally recognized the font then it dawned on me hey how did he do that. I have heard of font replacement techniques but have not done my research on them yet.

So I really appreciate it.

Great set of files—beautifully coded and brilliant design. There are many wonderful templates at TF, but very few that work right out-of-the-box for corporate clients. With your design and layout, I was able to do 2 mock-ups with 2 color options for client (home and inner page), add some identity and a couple (more) bells and whistles in just over an hour. Wow! Pages look phenomenal on new, wide screen and terrific on older monitors. Single file skin change option—smooth!

Thanks again, and keep up the great work. Please make more!

Postscript to my previous post: Client loved the comps.

Nice job. Looks great!

Very nice. And I’m a design snob.

Just awesome :) I’m buying definately :)

Thanks to everyone for nice comments!

hi and thank you for this template,

the small problem, is that email sends it function not, thank you to see.

afflicted for my average English, I am French

Hello vauthier,

I have written in documentation how to set up the mail for contact form. You just have to change a single line of code with your own email address.


Starshade / Golden Works

Found this somehow, then couldn’t remember if it was WP compatico. Could anyone please let me know? And since Im a newbie, does 8 pages mean the most it will support, or 8 different page styles included? Thank you, it’s a great looking page.


By the way, Im looking for a neat template for our historic B&B in northern CA. Could only find one that is intended for that, but didn’t like it. Any ideas?

Hello KenAnderson,

This is a html/css template, it’s NOT compatible with wordpress. 8 pages means there are 8 different page models(or templates) you can choose from to use.


Starshade / Golden Works

starshade congratulation, it looks really nice. As mediaconsult, which I already bought, here same question: is there any WP version planned?

kind regards

Hello buddhaplautze,

For media consult yes, wordpress version will be available soon, but I don’t know for this one. It’s still to early to say.

Starshade / Golden Works

I really like the design; however, it really melts down without Javascript turned on. Is there an easy fix for this?

Hello PitRott,

The template was built with javascript activated in mind, I don’t have a fix for that.


Starshade / Golden Works

This is a really nice theme, I would buy it if it was for wordpress? Any chance happening at all?


No wordpress version is being planned for this template yet. But I might consider this some time in the future.

Starshade / Golden Works