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Hi, I’ve bought your template, how do I edit the php file to email the contact form to my email address?

*Sorry, there’s been an error in my web editing tool, I’ve got it fixed now. It’s working fine, thanks anyway!

Please have a look at documentation that comes with this theme.

Starshade / Golden Works

Hi, I face another issues in which the logo on the top left of everypage was not shown in IE and Mozilla browser, but it was shown in Safari browser! I’ve checked and ensure that the link to the image correct and the image file size is low. Is there any way to resolve this?

Hello leeberty,

You seem to be the first person with this kind of problem. The logo shows well in both IE and Firefox – you can see that in my demo. You could upload one page to a server and email me the link so I will have a look there, but this problem shouldn’t occur, I have tested and verified the template hundred of times in ie6, ie7, ie8, firefox, safari and chrome and there are no issues at all with the logo. But as I stated, send me a mail via my profile page.


Starshade / Golden Works

Hi, I love this template. Great work!

Do you have a recommendation of a script to use with your blog page?

The blog page can be integrated with wordpress pretty easy as fas as I know.


Really awesome work! Love the functionality you have put to it, and thinking it might work very well for project that is in discussion phase.

Would like to know if the active component interferes with SEO in any way?


I love the template, it showed me a few tricks I had not run accross yet. However, and I may just be looking in the wrong place, but how do I change the logo. I am trying to put in an image, and just can’t seem to find the correct place to put it. I checked through the documentation, but all I found was that it is part of the #top id, but looking for that doesn’t seem to work either.

I’m sure it’s something simple and I’m goona look and feel rather stupid when I find it, but I’ll take that as it comes.


Go to css folder, then open the folder that contains the skin of your choice – for example white_red – open the styles.css with the editor of your choice then change this:

#logo a {/* this is the actual logo */
    background:url(logo.png) no-repeat;

with the name of your logo image. And don’t forget to add your logo file to the same folder with the styles.css.

Thank you, that worked wonderfully


Like most of the other comments, I love the template and will be making a purchase later today.

There is one change I would like to make. How do I change the width of the black bar that is on every page to match the actual width of each page? I don’t want the black bar to go across the whole width.

Many thanks.

I got your mail, will give you an answer via pm soon.

Love the layout, very clean and easy on so many fronts, nice nice job.

I do have a question regarding the Contact page, I see in your documentation about changing one line of code, I have done this and rechecked it several times and I have not received a single email? Any thoughts?


Uncomment the following line of code (delete the 2 //) from contact.php :

//mail($emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers); 

Nice template. Can you confirm that I could change the font very easily? I assume this is done with .css?


Yes, you can change the font from typography.css. Headers font is changed by generating a javascript file using cufon technology(everything is explained in documentation that comes with the theme)


I like this template. Can the primary heading font color be changed from Red to say, blue? So that it becomes a white/blue theme?


You also have a white blue theme that comes with this template, but if you wish to alter the red theme, that will be also done very easily.

@ cmcnelis74: were you ever able to get the contact form to work? I cant seem to get it to work, no matter what I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this template and it is one of the best that themeforest has to offer, but it seems that you may have to do more than just change “one line of code.”

Can somebody give me an answer please?

I’ve already replied to this issue, please have a look at the comments on this page, just 4 above your own. I’ll post in anyway again, here:

Uncomment the following line of code (delete the 2 //) from contact.php :

//mail($emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers); 

I forgot to include this notice in documentation, it was my fault, sorry for trouble.

Update, it is working. I guess there was a lag in the email. I sent several last night, and they all just came through just now. Thanks!


It is nice work. Before I make a purchase, I have one question about search option. Is that page included in that template?

Damir from Croatia

There is no template for displaying the search results, but that can be done pretty easy (copy paste) using different element styles from other available pages.

I am just going to buy this template. Is it possible that you make that this search page work? Damir from Croatia

To make a functional search mechanism you need a database and all the information on the site must be stored in a database and that’s beyond my knowledge since I am mostly a designer, not a programmer. Other option would be to convert this template to a wordpress theme(unfortunately I don’t have time for this now) and then you will have a functional search mechanism.

Excellent product. Bought it and love working with it. Keep up the good work!

just noticed one thing that no one has commented about ( PS. i am not being an annoying picky guy i just found it and thought u might want to know .. i absolutely love the design thats why i was checking it thoroughly )

With the contact form and blog comments, if you expand the text area , the actual text area does expand but not the border image, i’d suggest trying to enlarge the image and use max-width set to 100% and max-height to 100% as well it would expand to fill the area … just a thought :)

This is a very nice design and easy to work with. We developers love you guys! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for nice comments ;)

Hi, Great design, can’t wait to start work with it. Keep making cool templates.. Thanks

Great theme, but how do i change the color of the little box/line below the “Lastest News” and “Our Broucher”? Its red by default and the code calls to “box_bottom.png”, but i can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

Edit: Is it in a .css file somewhere?

Im also having the same problem with the logo.

Hello mbray100,

Regarding our question, you can’t change the color of that box line just from css because that is an image. I have included in the psds provided with the theme a box.psd that contains the box template. You must change the color of the respective layer using photoshop, then save the image. Regarding their location, you can find all images asociated with the respective theme in:


So for default red theme, images are in:


The css that contains skin styles are found in the same location, and its name is styles.css

Also, please note that this theme comes with a couple of skins, so you might find the color you like in other skins(for example the white blue theme has a gray top bar for all boxes).

Same instructions apply for logo location.

Kind regards,


I have been trying to add two addtional dropdown items to the services page dropdown list. I am having trouble getting them to open and close. Will you please tell me how to do this? I’ve been through all the CSS and cannot find the soluiton. Thanks.

Hello rutlanda,

In services.html, the last(seventh) item that is found between <li></li> tags is marked with classes strigger-7 and spanel-7. Duplicate this block and change the name of these 2 classes for the new block to strigger-8 and spanel-8. Also note that all those blocks have some javascript functionality attached to them that can be found at the bottom of the same file, services.html. The code for item block 7 is the following:

$(".strigger-7").click(function(){ $(".spanel-7").slideToggle("slow"); $(this).toggleClass("active"); return false; });

This must also be duplicated so the new item will have the same functionality. Your code will look like this:

$(".strigger-7").click(function(){ $(".spanel-7").slideToggle("slow"); $(this).toggleClass("active"); return false; });
$(".strigger-8").click(function(){ $(".spanel-8").slideToggle("slow"); $(this).toggleClass("active"); return false; });

As you see, you also must increment the numbers for the new (8th) block added. Since you said you want to add 2 more dropdowns, you must redo this operation one more time and change the classes names for the last item to strigger-9 and spanel-9 in both locations, between li tags and javascript code.

And by the way, all these work independently of css, there is no need to change anything there, everything is related to simply copy pasting those blocks of code and increase their class numbers.

Kind regards,