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Thanks so much. I was editng the classes, but not the javascript. The template is awesome. Thnaks again.

Hi – I am having problem making the contact form send a message to an e-mail account. The scrip seem to run ok and I get a green conformation box. But no mail in my inbox. what should things should I check to make sure that It works. Im a designer and not sure what a php contact form relies on to work

Make sure you uncomment the following line of code (delete the 2 // in front of the code) from contact.php :

//mail($emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers);

Brilliant! Thanks that did the trick, (Great site / amazing support) Ta

Any plans to make this a wordpress theme?

Since I released a wordpress version for Media Consult, I want to make one for Innova Construct too, but I don’t know when I will find the time, because now I already work on a new theme.

Great Template. One improvement for Brochure section, this will make pdf icon click-able.

div.pdf-icon a { display: block; height: 100%; width: 100%; }

Thanks for tip :)

Great template. I’ve purchased it and hopefully the client will pick it over the other option. I do have a question: Does the grey calender icon on the home page belong to a larger icon set? I was planning on having some other box divs with lists of links and it would be nice to use different icons with a similar/comparable design.

Hello rconnolly,

I am glad you like my template :)

Regarding your question, the icon was self made by me and I haven’t done similar ones when I designed the theme, so it doesn’t belong to a certain set from the net.



Too bad. Perhaps if the client goes with this design they can contract you to design one or two other similar icons. Also, I’ll be porting this to an ASP .NET master page, so perhaps I can fire you off an ASP .NET version of the contact page.

Hi -

I really like this design but our client uses Wordpress. Is it possible for you to release a Wordpress version, as I am sure there are many others who would like to buy it too.

Many thanks.

Hello mighlani,

To answer your question, yes I really want to convert this to wordpress, but right now I have 2 new html templates that I am working on(one of them it’s 70% completed) and I want to release those 2 first, or at least one of them. I also wait for wordpress 3.0 to be released before I start working on Innova Construct.
So I’ll definitely release a wordpress version for this one in the near future.


Thanks for your prompt reply Starshade. While I understand your position, is there any way I can tempt you to create a Wordpress version for me for say – the price PLUS an extra fee?

Hi, great design but need it in Wordpress version! I just downloaded it thinking it was as I clicked through from the Media Consult template! My mistake! but will keep an eye out for the Wordpress version which hopefully will come soon.

Keep up the good work – and I need to pay closer attention!

@mighlani – unfortunately I can’t do this, I am extremely busy working on my new theme and I also work full time(9 hours/day) in a creative web agency, so it’s impossible for me to take freelance requests at the moment :(

@loopstermedia – yes as I said there will be a quite nice wordpress version for this theme – I like this design quite a lot and I also want to bring a couple of improvements to homepage(and add a second homepage template too) when making the wordpress. I’ll hope to find time to start working on it as soon as possible.




I’ve question. Is this project SEO safe? I’m interested but for me is really important to purchase website SEO safe. I’m concern about Menu – Java files.



Hello lukedtp,

Yes, the theme is seo safe. I’ve tested it with google bot and it fetches the menu(along with dropdown) correctly.

Hi Starshade, How are you coming with your new theme? Hope to be seeing it soon.

Innova Construct wp version is in the works. I started working on it last weekend, but right in this moment I must finish my new theme and send it to themeforest staff for review. After that, Innova Construct wp will become top priority and I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the update. Really appreciate your work, and am looking forward to seeing your new theme soon. Was hoping to have it as a consideration for a new client I just signed on.


I buy this theme, but i didn’t see, that it is not a WP theme!

When you will finish WP version?

It’s difficult for me to use html version…

and your theme is great!

is possible to use a panel of administration that are for sale and import this template into it?

No, this can’t be done. You need a cms to administrate its content from backend.

and how we do it. Is there anything here on the site that you can buy that allows to do that

To have control over the content from backend you would need to buy a wordpress version of the theme you want. That way, you will have a complete and working website and all your job will be to populate it with the client’s content and maybe make a few changes(change fonts, colors, depending what the client wants).

Unfortunately, there is no wordpress version of this template – Innova Construct – available for purchase. Lots of possible buyers asked me about it, and like I said, I am already working on it and do my best to release it as soon as possible.


First I’d like to congrat you for this really cool work. My business partner bought it and we aimed at modifying it in order to match with a client needs and everything was ok but the Cycle jQuery plugin.

You can see part of the result here : http://sd-5355.dedibox.fr/

If you connect for the first time or if you refresh a page, you’ll get the text of the first animation under the image and then the container will take too much space so you can’t click links under it.

I know it’s not very clear but take a look please and tell me if there’s anything to deal with it.

Thanks !

I finally found out : my CMS changed the order of files calls (.js and .css). Fixing this it works back !

Great theme here. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t look like there is any styling for a bulleted list. Is this true? If so, can you provide some in your next update?