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You can ignore the last question – I just needed to include

ul class=”bulleted-list”

I’m having an issue with IE browser and the right side call out blocks being pushed all the way to the bottom of the page below the main body content. Thus is happening on all interior pages.

Can you tell me if this can be fixed or if I may have messed something up to cause this?



Hello willweyer,

Sorry for late response. It’s almost impossible for me to check the layout like this. Please fix your validation errors at http://validator.w3.org/. You might have forgotten to close a div or add 1 more when it was not necessary.

Just wanted to put in another vote for the Wordpress version. I like to buy both versions and run an HTML site with a separate, but coordinating blog, so know you have a double purchase when you are ready with the WP side. Great design on Innova…I’m already using Media Consult Site/Blog for another client who is VERY happy! :)

Glad you like my theme. I will be releasing the Innova Construct WP in the near future.

Hi there,

Can someone please help me with the search bar, it doesnt work at the moment on my test server.

No search results listed.

if anyone could help that’d be great!

Search cannot work for a html css template. Html templates are static pages, you would need to have content in a database to have a working search script.

Hi there,

I purchased your Innova Construct – Business, Portfolio, Blog it is a great theme and I am very happy with my purchase.

I have a small problem tho the site I created http://www.frankissolutions.com/contact.php – the contact form will not work, on the surface everything looks to be in working order, the code looks the way it should, yet when the contact form is submitted it is not sent to the email address inputted. Can you help please? – I have been trying to work out the problem yet I am unable to.




Did you uncomment this line ?(delete the 2 // in front of it)

//mail($emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers);

I forgot to mention this in the documentation.


Thankyou for your response, I tried what you said, and now when the form is submitted I get this error message;

PHP Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address in D:\WebSites\franki\www\contact.php on line 44

it is still not working, please can you help?


Upload it to your host / server, locally it won’t work if you don’t have a mail server installed on your machine(most hosts do have one).


I was wondering if it’s possible to include a full width image for the homepage slider.

Or alternatively, Do you do custom work? I would like to include the piecemaker slider in its place if possible.

Can you let me know if this is possible?


Hello sticker,

Currently there are no styles defined for a full width image, so this can’t be done without code modifications. Also, I can’t take any requests for custom works at the moment, I have a busy time now :(


I have a troubles with Russian language I put russian text on title – and it became invisible English text – normaly, russian in body (not title) – no problems

what i need to do? and what about joomla or WP version?

Hello wthf,

You can disable the cufon font replacement script byt not including it in the head sections of each page. I don’t think the current font used, anivers has russian characters. The font details can be found here: http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/anivers.html

I do not have knowledge for a joomla version, however the WP version is currently in the works. I hope to get it done as soon as possible(within a week, at most 2), it’s already in advanced state.


The template has proved really useful for me, so thankyou!!

I am having trouble getting the services working on my site. Please can you let me know what I have to do to ensure that the drop-down arrow makes my spanel-1 scontent div appear?


Hello Simon,

The services page is already created in my template, all you have to do is copy change the lorem ipsum with your own text. Also, you you copy / paste the spanel blocks from one page to another, don’t forget to also include the javascript at the bottom of the services page wherever you use those toggle sections.

Let me know if I can be of further help.



Is the WP version of Innova very near now?

I have a great use for it but deadlines will force me to use something else it is not ready in the next couple of days.

Don’t worry if it isn’t ready I am sure you’re busy, I am bound to buy it in the future.



Hello Stewart,

Regarding the wordpress version, I am working really hard to get it done, but unfortunately it seems it will take me more than I expected. I wrote a whole new framework with custom styled admin panel, a lot more flexible and easier to use than the one on media consult.

To give you a rough estimation, I would say it will be finished around 10th of October. That’s because I work full time in a creative agency and I can’t work at personal projects more than 4 hours/day :(

The theme will be top notch quality in my opinion, but don’t wait for me – if you have strict deadlines go for another one.


I’ve purchased this theme, but is there a way I can change one of the “details” sections to be open on display instead of closed. I’m not sure what to change in the code.

Thanks, Jon

UPDATE : I’ve resolved this, for anyone interested.

In the .html file change the “spanel-1 scontent” to “spanel-1 scontent_open”

and in the general.css file, find ”.scontent” block and copy to ”.scontent_open” and remove the “display:none” code.

Hope this helps somebody.

Glad you solved it :) Good luck!

Hi I bought ths template is really cool.

I have a problem I add a background image in the footer section, but I can get it to have the same widht as the header, the big grey block on top.

What can I do?

This is the demo of the site:


Lovely theme. I will be waiting for the new version WP 3 ready. Hope it will be ready by middle of OCT .

It might take a few more days to get it done. In 2 days I will be able to setup the live demo and do the final checks before starting to write its documentation that it will take me 2 more days.

No need to panic though, it will be worth the wait: it will contain an additional portfolio page template that looks awesome, fullwidth & archive pages along with the rest of the pages you see in the html version.



Can I embed video on the top heder area or in the inner pages

Thank you


Can I embed video on the index header or any subsequent lightbos pages

Thank you


Hello Rachid,

The html version of Innova Construct lightbox doesn’t have video support at all. Basically the lightbox script, named slimbox2 should be completely changed with other jquery plugin such as prettyphoto in order to be able to integrate videos. Regarding the homepage header, the answer is yes, you can embed a video and deactivate the slider.

The wordpress version of Innova Construct comes with prettyphoto lightbox that supports video / flash content – however I haven’t integrated a method to simply add video from the admin panel, but I consider doing this in a future update.

Also, you can observe there are some differences in terms of design when comparing the html version to the wordpress version. Fact is that I have improved the original html version and used it for wordpress(and that one has prettyphoto) but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet(whether should I give it for free or not to clients who bought this original html version).

Hi! i buy your HTML version by mistake and now you make WP. Can I buy it (WP version) with dicount?

And will you make Joomla version?


Hello wthf,

If I remember correctly Envato have a discount policy if you bought a html version by mistake and you want the wordpress one instead. Please contact support and describe your situation, they are the one who can help you, we authors are not allowed to offer discounts.


Can you tell me how I can make one of the service sections be open when the page loads.



Hello Toni,

I currently don’t have a quick solution for this, but I think the whole toggle script along with their shortcodes should be duplicated and changed to be opened by default.

Can you tell me what to put in the CSS to stylize a bulleted list?

I know it’s elementary but I’m new to this.

Great template!

I’ve just emailed you.

Great template. It saved me so much time and tuned out great. One question on work.html.

I would like to use each work-list box as a separate project with unique galleries as opposed to them all belonging to the same lightbox. I have several pictures that correspond to each project. Would I need to create new html pages for every project and change work.html to function essentially as a thumbnail navigation page?

Hello ollie526,

Not sure if I understand your question exactly. If I am not wrong, you can have a single new page for each work-list box and in this page you can insert all pictures that belong to that certain project. Let me know if this is what you’re trying to achieve.

Nice theme but is the homepage slideshow editable? as in If I buy can the transition be slowed down?

Yes and again yes. The slideshow consists of posts – you can add as many slides as you like from wordpress admin and there is a setting in the custom admin panel that lets you configure the transition time(slowing it down).

Thanks, but I posted this on the html site not wordpress

Sorry for that, my bad. Yes in the html version each slide is also editable and you can easily add new slides from the html. The duration between slides can be easily changed too, it’s defined in milliseconds at the top of the homepage.