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Hello Starshade, thanks for your reply. I emailed you a few days ago with a link to show example of the problem. I guess I should have notified you thorough this route at the same time.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best


Hello and sorry for late reply. I am writing a response right now to your email.

Thank you so much Starshade. I really appreciate this work as I’d never have figured it out on my own.

Ive just passed text into my white_red/CSS and tested on my local drive and it works a treat.

Will get the rest live shortly.

Sorry about emailing rather than using the themeforest comments, but I’m really embarassed about my own web cover page – I keep meaning to sort it out.

I really love the professional look to this website template. Thank you thank you thank you.


Hi Starshade,

I am having troubles with the slider. I can not get the text working next to each picture like in the preview you have Grand Tunnel with a More button … I can not get it to work after following the documentation.

I can also not get the three pictures to work at the bottom of the homepage where in the preview it is called Featured Products.

Would appreciate a quick response as I have a client waiting. .... Thank you and great theme …. by the way your starshade email is not working all bouncing back


Hello TariqA,

The slider entry title(next to the image) should appear automatically after you’ve added the title of the slide entry in the backend. If you have issues with this, you should drop me an email with access to your wordpress site so I can have a look(for some reason you have h1 tags empty, like you didn’t add any title to the slider entry at all).

Also I got your email, it shouldn’t bounce back because I have a yahoo address that basically should work all the time.

About the 3 pictures at the bottom of the homepage, those entries are pulled off from portfolio sections and they don’t appear because you didn’t add any portfolio entry to your theme. You have an option in backend to choose from which section you want your latest entries to be pulled(portfolio type 1 or portfolio type 2). There is no way to add these manually – they are pulled from 1 of the portfolio sections.

Hi ok I have sorted the portfolio in the homepage … still having issues with the slider

Would appreciate a little help did you get my emails with access codes?

Additionally I would check your email as loads bounced back from my gmail but from yahoo it is accepting it


Yes I got your emails and I also checked your site. There is a html / css error around there – actually the title is under the slider image – for some reason it just floated to the left. I emailed you and asked you about any modifications to the theme’s files – if you want I can dig into your code and try to fix it, but I would need FTP access for that.

Anyway, check out your email, I hope the issue with the email bouncing back is gone. You can email me from your yahoo address.


I have the exact same problems as TariqA above with the slider. Whereby the title and text floated to the left. I have emailed you my access, can you please help to fix this urgently? Client’s waiting for the website launch. Thanks a lot!

Just fixed your issue. Please next time post in the innova construct WORDPRESS comments section – you posted in the innova construct html version. I will write the solution in that section now, so that future clients can see this, until I release an update.

Hi Star Shade,

I uploaded the theme to the /public_html/wp-content/themes/InnovaConstructTheme directory, but can’t figure out how to activate it. The wordpress dashboard is giving me the “stylesheet missing” error (see below): Can you advise?

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description InnovaConstructTheme Stylesheet is missing.

It’s most likely that you purchased the html template of Innova Construct, instead of the wordpress theme. Please contact support – maybe they can help you with this issue – and pay more attention next time.

Hi Starshade,

Thanks for the quick response. I checked your instructions and it is indeed the wordpress theme that I purchased.

Style.CSS does exist in one of the sub directories. However, when I upload it, it gives me the error I reference above:

“Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description InnovaConstructTheme Stylesheet is missing.”

How can this be resolved?

Thanks! David

Hello David,

Yes you might be right but the style.css must be in the theme’s root. Also, you have the “purchased” tag in the right of your post, but please note that you are posting in the html template of Innova Construct comments section, not in the wordpress section, so you definitely bought the html version and from what you are saying you also bought the wordpress version too.

Assuming this, please have a look at this video:


It explains how to properly install the wordpress theme. If that’s not the case, please drop me an email via contact form here on my themeforest profile and I will help you install it.

Also, let’s move this discussion to the wordpress version of the theme, not here, since this concerns the wordpress theme, not the html template.

On your demo all the headings are missing when I browse it using IE9 , but when I change to compatibility mode they show up.

There’s an incompatibility issue with cufon on ie9. The theme hasn’t been updated for quite some time and the cufon version that comes with the template doesn’t work on ie9. You just have to redownload the cufon library, regenerate the font from here:


Then replace the old files with the new ones you’ve downloaded / generated.

hey, i have an issue with the contact page.. i am trying to integrate the google map and the box below like in your demo version.. with the template i bought, it is missing the box and the map on the right side of the contact page..

can you help me out a bit more detailed? thx.


I want to keep the same logo and change the words. It appears not to be possible. Could you help me ? Thanks


You should edit the psd file, save the logo and replace the old one with the new you’ve created – make sure you give the file the same name.

Also, you can drop me an email via my contact form here on my themeforest profile and I will do this for you and send you the new logo. You should state what color you want it to be and obviously, the text.

Oooh this template looks very professional :D Good work!


How can i create a service page like the one with the detail button that appears in the demo site? using the toggle shortcode i can only create toogle content that appears when i click the title. Morever i can not embody listed content using the toggle shortcode which seems to be possible in the service page of yout demo. Thanks

For support please head to our forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Great template! Where i can buy the tunnel-picture? Can you send me the directlink or name of the image?

Why you did not reply?


The template is more than 2 years old and I don’t remember anymore from where I got the image with the tunnel :(

same problem with dweisburd . i download the wordpress theme innova construct but it fails with css. well because i do not like to pay wothout doing my work, pls send me the correct file immediately

The theme works as it should, but you have the purchased badge in the Innova Construct HTML template, not in the wordpress version section, so you accidentally purchased the HTML version of Innova Construct(just like dweisburd did – read my reply to him), not the wordpress version.

You might want to contact themeforest support in this case – http://themeforest.net/support, tell them your problem and ask for a refund because you’ve purchased the wrong version of the file. There isn’t anything the author can do in this situation.

I need help editing the logo? I don’t see how to do it or really any of the images other then the ones located in the images folder.

I worked at it for a bit and found out how to edit the logo. I’m now curious to know if there is a read-me for setting up the contact page, or making the search work etc. I was hoping with the purchase came the support to get it the way I want it.


We are not offering any support anymore here in the comments section of the products. All support is handled by our staff on our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/ – you are more than welcome to head there, create an account and post your questions in the corresponding section.

Also, please note that since you’ve purchased a html template, you should have basic – medium html / css editing knowledge too.

I literally just need a quick response on how to get the contact and search forms going. I’ve swapped all images and updated all the pages thats all I have left.

Like I said, we are not offering support here. Please head to our forums. Contact form has a php script attached to it, you just have to insert your email address(see documentation) and make sure you have apache / php and a mail server – most, if not all hosts have this.

About search, that’s just a html input with no functionality(and even if you make a search script, that will work only with a database attached to your site and for that you should have got the wordpress version instead). You can attach a google search if you wish though.


I am building a site with this theme. I found a strange effect. When I use East-Asian language (exactly Korean), it is okay in the body of pages. However if I use Korean in headings (such as h1, h2, ...) it is not seen on Chrome, & Firefox. IE is okay. How can I fix this issue? Thank you.

This happens because the font that replaces the headers of the theme, Anivers does not support korean characters. Your only option is to disable / remove cufon.

In the headers of the html / php files, look for these lines of code:

<script src="js/cufon.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/Anivers_font.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Cufon.replace('h1, h2', { fontFamily: 'Anivers' });

You might want to remove / delete those and the theme headers will be replaced by the theme default body font, Verdana.

Also, note that we are not offering support here anymore, so in the future please head to our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Hello, Nice design! How can I customize it and edit it?


Thank for interest. Each template and theme comes with included documentation. If the documentation doesn’t cover all you need to know, you are more than welcome to head to our forums for help:


Please note that for html templates you should know basic html and css while for wordpress theme coding skills is not needed, unless you want to make more indepth changes.