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Hi I just purchased this theme for a client and upon setting up the template I’m noticing that the sidebar items are appearing at the bottom of the home page ? Am I missing a setting or command ?


Thanks Dave

For support please head to our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Also it seems you are using a very old version of the theme that is not supported anymore by us. Please install and use the latest version of the theme.

Very NICE theme, 5 stars. Got a quick homepage up for someone to check out in 3 hours.

Hi Starshade,

I’ve got a question, I’d like to buy this theme for a project, but first I would like to ask you if you plan to update this theme in future to make it responsive? I know it’s an old project, I’ve seen it here a long time ago, but as more and more users browse websites on their mobiles, this is the theme functionality I am looking for.

Thanks Simon

Unfortunately not, we currently don’t plan to make this theme responsive, at least not in the near future. We don’t totally exclude this suggestion, but at the moment it’s not likely to happen.

Hi, I have been facing an issue in IE. The header content is not visible only in IE. Please check the link in IE. www.kcie.cgillusionsinc.com. Please help me fix it. Thanks.


Please download the latest version of cufon library – http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and overwrite the old one from js folder with the new one. This should fix the headers display on internet explorer.

Hey Thank You. It worked.

Thanks Starshade, just edited the file, thanks for the great support on this theme!!! Anyone checking these comments before purchasing…. this is a great theme and the support is excellent, big thumbs up, I 100 % recommend this theme. ;)

Hi I just purchased this template and am very satisfied! The only question I have is what additional set up is needed to get the form working? I replaced the temp email with my email and the form says successful but I never receive an eMail?


Please follow the instructions from here to get the form working:


Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, I made the changes from the post but it still doesn’t sent an email? are replacing the email and removing the comment //’s the only two things needed to get it working?

Yes these should be the only changes you have to make and also, since the contact page is a php file, you would need a server to run it and also a mail server installed. This should not be a problem at all though, since most if not all hosts have this, so just make sure you are testing the contact form on your host. Also note that the messages you are sending might have some delay, so you need to wait a bit. And one more thing, also try using a different email address.

Hi Starshade

Thanks for the template, looking good so far, but I have a question about the image pop up that is on the blog page.

a href=”images/blog_img1.jpg” rel=”lightbox” title=”News”

img src=”images/blog_tv.jpg” alt=”” class=”image blog-img” width=”630” height=”278”

How do I pop up a you tube video using this method. Therefore as soon as the image is clicked, it pops up with a you tube video.

Many Thanks Paul

Hello wow_video,

Instead of “images/blog_img1.jpg” try inserting the link to your youtube video.

Hi, I just purchase this theme. But unfortunately I am using wordpress for my site. Is there any way around it? I am clueless with codes

Hello faizalproperty,

You purchased the wrong version of the file. A html template is not compatible with wordpress. The wordpress version of Innova Construct is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/innova-construct-wordpress/132005

As fas as I know, usually Envato gives refund if you by mistake purchased the wrong version of a file, but you need to contact them here – http://support.envato.com/ (open a ticket), describe your issue and ask for a refund so you can get the wordpress version instead.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team

Tks. Yes, i already done that.

Hi, I have problem with jquery on home page. If opened from iPad, all sliders are visible in vertical position. Kindly help me fix it.


Hi I have sent you a screenshot. Kindly check it out.

Hi! I haven’t received any reply for the query. Have you received my mail with screenshot?

Hello Becky,

We have replied now to your email. Apologize for forgetting about your request. Please apply the fix we have sent you and let us know the results.


How is Google Maps best integrated on the Contact page?

Cheers, Bob

Hello Bobmakovei,

The google maps code can be directly embedded in the contact page by just pasting it in the contact page. After you chose your location on https://maps.google.com/, click on the link icon and paste the html code(the one with iframe) somewhere in the contact page, where you want it to appear.

Unable to alter the logo? please advise?

Nvm, read the previous comments

Hi, i’ve purchased and used this theme, it is awsome and thaks for it. But in services page there is a jquery coding for panels like: $(".strigger-1").click(function(){ $(".spanel-1").slideToggle("slow"); $(this).toggleClass("active"); return false; }); and it repeating 7 times for 7 sliding panels, but what about if we have 9 even 25 ? i’ve changed this code block with this: $('[class^="strigger-"]').click(function(){ var index = $(this).attr('class').replace(/[^0-9]/g, ''); $(".spanel-"+index).slideToggle("slow"); $(this).toggleClass("active"); return false; }); so, now i can have unlimited panels without any addition.. Again, tahns for that beautiful theme.

Hello CESAK,

Unfortunately you can’t. If you want to have 25 toggle panels, you need to duplicate that code 25 times. While you changed that code to try to have unlimited panels without duplicating the js, now when you click on a “strigger-”, not only the current one will open, but all the list blocks that have “strigger-” class. We know this was not the best toggle script due to this limitation but it was the only one back then when we released the template.

with my pasted code, script is running very well… i am using in my site.

Hello, Great theme, but is it possible to add a drop down menu to the subject field?


Hello be715,

I am not sure what the “subject field” might be, but since you are using a html template, then yes, anything is possible. You can add html code wherever you need. For information about how to create a dropdown, you can visit this link:


I hope this information helps.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this template and wanted to know:

Is Dual Language supported with this template? I will have the translated content, but just wanted to make sure that it will be possible to toggle between an English website and a Chinese website, for example. Is this directly supported, or is there a plug-in associated with this? I don’t have a coding background, so would love to know if this is possible without a developer. Thank you in advance!

Hello Kasagia,

Are you referring to the html template or wordpress version ? You posted in the html version’s comments section. For this version, you can manually create your homepage in Chinese or any language and also insert the switcher where you want. For this you must have some basic html / css knowledge. In regards with wordpress version, only a plugin such as WPML might work but I can’t guarantee it’s 100% compatible since the theme has not been tested with a language plugin so far.


I’m going to be purchasing this shortly, can you please advise that this template comes with a working contact.php page – I assume you have an editable file that I can change the email address on?


Hello rmdamon,

Yes this is true. The template has a working contact page where you need to add your own email address and uncomment a line of code that contains the mail() function.

Also, for more questions, you are welcome to come to our support forum: http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

An update that made this theme responsive would sell more copies in the future. Cheers!

Thanks for suggestion, we will consider it.

I´ve noticed that the header (H1) font is a javascript modified font, Where can i find a similar font?



The font we used is anivers:


I don’t know where to find a similar font, however if you are looking for a huge collection of free fonts, please check out this site:


Hi. I bought the theme about 2 years ago. Here it is: http://www.rojasyasociados.com/

I really like it. However when I put the translate plug in I was a bit frustrated because it is not working properly. The english version works well (default) but the spanish doesn’t. Posts and pages yes, but portfolio items, menus and news items no. They are generated and even shown (see homepage in spanish looks fine (except for menu and side widgets not using translated text) but when you click on a portfolio item it takes you to the english version. How can I fix it? Many thanks


We didn’t test the theme with any translation plugins unfortunately but we plan to make it WPML compatible in the future. You can try updating the theme with the latest version(since you are using an outdated version) and try again to translate it. Since the version you are using the custom post types(portfolios and news) have been reworked so it might be compatible now.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

hi, i have purchased above item. Now my many clients are using mobile & tablets for browsing. So i just want to know that is any plan to update this temple for mobile compatible version or to responsive template please let me know asap.

Hello abhinani2001,

Unfortunately no, we don’t have plans to make this template responsive.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.