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Hi! After upgrading WP to 4.1.1, I’m unable to update any of the Theme Options. Nothing is being saved.

Any easy ideas for a fix? :)




I just checked the theme with WP 4.1.1 and don’t have any problem with updating theme options. Maybe you don’t click on the proper Save button (each section has its own save button to save settings, so when you make changes in one section you need to save these changes with this button before you start changing another section etc.).

You can also check is you have your Homepage (page with Homepage template) selected for A Static Page: Front page option in section Settings > Reading.

I think this might be related to some non theme plugin. Maybe you use for example some cache plugin and this is the reason why your saved changes doesn’t appear on the site right away. If you use any non theme plugin, you can check this by deactivating it and see if this helps.


I am unable to find the dummy data, through which I can make the template look like you have shown in the preview.

Can you please provide me the sample data which I can import in my template.

Please reply asap.

Thanks a lot!


Please send us an email using contact form located in our Theme Forest profile and I shuold be able to help you with this. But, please for support questions contact us only using account that was used to purchase our theme.


I’ve got a problem after upgrading to 4.1.1 Some of my sites don’t load anymore. I have no idea why this happens. Could you please have a look here for example:

It just loads the header and that’s it. There’s no error or anything like that on the site, I can open it without problems in the editor.


Unfortunately the lightbulb popup also doesn’t work anymore. I can’t insert any tags anymore. When clicking on ‘Insert’ nothing happens.


As for the NGG plugin. Yes, looks like something was changed in the NGG plugin and we already had some reports about new NGG version issues. We will try to check this and if possible make some changes for some future update. But, for this moment older NGG version must be used with the theme. Everything should work fine with version NGG V2.0.66.33 – which can be downloaded here.

In regards to the LIGHTBULB, currently when latest WP version is used, the lightbulb feature should work fine only in Text editor. So you will need to switch from “Visual” to “Text” editor mode and then use Lightbulb feature. This will be changed in future update.

Thank you for infromation.

Ok, can you estimate when you’re going to release an update? I saw some comments about 6 months old asking for the same. I’d really like to continue using this theme, but this won’t be possible when there are no updates :(

Hi! I need translate MENU. I install WPML on site. can you hel me?



I need translate menu. I install WMPL, but see that WPML translate only Wordpress menu.

I ask you abou it 3 ears ago. this is my message: “It’s possible use standard wordpress meny? I need translate my site and i use WPML translate plug in. WPML lets you translate WordPress menus and create different menus per language. Work only whit standard word press menu. But i don’t know how “Turn Off” Innovation meny.”

But i not understand how it’s work:


Sorry. But this is not possible in IS2. But there is some kind of fix for this problem. Just need to add in cp_menu.php class special translate function which will detect enabled language and will map file item names to names from active language.

Can you tel me ho add to cp_menu php class special translate function?”

Can you help me?

Thank uou! Nick

This is my p.code:0ff85107-c9bb-4bbb-a4d8-3d302ebcae7e

I am having a little trouble setting up my theme(Innovation Science 2). Will you email me the XML demo data file to

Thanks, Dillard

Hey, I’ve bought your theme, which I really like. Upon uploading and activating I receive some errors (using fresh WP installation), which isn’t cool. Support section didn’t help to solve the issue.

I get the following errors:

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /www/htdocs/XXX/XXX/wp-content/themes/InnovationScience2/cms/php/cp_controlpanel.php on line 38

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/XXX/XXX/wp-content/themes/InnovationScience2/cms/php/cp_controlpanel.php:38) in /www/htdocs/XXX/XXX/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1228

Hello everyone, especially the Author Theme!

I think we need a new update for this beautiful theme for PHP 7 because now I have a problem because as these errors:

Warning: Declaration of DCC_MenuWalker :: start_el (& $ output, $ item, $ depth, $ args) should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu :: start_el (& $ output, $ item, $ depth = 0, $ args = array, $ id = 0) and /home/.sites/6/site1333/web/wp-content/themes/InnovationScience2/cms/php/cp_menu.php on line 64

Thanks in advance for help or a new update!