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How to create a main News Page and News post?

1. Go to Pages and click on Add New button.

2. Write page title at the top.

3. Select page template on the right side – choose News.

4. If sidebar for contact page is creatated select a sidebar from drop down list in Custom Page Settings (you can also do this later and edit this page setting).

5. Publish News Page.

6. Go to IS Options > Main Menu. In Menu manager create a new item for News Page, put a name for it (for example “News”) and choose (Use page) a link method for this item and in Link column select your News Page.

7. When you will enter News Page in browser at this moment, you should see an empty page with a title displayed and two information boxes “Category for news page is not selected”.

8. Go to Posts and click on Add New button.

9. Write post title at the top. In Categories section create a new category for News page (only one category can be used for News). You can name it as for example “News” – only this category should be selected for this post.

10. In HTML editor at the top put post content – text, images, links etc. For images, links etc. you should use styles that are described in User Guide file.

11. Put short text for Post short description, and if you want this News to be featured insert also a text for an edit box marked as Blog post preview and featured News/Article description.

12. Publish this News Post.

13. Go to IS Options > News. From Select your news page drop down list select News page. From Select news category drop down list select a category name that was created for News.

14. Remember that for every next post created as news you must select only your News category. Remember also that News post don’t use tags.

15. In IS Options > News you can also change other settings for News page, like for example decide which News is displayed as featured.