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A new version 1.5 of Innovation+Science HTML/CSS site template was released with some updates and small improvements. Here is the list of most important changes:

    • various modifications in all HTML, CSS and JS files
    • adjustments for HTML5 valid code
    • code optimizations and small CSS improvements
    • Cufon and Lightbox update to latest versions

All version changes are as always described in VERSION_LOG.txt file attached inside the main ZIP archive.


Could you tell me how to upgrade it from older version. I have running live site with your older template.


Because you have a working live site with content it is not so easy to make a complete update now to the new version, especially because it is HTML template with all the content data in files. We made smaller or bigger changes almost in all files, so the best way in your case would be check the differences in the version files with software like WinMerge and decide individually if you would like to add each change to your site, but this might be also hard process.

If you didn’t modified CSS files and JS files, then it would be possible to replace for example only “js” and “css” folders, plus modify the head section in your HTML files, where these files are called. But, I think you have some changes in these files for your site.

In this case, the easiest part is to update Cufon – for Cufon you just update the cufon-yui.js file located in “lib” folder. But I see you already did this earlier on your own. All other updates needs some more precise work on the existing files and checking the differences, so you don’t loose the existing content on site.

I think it might be easier to get the new version of IS and make changes in the new version files. For example make the same adjustments in the code if needed (like changes in the menu that you have made) and replace the content part of the code with your content. If you want to move completely to the new version, I think this could be easier than making changes one by one in your current files.

Thanks for quick guidance. Does this theme compatible with mobile/tab? Or I need to create separate one for same?

Hello, the IS2 is not a responsive theme – if you ask about responsive layout for various devices.

I uploaded this template and extract one of the zip files into a directory (the I then get a 403 Permission denied error so I cant even see the template in the browsers?? IE and Google Chrome using :-(

Hello, looks like you need to change something in the setup on your server, maybe in .htaccess file. But you can also ask your host about this.

In the pretty photo pop up box… The facebook/twitter icon does not show on the book.. how do I enable that and add the proper links to my pages?


Hello, do you use the latest IS HTML version? This functionality was added with the latest update – Lightbox used in the theme was updated to newer version. These icons on lightbox should be displayed automatically if you didn’t made any modifications.

How do you enable the newsletter and attach a document with email sent?


Because this is HTML template with no additional PHP file (besides Contact Form) – the newsletter is only a design and HTML code. For this feature, to get full Newsletter functionality, you will need to add some additional PHP code (or use some newletter system) to make it work with email, sending documents etc.


In home page there is tabsThumbsContainer. tabsThumb imgTipLeftTop image doesn’t working. Kindly check my site home page at . Please advise.

Issue resolved after uploading new .js files. Thanks.


I see you already resolved this. Thank you for the information. I understand you updated the JS file to the latest version.

After looking on your site I see one other thing. The text links to images placed inside tabs content are not working.

Because there were some changes in JS file and in other HTML files in latest version, you will need to make also some changes in HTML files (not only replace the JS files). For example, in the tabs you use the code:

class="imgTxtPrevLink imgTxtTipCenterTop" rel="img/index/tabs/...

But now – after you updated the JS – the rel should be changed to data-rel, so the code will look like this:

class="imgTxtPrevLink imgTxtTipCenterTop" data-rel="img/index/tabs/...

If you need to update the JS to latest version, some similar changes might be needed in various places in other HTML files.

Hi, We are using your great theme Innovation+Science v.1.0 for a long time now. Lately, (maybe following a WP version update, we are now 3.7.1) the admin panel is having serious javascript problems. any button that requires JS , such as add media, or screen options buttons, do not work and throw console errors. I am sure it is the theme since i disabled all plugins, and only when i switched themes the problem disapears. Thanks in advance for your help

Found it. the theme somewhere in admin area makes a non safe call to an old version of jquery (1.3.2)and created a conflict


This is a HTML version comments section. In future, to get support for WP version you need to contact us via WordPress IS2 version comments section (or via email using contact form located in our Theme Forest profile).

We didn’t found any JS problem in the WP admin with the latest WP version. Everything works fine when I check the theme. Looks like it is something on your installation, but I am not sure where might be the problem. Do you see any errors in the console? Did you made an update to the latest IS2 version that is available here on Theme Forest?

Because you ask about WP version, please contact us in comments section for this item:

Hi Amazing looking website design. Can I please ask what software I would need to edit pictures and text etc….and also how would i upload to the blog part of the website etc etc…im new to this


is there a way of linking the “latest from blog” on the index page to the actual blog posts so it updates auto?


Hello, for this you will need to add some PHP code. Because this is only HTML/CSS template it doesn’t has the PHP code for this section on Homepage or for Blog page – for this additional coding is needed.


I just bought your theme but it will not let me install it. I am to install the main zip file correct?


Looks like you purchased the HTML template for Innovation+Science, but your question is related to WordPress theme? I am not sure, but maybe you were looking for WordPress version – Innovation+Science 2 that is also available in our portfolio?

Because if you want to use this HTML template, you just need to unpack the main ZIP file, then go to “HTML_templates” folder and unpack again the selected color version to get to the HTML template files which you can edit and use.

Ohh ok! Yes I meant to download the wordpress theme, not the HTML

Hi DigitalCavalry,

Will this template work with scripting language php 5.5?

The isp that the template is hosted on are saying I should upgrade my hosting from the current php 5.3 to 5.5.

Would you advise please (I believe the only php in the template is associated with the contact page.)



Yes, I think there shouldn’t be any problem because there is only PHP code for the contact page, but you can make a quick test for the contact form after the update, just to be sure. I think it should work fine.

Hi there i have been using your theme for a while now, just wanted to ask if latest update in mobile ready, thanks.


I think you ask about responsive functionality. The current version of I+S template is not responsive.


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Any chance you can make this template responsive? Please!

Hi, Whats the update is about?


It is just a small 1.5.1 update. I just added the information also to the template description.

One file was updated: /lib/jquery.prettyPhoto.js – new file version for lightbox. We recommend to update this file because of the fixed XSS vulnerability from the older version.



We recently purchased your innovation + science html template and we are trying to update this into a Chinese version website. However by adding a meta data (<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=’text/html; charset=utf-8’>)won’t help having the Chinese characters showing up. We are able to change the dropdown menu to Chinese but not other contents with css.

Can you please provide us any suggestions? Thank you.