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Nice to see someone doing a drupal.

:) right now i have 2 new drupal themes, if it sells in decent way, then will submit more.

I change everything in this template? if I wanted to change the blue logo with the world? I do this?


yes you can change every thing if you buy this template ;)


Even if I’m not author of this template, I suppose it is possible as easy as with another drupal template, it is definitely CSS driven – and there is also included PSD file, so its easy to do..

yes buddy you are right, thanks

I agree, it’s great to see more Drupal themes appearing.

What CSS styles have set for upcoming events. For example, the number of days until then event is often in another colour, etc.

This theme would be great with dropdown primary menu links. The Nice Menus module should do the trick with some custom CSS . I assume is doesn’t have drop downs as standard.

Keep up the great work.


Also, while I remember, is all of the text and the outline of the world map on the header a separate layer on the PSD if I want to change / remove them?

yes i have included layered psd, you can edit and remove.

Which of your other themes are available in Drupal?

Awesome, thank you. I’ll probably buy smartseo when its out. You’re doing a great job, we need more great Drupal templates.

sure will try my level best, more sales then there will be more people to submit more great themes.

Ended up buying this theme and have to say its great! Good job on the very clear documentation.

Glad you liked it.

If I wanted to change out the white logo “innovative technologies” & the text below it, could I? Or is it part of the PSD ? How hard would it be for me to try to customize it myself?

Its part of psd, u can change from psd which is included.


the demo is not working

can you fix it?


the preview isn’t working

can we see it ?


The live preview is not working. Can you fix it please, I like to test drive before I buy.