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Where is Revolution slider demo content? This theme has not been updated since 2015, importer did not import all the images and therefore, this theme should be removed from the market

Hi there :)

We keep the latest version of the Revolution Slider updated in our theme support forums, so that you can download it, rather than have to wait for the theme to be updated. http://hellominti.com/forums/topic/plugin-updates-revolution-slider/

Regarding the demo slides, just shoot us a short message via our profile page and we can send them over.

Thanks, minti

Hi, I messaged you but got no reply with the link to the sliders.

Just replied, thanks for your patience! :)

Inovado is a wonderful Retina Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme. Well done guys

it seems you guys have gone outdated. I tried importing the demo content, but its not working. its a shame!

Hi there! We just tested the demo importer again and it works just fine for us. Just shoot us a short message via our profile page and we can help you set it up :)

Thank you!


zixus Purchased

Note to Minti, I raised a support ticket 5 days ago titled ‘unable to upload images to new and existing portfolio items’ and I still haven’t received a reply. Please please take a look at this as I am not the only one with this problem. I am a paid up support customer, this is not very good customer service.

Just replied to your ticket, sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

Hi, Its a pitty that you dont allow to create a topic in your forum because support has expired, even though your theme is not 100% compatible with woocommerce. 1) Breadcrumbs in category pages are not correct. Category is missing. 2) If products titles are big, products in category page are not displayed correctly because li’s height is more than it should and grid is broken. 3)In Product detail, if you have more than 1 image, the other images are not thumbnails but full width.


Hi George! You can shoot us a message via our profile page with your login details and we can take a look at your installation. Thank you! :)

Dont want to pay $40 for a simple question. I was wondering if it is possible to make a transparent BG header and mov up the rev slider under it. so it looks like there is almost no header BG.

I achieved it by adding some custom CSS:

.header { background: none transparent; z-index: 999; } .fullscreen-container, .fullwidthbanner-container{ position:relative; top:-120px; } .container { z-index: 99999; }

/This portion only if you want your logo bigger – you may have to tweak the margin for yours/ .header .logo img { max-width: 149%; margin-top: 27px; }

Awesome solution, thanks for sharing. :)

Hello Minti, I have recently started to rebuild a webpage that was made with Inovado, and I’m trying to add some widgets to the topbar. I’ve seen that this has been answered before but I can’t see the solution beacuse of two reasons: the url that you provide (http://mintithemes.com/forums/topic/shortcodes-in-call-us-text-and-infobar-text-if-no-widgets-are-in-this-area/) is missing and even if it weren’t as I’m not the buyer of the theme I can’t login to the forum. Is there anyway you can help me with this? Thank you

Hi there!

in the header.php you can add do_shortcode() for the $data[‘text_callus’] variable to process shortcodes within the callus textfield in the Theme Options: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/do_shortcode/

If you need further assistance, please open a new ticket in the support forums.

Thank you!

Hi, is there any chance for an update? The last date is from 2015…

Hey! An update on its way. :)

Hello , your theme has not been updated since 2016. You working for maintained the theme? We want to buy this theme but we wish you are sure it works well with the latest version of Wordpress.

Hi there! The latest version of Inovado is still perfectly compatible with the latest version of WordPress and we will of course make sure it is working perfectly fine in the future. There is a new update on its way. Thank you!

Perfect! Thank you for your reply.

my site is hacked and i cannot download files from themeforest. browser cannot download because zip file contains a virus or malware, please check it

Hi there & thanks for purchasing.

This must be a false alarm or your PC is infected. We check everything before uploading & also Themeforest checks them. It is not possible to download any infected files from ThemeForest.

Thanks, minti

Hi There, the update has some problems, the dropdown menu doesn’t work anymore.

Hi there! There shouldn’t be a dropdown issue, this sounds like a JS problem, maybe there is a 3rd party plugin interfering. Did you try to disable all 3rd party plugins yet? Thank you!

I’ve deactivated all plugins, problem was still there? You can try it yourself :)

You can also shoot us a mail with your WP Login informations via our profile page and we can check out your installation. Thank you! :)


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I’ve seen a couple of other people mention problems uploading images to existing or new portfolios, and we’ve just noticed the same problem after updating to WP 4.9.4. Unfortunately, no answers are ever posted here for benefit of others to read… @zixus, would you mind sharing what the solution was?


porpie Purchased

yes, my apologies; I actually did find this yesterday after I posted here. I often find that the final solutions are never posted on the forums (or here) so we just see that the issue was resolved but never see the actual fix. But I did log in to my minti account and found this yesterday, and the upcoming release worked for me! Many thanks!

For anyone else reading this, the issue appears to be a conflict between recent Wordpress platform updates with the upload script used by portfolios. Inovado seems to have fixed it with their upcoming release.

Why isnt this theme working properly on Mobile devices? You said the theme is responsive then why is this happening. I have raised a ticket in your site and its almost 48 hours and no reply..

My site is DMCAMasters.com


minti Author

Hi there,

the theme is perfectly mobile responsive. You have added elements (you use a revolution slider to display normal content) with fixed widths. If you add elements with fixed widths they are of course NOT responsive. We recommend to use the built-in column shortcode instead of custom elements with fixed widths, otherwise you will need to define/overwrite those widths for mobile devices, for example with media queries.

In each of your pages you wrap your content in a div with a fixed width of 1000px. The following div is not a part of our theme: https://cl.ly/0S0a0q3R2t3C

Thank you!