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Hi There,

I have buyed yours theme 3 year ago, 3 years without any issues, i can suggest your theme to everyone, is really easy to use and to modify.

In the past i was registered into your kindly support but now my account doesn’t work again, i supposed that the term are finished.

Sorry for disturb here, Portfolio slideshow doesn’t work after update the woocommerce plugin 3.0.9, i suppose that generate some conflict with Flexslider or pretty photo rules but i can’t find where, could you please indicate how can i extend the support for my license, or suggest the css for replace the issue.

Thanks for your support, B.r.

Hi there & thakns for your feedback! Check this our regarding the support license http://hellominti.com/support-policy/

Thank you!

Thanks for your answer, sorry for disturb you again, for sure we have to renew the support and we will.

Could you please indicate if you have on your agenda an update of the theme, for fix all the compatibility with plugins etc, just for understand if we have a risk to found the same issues after these 6 months.

Otherway maybe it could be more cheap a new license with Extended support to 12 months.

Anyway just a thing, if we have to spend 40€ every 6 months it start to be a little bit expensive, your theme is super!! for me and honestly i’m in love and i can suggest your theme to everyone who start to programmed with wp, please don’t misunderstood my words.

I need just to stay more quiet for the future, Thanks for your time.

Yes, we still maintain the theme to work with the latest plugins and wp versions.

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

Hi & thanks for purchasing! :-)

It * should * work with PHP7, but we did not have enough people to test it yet. If you can try it with PHP7 and confirm with us, it would be great.

Thanks, minti

Minti why you are not updating the theme for 2 years with new features or better functions for example speed and security? And update the plugins of the theme this way like any theme?

When can we expect the new version? And this is released on themeforest right?

Can you please give us an answer?

No ETA yet, all updates will be available on ThemeForest.

Hi, please can you advise when this theme will be updated for woocommerce 3? I have tested inovado 4.65 with woocommerce 3.1.0 and it appears the product gallery is not compatible and also the shop page product titles appear too large?


Hi im testing on a staging site so cant send a live link. I think Woocommerce made some changes to the product gallery. My product page thumnails are all over the place etc. If your sure 4.65 is compatible ill check the css however im sure I havent added any over-rides.

Hi, im sorry to be a pain but i cant get the new woocommerce to work with your theme. If I pay for extended support is this something you can help with? Again its my product pages not displaying the gallery images correctly, cheers

Hey again! Shoot us a short mail via our profile page with your login informations and a brief description of the issue and we will check it out :)


papyjam Purchased

Hello, as inovado was not updated since a long time, is it compatible with WP4.8? thanks

Hi there! Yes it works perfectly fine with the latest version of WordPress. :)

Hi. Is it difficult to get the logo on the same line as navigation menu?

Hi there! Can you elaborate on that please and maybe provide an example?

Thank you!

Hi again :-) I want the logo to be on the left side of the page, and the menu to be on the right. How do I do that? When i installed the wordpress the logo is on the right.

Hi there, sounds like you maybe installed a rtl plugin or something like that. Shoot us a short mail via our profile page with your login informations and a brief description of the issue and we will check it out :)

Hello, could you please update Revslider plugin version? Older one have security issues. Thanks

Hi there :)

We keep the latest version of the Revolution Slider updated in our theme support forums, so that you can download it, rather than have to wait for the theme to be updated. http://hellominti.com/forums/topic/plugin-updates-revolution-slider/

Thanks, minti

Hallo, I bought long time ago the inovado theme because I love the design. My Problem I have right now, I install it on a new Cpanel server and I can’t use the theme because is not compatible with Wordpress 4.8. If we tray to install it we get many bugs like:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/devtest1/public_html/wp-content/themes/inovado/functions.php:1) in /home/devtest1/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1210

My question is, will be there an update for Wordpress 4.8 or not in the future otherwise I can’t use it?

Thanks Dawid

Hi Dawid, sounds that this could be a 3rd party plugin interfering, also did you try to disable WP_DEBUG in the wp-config.php file?

Thanks, minti

my developer tells me than the theme is not supporting the fully functions of wordpress 4.8 so why we had trubles only with this theme. Its not depend from the plugin because we tray also to install it without any plugin and it still make problems.

Is this theme compatible with visual composer?

Hi & thanks for your interest :-)

I know that some of our customers use Inovado already with visual composer plugin without any issues. We have a dedicated Visual Composer thread in our theme support forums – there are some useful tips in case you get stuck at some point.

Thanks, minti


abilife Purchased

We can’t use the video section and mega menu with the version in Themeforest. The demo-content is old and don’t look like the demo-version on your website. How can we get this? Thanks in advance…

Sure! Just upload the screenshot and shoot us a mail via our profile page :)


abilife Purchased

okay, i did it some days ago. do you got it?


minti Author

Got it will reply asap :)

Hi there, I like this theme and Im thinking about a purchase. Unfortunately I cannot see a Checkout page preview here on themeforest. Please is there any other way to see how Checkout page of this theme look like? Thank you! :)

Hi Floby & thanks for your interest! :)

This is what the checkout page looks like: https://cl.ly/2N2S1L18273k

Thank you, minti

more than 15,457 + Sales But no any new update since last 2.5 years.

Hi there – Does this theme run on PHP 7 please. I have it on a couple of sites and I’m getting mixed results.

OK. It didn’t work on the first site but because there are different types of servers e.g. lightspeed, nginx and so on. It may be a different combination will work. I have 4 licences and 4 active sites I need to check so using https://wordpress.org/plugins/php-compatibility-checker/ for planning purposes. Just ran the compatibility checker and there are 8 warnings to do with widgets and also the functions file. Will email this to you.

Also I suspect that some of the plugins used may be more of a problem. For example i got an error on Rev Slider. I will upgrade that but it may be the last version of Rev Slider that was included with your theme might not be PHP 7 compatible. Also the compatibility checker is not 100% foolproof but it does give a place to start and lists known compatibility issues with some plugins. Note: have emailed the warnings list to you as mentioned above.

Thanks, we will check it out. You can always download the latest version of the Revolution Slider plugin in our support forums: http://hellominti.com/forums/topic/plugin-updates-revolution-slider/


dsh Purchased

Hi there, great theme, thank you for all the support and updates. Just one question regards the mobile navigation menu, I need to change the colour of the text if possible? My header background is light grey and therefore when viewing the website on a mobile phone you can’t see the text and down arrow within the menu so users can’t see it to click on. Can you please provide a css edit to manually change the font colour, by default it is #999999 I believe and I can’t seem to change within the theme. Thank you once again.


dsh Purchased

No problem, I appreciate you taking them time to reply. The website is www.paraderecords.co.uk. Thank you once again.

Hi again! Here you go

#header .select-menu { color: #ffffff; }

dsh Purchased

Thank you so much, worked perfectly !! Once again, great theme and great support.