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Hi there. I hope somebody can give me some advise on the following challenge: I run the latest version of Inovado, and the latest Woocommerce version (www.profoundcoaching.com.au). On the shop page, I want to add a “Add To Cart” button underneath the price so visitors can add directly without having to go on the product page. Please advise how this can be done. (I got it working on another site I run with the Divi theme…)

Hi & thanks for purchasing! :-)

Our support team can help you with that. Just create a new support ticket in our official theme support forums at hellominti.com with the above info. Our support team will be glad to assist you with that.

Thank you, minti

Hi there. Another challenge I have come across recently: On https://www.profoundcoaching.com.au/festive-season-coaching-packages/, my sidebar appears at the bottom. I assume it has something to do either with the sliders on the page (but I have those i.e. on https://www.profoundcoaching.com.au/services/ also…), or the couple of responsive images I have inserted (both 899px wide)? I tried to find a solution within the forums, but to no avail. Thank you.

Hi again! :)

Please post this up on our support forum at hellominti.com so we can check out your installation. Create a new topic with the above info, then post a second reply with your username/password and mark it as a “private” reply so only we will see those credentials and will be able to login and check the issue.

Thank you!

Good evening. I recently made a change of hosting and have transferred the database. Now I get an error, which tells me that this is an error with the theme innovated.

The error is: Warnin: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::Before()should Be compatible with Bulk_upgrader_skin::before($ title=”) in//var/www/vhost/espaillumia.com/home/html/wp-content/themes/inovado/framework/inc/plugin-activation.php on line 1893

Thank you


We would love to help you but, unfortunately, you don’t have a verified purchase badge on your account. Can you please post your query from a verified account?

You can also shoot us a mail with your WP Login Info via profile page and we can check out your installation. Also, don’t forget to send your purchase code, so that we can verify your purchase.


Hi! I need to built on top of this theme for a client that bought your theme. I see it supports WooCommerce, but has it been updated for the latest version of WooCommerce recently? Thank you!


We would love to help you but, unfortunately, you don’t have a verified purchase badge on your account. Can you please post your query from a verified account?

You can also shoot us a mail with your WP Login Info via profile page and we can check out your installation. Also, don’t forget to send a valid purchase code, so that we can verify the purchase.


hello, i tried to add this to the sidebar shortcode but it does not show..smk_sidebar=”si461_439iif” On paget the name shows up but not the side bar. smk_sidebar=”si461_439iif” what am i doing wrong?

I see the new sidebar i created in the widget.

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Have you tried this format?
[smk_sidebar id="sidebarID"]

For all your future questions, please use the official Theme Support Forums at hellominti.com . We have a dedicated support staff over there (including myself) checking all tickets twice a day.

Thank you!

This theme hasn’t been updated in a long time. The header looks horrible on Mobile and there is no hamburger menu. I take it Minti has given up on this them right? Do we need to find another theme that is more current with the times?

Hi again!

The theme is still up to date, works with the latest plugins and WordPress 4.6 and will of course be updated in the future. The mobile header is still working perfectly for us. If you want to use a 3rd party mobile menu with a hamburger menu, you can of course do that, there are dozens of options in the WP Plugin Repository and some of our customers do that already. We also have a hamburger menu on our todolist.

Thanks, minti


bady85 Purchased

For one year I read “will of course be updated in the future” again and again. When is the future? For example: You wrote in your old forum on January 2015 that you are working to change the width of the grid to 1170px. Or on September 2015 that FontAwesome will be updated to 4.4 in the next theme update. Nothing happend, the last update was on 20 June 15, and that was only a plugin Update. And that’s only two of many examples where you wrote that you are planing something or working on it and nothing happend. I find it very unfortunate that such a great theme is no longer maintained and planing the change to other themes.

Please: Don’t wite that you are planing updates If you do not plan it. If you do not have any interest in updating, then be so fair and tell it to your customers.

I agree with yogafyre and other people here, this theme need an update. I bought this theme more than one year ago and since that there has been no updates. Guys, I’ve read here many times that you were preparing an update. Could you tell us any date? Thanks

Hi there :)

Is there anything specific you are waiting for?

Thanks, minti

Thanks for the answer, Minti

Honestly, I think the hamburger menu is very necesary in this theme. And no, I don’t wanna have extra plugins on my wordpress. The theme could increase the speed, for example using CSS sprites on blog single post https://postimg.org/image/mqrxlhdmp/ . There’re some css issues with the blog posts (Latest Posts): on mobile should be more margin between itens https://postimg.org/image/72xktnsrh/ and the speed is terrible because is not serving scaled images

These are a few examples of issues or things that could be better. Please don’t get me wrong, really love this theme and I just wanna see updates and new features. I’ve read many times here that you’re working in new update, but the time is passing and there’s no updates since June 2015.

Thanks, Carlos


ShamilKa Purchased

Is there anything specific yoIs there anything specific you are waiting for?

The answer, I’m waiting for:

1. Drag & Drop Page Builder

2. True One-Click Demo Installation with content, sliders & theme options

3. New Demo, such as here https://avada.theme-fusion.com/demos/

4. Schema and rich snippets

5. Sticky Header, sidebar

6. Background Customiser

7. New Unique Blog Styles

8. New Portfolio Styles

9. New Custom Widgets

10. New Menu Styles

I still hope that it will all be!!!

How long does it usually take to answer a question at the support forum?

Although I’ve just posted my question, I’m looking at a post that hasn’t been answered for 5 days

Hi & thanks for purchasing!

We aim to respond to all tickets within 24 hours (Monday-Friday), but in some cases this could slip up to 48 hours depending upon the workload. We just replied to all tickets :)

Thanks, minti

Is Inovado compatible with WordPress 4.6.1? The WordPress versions listed as supported are up to 4.4.2.


minti Author

Hi & thanks for your interest!

Yes, Inovado is works with the latest version of WordPress.

Thanks, minti

Hi guys,

I have the warning about google maps API key and I found the official answer of inovado in minthemes forum. A bit weird. You tell us to hack directly a file of your theme, even without putting it in the child theme ? Really ?


Can we hope for future updates of inovado (the last one is june 2015) or is it already a dead theme ?

I also see plenty of notice about deprecated functions. Notice for the moment will be errors in the future.

I am really disappointed.


minti Author

Hi :)

it’s also possible to add the Google maps API key via child theme without touching the parent theme, its just the easiest way to just add the API key directly in the shortcodes.php (not really ‘hacking’). Just post this up on our theme support forum if you need assistance with that, our support team will be glad to assist (also with your notices issue).

Thanks, minti