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I am Russian. I want to buy this theme. Can you tell me about localization this theme? Can you modify (translate) this theme (buttons, meta-info and other) on Russian? Thank you!

It’s cool! Where can I read documentation of this theme? And tell me about twitter ribbon in the footer (this twitter static or show a few tweets?)

The documentation is in the theme package file you get after purchase. Some Video Screencasts are on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/mintithemes

Thanks, minti

The Twitter ribbon in the footer can be switched on / off, change colors and set a username. Actually it shows the latest tweet.

Very nice theme. Well designed. I will keep it in my mind for the next project. I wish you all the best.

Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it!

Awesome Work :) Like it

Thanks so much

Nice stuff, every detail is polished. :P

Thanks man

awesome work buddy! Good luck :)

Thanks buddy

Beautiful theme. I really like the look of your Vertical NavBar here in your demo – http://inovado.mintithemes.com/advanced-theme-options/

Is it included? If not, perhaps you’ve include Vertical Tabs?

However, I also like how this very similar one doesn’t make the whole page refresh when switching between navigation choices / elements – http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/components.html


Hey there, yep that navbar is of course included! It’ called “sidenav template”. In general if you install the demo content that ships with the theme you get exactly the preview page! A perfect starting point!

just purchased the inovato. I am totally an idiot with this stuff, but figure it out eventually. I can’t upload your awesome theme because wordpress says it’s missing the style.css stylesheet. Now, I know it really isn’t and there’s a video to fix this issue on evato. But, my pc isn’t set up like the mac on the evato video, so I badly want to upload my purchase, but can’t. Can you help me?!?

Hey there, just unpack the package you downloaded and upload the inovado.zip in themes folder! :-)

confused. Was able to upload, but it doesn’t look like the sample on themeforest. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey there, did you check the Documentation on how to setup the Demo Content? In general the documentation is a very good starting point! You will find the documentation in the zip file you downloaded here on TF

Great theme! I am loving it!! Will be back later to see some more. thanks!!

Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it!

Hello you I congratulate the template is really nice too, I wanted to ask if it is “fully” compatible with the latest version of WP

Hey there, first of all thanks for your interest! Yep it is fully tested and compatible with WP 3.5

Minti you did it again! Thinking of buying this theme for our own web company. This rocks!!!

Just a question. I never see one theme that is paying attention to page-speed (Google loves this) for SEO purposes.

Is this an option in the future for this theme?

You are describing SEO Optimized with best seo practices is mind.

Can you tell some more?

Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it! Well I built it with Worpress and seo best practices in mind, I also took care of the site performance, that means Inovado uses image sprites, jquery scripts get loaded only when needed, uses headlines on the right positions and is compatible with famous seo plugins like yoast.

Hope this helps! Thanks again, minti

Thanks, sounds great to me… ;-)

Perfect :-)

Hi, very cool theme with awesome features. Congratulations :-) I would like to buy the theme but I have some questions. 1.) Is it possible to use own colors in the buttons or just the short code-colors like red, blue etc. 2.) Can I paste background-images to the Boxes, Callouts, and Teaser? If not, maybe you are free for a freelance-job? 3.) Can I use own icons in the buttons, tabs etc. or just your icons? Kind regards Klaus

Thanks for your interest, truly appreciated! 1) there are the predefined colors and also a button that takes a color you can define on your own. 2) Actually not but that would be easy to do with some css knowledge. 3) you could switch the images from the icons with your own :-)

I hope this helps!

Cheers, minti

I can not enter preview…;)

Now if ok view… ;)

Beautiful work my friend!! Congratulations…;)

Thanks so much :-)

Just bought … Awesome! Five stars my friend. :)


That’s awesome! Thanks buddy!

Like it – playing around at the moment… In your documentation the portfolio-video is linked to the wrong video (“Set up Home Page, Blog Page, Navigation on Inovado Theme”) – I found it on YouTube anyways, so not a biggie – just to let you know.

It would be nice if you could choose a background image for the header, or does this cause problems with the responsive design? At the moment there is only the container-class, which repeats a few times on a page.

Thanks for the really nice theme, K

Thanks, will change the link to the video! Actually you could set one manually via custom css field (css ID is #header) and use the CSS property background-size for the responsiveness. Thanks, minti

Great work, minti!

Thanks, truly appreciate it!

Hi again,

thanks for your fast response. About the background-image for the Boxes, Callouts, and Teaser… If I didn’t get it fixed so can you give me a hand for this? I would pay for this support. Thanks. Kind regards

Well actually I don’t provide freelancing services, but I’m working together with the guys from werkpress.com which provide an excellent service for wordpress customizations. Thanks, minti

Congratulation. This is an amazing work.

Thanks so much for purchasing! Awesome!

On the single post blog pages is it possible to have images with an open height? That is whatever size the featured image is it will have the width you are using now but the height will be proportional (without cropping)

yep, that’s even easier! :-)

I bought it :) I posted this to your support forum

Perfect, will go through all tickets now