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how do you change icons?

Hey there, make sure to checkout the icons here http://inovado.mintithemes.com/shortcodes/icons/, just use the word next to the icon to show it :-)

Cheers, minti

hi there,

1st of all it´s really a great theme!

but I´ve one urgent question:

does anybody else use the boxed layout and responsive no? and has the same problem like me, that when I watch the page on the ipad or iphone or android mobile, it fits the width only correctly in the landscape mode? when I turn the ipad to the portrait mode, it doesn´t fit the width? and zoom also doesn´t function in portrait and landscape (I´ve enabled the zoom in the backend, but discovered, that in the source code is maximum-scale=1.0 set?)

best regards and thx for an answer

Perfect! I’m glad it works :-)

hi there I´m sorry, but the error occured again when making a new site withe fullwidth page template, it doesn´t fit the width when turning to portrait, and when turning back to landscape, now it also doesn´t adapt automatically to the width? the error pages fit correctly? thx for answer best regards

Hey Walter, would be nice to use the forum for those detailed questions or email, there’s much more room for detailed discussions, easy to post code snippets and you would also help other users too :-) Thanks, minti

If I would only like to use 2 widgets in the footer, each having equal amount of width space (50% each), how do I achieve this?

Currently, the footer allows 4 widgets (25% width given per widget).

Thank You.

Hey Archit, exactly this question was answered in the forum with a perfect solution :-) If you don’t mind i would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at: http://mintithemes.com/forums/topic/footer-widgets-width/

Cheers, minti

Cool! Got it! Thanks a ton!

Perfect, I’m glad it works :-)

600+ puchases in 10 days. Wow Good.

Why was my message deleted? Why cannot I not use this theme? I paid for it and I can’t use it because the Revolution slider gives me an error! When I try to upload a picture for the slider it links me to this website… LightSpeed Web Server…. What the hell is that?

Hey there, just shoort me a short email with your login details & a short description at hellominti@gmail.com, I will have a look and I’m sure we get this sorted out :-) ..sounds like a hosting issue

Thanks, minti

The submit button doesn’t work properly. For example on this page http://inovado.mintithemes.com/this-is-a-standard-post/ when you click on submit button it doesn’t work for the first time. Could you please fix it soon? and is there any way to change the submit button’s colors and properties like change background on hover. I mean for input type=”submit” buttons not the ones which are available in the theme

yes the latest version, I am using FF v18.0.1 and it doesn’t work, it works in Chrome though :)

Hey there, yes me too, clicking the button submits the form immediately :-) However I will have a closer look on different OS & Browsers! Cheers!

Hmmm may be something’s wrong with my browser. I’ll try on other system and if the issue still prevails, i’ll upload a screenshot, a gif image :)


Firstly, excellent theme. I wasted $100 on others and tried 20 free ones before I found this one that almost completely fits the bill and is dead easy to use and looks great on desktop and mobile…. I’m really glad you didn’t use/include a gt3 builder as I think people will discover a massive headache if their client ever wants a theme change as the data is only in xml (I digress). At least using shortcodes the data is all there easy to see.

Anyway, I’ll need to play a tiny bit but to workout a changing some title bar heights and images on top of navigation will hit the forums to try and work that out…

Question though, what plugin are you using on wordpress to run your forum? It looks great. Is it a wordpress plugin or something else?

Cheers, Mark

Hey Mark, first of all thanks for purchasing & thanks for your kind words, I truly appreciate it – very motivating!

My forums are done with a WordPress Installation and a customized bbPress 2.0 Plugin http://bbpress.org/

Cheers, minti!

Great theme, H-label use reasonable, very rich icons and short codes can be used, I love it! Have been purchased but not yet begun to use, with some regret ah! The main reason: the po file only foreground translate background is in English, not good to get started. In addition, the theme is not completely DIV + CSS. A large part of the style sheet content in the page source code. I hope more perfect! Come on! My English is not good, please forgive me :)

If custom CSS style loaded in <link … I think that would be more friendly to spiders crawl the page content!

In addition, “Knaller Frauen” is very funny, ha ha!

Well in fact I had to choose between 1) extremly slow performance when making a dynamic php file with css headers wordpress gets loaded twice on every single page, 2) unflexible in order that every user has to copy all styles via ftp, 3) unsecure when writing the styles into a file, or in my eyes the best way 4) inserting them into the head – which is the fastest, most secured and most flexible way and really isn’t bad for seo as the contents begins at body and the styles are before the body part google ignores them :)

Got it! Thank you very much your answer. Best wishes. . .

Hi Minti,

I just bought Inovado Theme as I mentioned to you earlier. Good theme and very well documentation. gave 5 stars. really impressed…

I have one question… I want to add client’s picture for testimonial. Is it possible to do?

Cheers, Kushalitha

Hey there & thanks for your kind words! You could mix & match the column shortcode in combination with the testimonial shortcode to show an image next to the testimonial bubble, that’s the way I would do it.

Cheers, minti

Thanks Minti..

The theme looks like what I need. Can I tweak colors to give me a black background, white text, etc.?



Hey there & thanks for your interest, I truly appreciate it! You mean for the content part? That needs some extra customization in CSS but it’s definitely possible. All other areas can be color changed directly from the backend via color pickers. Take a look at our short screencast and the styling options here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Yxiiq8nk1E http://inovado.mintithemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/13_themeoptions-styling.png

Cheers, minti


I cannot make the slider Full screen even after I make sure my theme is set for full width + the slider is full width not responsive or fixed.

Any other things I missed?

Thank you

Hey there, could you send me a link via E-Mail hellominti@gmail.com, I will have a look. Thanks

Is this WordPres 3.5 compatible?

Definitely want to buy about three of these “Bad Boys”.


So it’s 4 AM here and about 10AM where you are at?

That’s right, now its 10.30 AM here

Hi Minti

may i know where i can get the “ITEM PURCHASE CODE:”? i am trying to register for forum for some question but i cant get it done without “ITEM PURCHASE CODE:”

i am using simonTD as the username

Did you maybe register on the old forums with the same name & password? I’ve imported all the old users to the new forums. You could also request your password if you forgot it! Cheers, minti

Thank you Minti, it is working now

Hi minti,

Again – great theme – but where do I need to change what to get the contact forms module to actually mail the responses to me? (I can’t find anything in the documentation – and I have tried to change the individual setting for each form. But no luck so far.

Thank you in advance


Hey Jesper, did you install the suggested Contact-Form 7 Plugin? If you create a new contact form you get an example form. If you need further informations you’ll find the docs, tutorials & faq on the official plugin site here: http://contactform7.com/docs/

Cheers, minti

Hi do you have a pagination in Latest project, post?

Hey there & thanks for your interest, for the portfolio page you can set how many items will be shown per page with pagination, for the latest project shortcode you can also define how many items you want to show but not with pagination. Cheers minti

Hi, I bought this theme today and I have one BIG PROBLEM, my dropdown menus are not working. I created menu with pages and subpages and nothing happens again. What now, how can I fix this problem.

Hey there and thanks for purchasing, just create your Menus with WordPress custom menus functionality under Appearance > Menus :) Cheers, minti

Dear minti, menus have been created in this way from the begining did you not read my question? The problem is in previously installed plugins… like Jetpack etc…

Hey there, of course I read your question. I’m not really sure what you exactly mean, but creating the menus with Appearance > Menus should work properly. You could shoot me a mail with your login details and a short description and I will have a look. Thanks, minti

Hi, the problem was in Jetpack plugin, after deinstalation of Jetpack dropdown menus are working… :)

Hey there, I’m glad you figured it out. Cheers!

Is there a way to deactivate or disable the Responsive function so that the regular desktop version shows on mobile devices?

Hey there & thanks for your interest – yes thats possible right from the WordPress Backend! Cheers, minti

Thank you! Purchased and installed and installed demo content! Fantastic documentation!!! If adding our content goes even half as smooth, I will be having a party! I appreciate the organization! Thanks again!

Awesome, great to hear that, thanks for your kind words! Cheers!

Awesome! Five stars * It have all what I need in a theme :)

Awesome! Thanks you so much, i truly appreciate it :)