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Another question aswell. Going great with this theme. In boxed version i have my background on each side, but I would also like the background to show on top of the website somewhat aswell. Id like to lower the website some, if that makes sense :P Anyway to make the boxed version show parts of the background at the top aswell?

Ah ok, from now on Ill go to the forums, thanks :P

Btw, how do i get to the forums, what link?

Hello! can I change preheader button position? ( ”+” in upper-right side). I like use Page Peel plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/page-peel/screenshots/) and this only one position.

Hey Alibb, the infobar (or ‘attention grabber bar’) can be turned off completely in the Theme Options, so yes this plugin should be no problem :-)

Cheers, minti

FYI: just tested the page-peel-plugin – it works great with Inovado! :-)

ok, thanks!

Hey, Are the slide pictures (men’s heads) are included in the Theme?

Hey there, All pictures are from photodune.com for only 1$ or 2$ per piece! If there’s interest i can post the links to every image. Actually with a single licence I’m not allowed to resell them, but they are sooo cheap and have a perfect quality.

Cheers, minti

Thanks, minti. Yes, could you post the links please? Actually, is the slide banner composed with banners that I need to create? Is is possible not to use “Some of our clients” with logos?

Hey there, no you can of course create how many slides and any slides you want, it’s easy done with drag&drop – just view my screencast on how to create sliders here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrcdSGfd7Gc

The images used in the slider are: http://photodune.net/item/businessman-touching-futuristic-screen/1853969 http://photodune.net/item/portrait-of-a-good-looking-african-american-business-man/658305 http://graphicriver.net/item/20-hand-drawn-arrows/1222267 http://photodune.net/item/business-presentation/213547

Cheers, minti

Just bought! Couldn’t resist to get my hands on this superb theme of Minti!

5 stars my friend…

You did an excellent job in documentation and theme options. Thumbs UP!

Awesome, thanks for your kind words, that’s motivating and the efforts have been worth it! Thanks so much!

Heya, Is it possible to add round edges to the boxed version? On the sides and at the top ,making it a lil bit smoother.

Hey andresand, You could do something like that with http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_border-radius.asp to the #boxed-layout ID in CSS.

Hi, two more questions to your theme. Can I use the twitter area in the footer (it’s blue in your demo) although for other content? Is it possible to change the background-color in your boxes, teaser and callouts? Thanks!

Hey there, actually you can turn off / on the twitter bar but don’t put any other content in there without a little coding to footer.php, the boxes teasers and callouts only change the link & headline colors according to the colors set in the Theme Options Panel, not the background color. I hope this helps.

Thanks, minti

Hello. Thank you for a nice theme.

Have you tested “dummy content” import ?

In some reason even I wait 20-30 mins with 100 Mbit connection it does not go to the end. I can see in address bar …............../wp-admin/admin.php?import=wordpress&step=2 but newer get confirmation about successfully import. I have made now 3 different “fresh” WP3.5 installs with clean MySQL base, everything has made like theme instructions says.

If I wait 20-30 mins and startover. It tell me this-and-this already exist, and finally “Have a fun” message comes. But unfortunately there is all pages, etc two times.

Before this, never had any difficulties with WP/Dummy imports.

Any tips what to test next?

Hey there, never had problems with the dummy import, tested it myself some times before uploading the theme, also other users imported it successfully. If it exists twice, that means it’s not a clean install, or you imported it before. The times really vary a lot importing the Demo XML. Did you try it on localhost or on internet? Sometimes it’s a thing of your hosting provider.

the column shortcode with icon box doesn’t seem to work properly.

I tried setting up three 1/3 columns and in each 1/3 column i had an icon box in it. Only 2 icon boxes fit, the third one wraps.

did you make sure the last column has the last tag in it? Best to copy it from here: http://inovado.mintithemes.com/shortcodes/columns/
[one_third]Content here.[/one_third] 
[one_third]Content here.[/one_third] 
[one_third_last]Content here.[/one_third_last]

That should work properly

Thanks, minti


Very impressed with this theme – 5 stars!

One concern I have though is that custom styles are being listed in the header. This means search engines have a long list of style details to get through before reaching the content, which isn’t great for SEO.

Is there any way to avoid this happening? I haven’t noticed this with other themes so maybe style options are saved in the db instead?

Thanks :)

Hey there & thanks so much. well in fact I had to choose between 1) extremly slow performance when making a dynamic php file with css headers wordpress gets loaded twice on every single page, 2) unflexible in order that every user has to copy all styles via ftp, 3) unsecure when writing the styles into a file, or in my eyes the best way 4) inserting them into the head – which is the fastest, most secured and most flexible way and really isn’t bad for seo as the contents begins at body and the styles are before the body part google ignores them :-)

Before purchase;

1. Is it possible to change the height of the header areas, both static images like http://inovado.mintithemes.com/pages/pricing/ and slider on the start page eg. Revolution slider? 2. Can I use sliders on subpages in header area? 3. What layout possibilities is it in the footer and hidden header area, e.g. 4-col, 3-col and so on…? 4. Can I use the Google Map shortcode in header area in 100% width? 5. How flexible id the top nav area, “Call us: / Mail:? I need to add a link to our partner web here.

Hey there & thanks for your interest.

1) The Slider height can be changed in the Slider Settings in the Backend, the static image height needs a little CSS adjustment.

2) Definitely yes!

3) In the Footer it’s the 4 Column Widget Area, in the ‘Attention Grabber Bar’ it’s a 4 Column Widget Area or a 1 Column Text Area.

4) That’s actually not possible, I’m sorry

5) The Topbar can be completely switched on / off, you can also switch the social icons on / off, you can add any text or link you want on the left side and you can of course change the background color, text color, link color, border color for that section (as for every section) separately.

I hope this helps. Thanks, minti

OK. Thanks again for your reply! I have a final Q. Where will the “Change language” btn be placed if I use WPML plugin?

WPML comes with a widget for the languages, so you will be able to put those to the footer area, sidebar areas or even into the attention grabber bar.

Cheers, minti

How can you select a specific category or tag to show blog post on home screen instead of just the latest blog posts?

Hey Frankic, actually the latest blog posts shortcode shows the latest blog posts independently from the category, you could order them with the Re-Order Plugin. That would indeed be a nice feature for a future update! Thanks, minti

I also saved the file as the original with the 2 and uploaded with no results. Can you check my file and try uploading it yourself to a test site and see if it works for you

I can test them for you tomorrow (GMT+1) when I have access to my test system.

Cheers, minti

Thank you very much!

I would also like to use projects and Portfolio in a different way. Instead of using Portofolios to show off Projects I would like to showcase services we offer. How can I change Project Description to Services, Project details to Service Details, Client to Service, Basically anything that references Portfolio to say Service Portfolio and anything that says Project to say Services? Thank you with this

Is this something that has to be done? I just want to make sure. Could you breakdown the process of what to do once you create a new po and mo file? That is not in the documentation. I just want to be sure we are on the same page. Do we need to take these steps or should the changes uploaded just work without these other steps?

normally after you created the en_EN.mo file just upload to the themes folder in inovado/framework/languages that should work – if this doesn’t take effect make sure you insert the define() stuff in the wp-config.php in the root of your installation – that should be en_EN if your .mo is called en_EN.mo

The file you send me is called en_EN2.mo so I’m not wondering why it doesn’t work… is has to be called en_EN.mo… it’s reaaally easy, you just have to follow these simple rules!

BTW: in the support forums there’s much more room to discuss those detailed questions ;-)http://mintithemes.com/forums

Was any testing done for theme using actual Android Phone / Tablet hardware? Specifically the mobile Chrome browser (which is quite different from it’s iOS counterpart).

Is it possible to display the “back to up” arrow in the mobile portrait mode even if it might obscure a small area of the content?

Hey there, yes I’ve tested it in all major browsers and also on an HTC Desire HD, it looks and works perfect.

Yes, that’s possible you just need to change 1 line of CSS, I can help you with that.

Thanks, minti

Is it possible to change the height of the slider photos (specifically in ‘home version 3)? I just want to make sure before purchase that I can place in taller photos. Thanks in advance!

Hey there, yes you can change the size of the slider in the slider settings. Here for example with use one with a smaller height http://inovado.mintithemes.com/pages/about-us/

Cheers, minti

Beautiful. Thank you so much for the lightening fast response! I look forward to purchasing your theme soon.

That would be awesome! Thanks buddy!

hi, Nice theme, can you pls provide the sample slider content as well? I imported the dummy data but slider content is not included.

hey bro, is it possible for you? my client is waiting and i have to setup the demo site asap..

Can send you the exported txt file of the homeslider but that will not include any images.

Just shoot me an email with a short description

okay thanks you so much.

Hi, I’m considering buying this theme. I’m curious how did you make backgrounds from the slider ( http://inovado.mintithemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/bg_light7.png ). May I buy it somewhere? I would like to use it with your theme.

Hey Anelis, thanks for your interest. They are custom made by myself and some of them can be used for free :-)

Cheers, minti

Cool, are they included with theme? May I buy a photo that you used then make background myself? :)

No they aren’t included, I’ve posted a list of images on the support forums which I used for the theme.

Hi, I’m considering buying this theme. I want to ask you some questions 1) the portfolio has paging? 2) in the slider on the home page, you can embed images with links to projects in the portfolio or blog page?

p.s. : I tried to contact form on your page to ThemeForest, but do not answer ..

Yes of course :-) you can set individual colors for all elements

thx, how can I send you an email?

Sure, just go to my profile page and fill out the form on the right side.

Hi… I already bought the theme. Now I tried to use own icons for the Icon-Boxes. I tried something like this: [iconbox icon=”http://domain.de/inovado/wp-content/icons/icon_1.png” title=”Title 1.”] But this doesn’t take effect. How I can use my own icons? Maybe you would be so friendly and give me a hand for this. Thanks! Kind regards

Hey klaus actually you can choose from all those icons here for the iconbox shortcode, just type the name of the icon in there http://inovado.mintithemes.com/shortcodes/icons/

You can build your own “iconbox” if you nest the columns shortcode. At least this would be an awesome and easy idea for extending the iconbox shortcode which I will definitely take on my feature list for the future updates.

Thanks, minti

Is there just the one header style?

Perhaps it’s possible to put the navigation below the logo and have the logo image span the width of the theme’s header area yet still responsively scale?

Hey there, with little coding adjustments this would easily be possible to create. It’s just bringing the navigation in a new row. If you don’t feel comfortable with coding you can request a free quote here http://mintithemes.com/customization/

Inovado also includes 4 different title styles: Image, Title, Slider or even no titlebar at all.

I hope this helps a bit :-)

I see. I’d have no problem making the required coding adjustments if provided. Thanks.