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Is it possible to add an extra option for portfolio items? At the moment the ‘Subtitle’ field is used for the thumbnails, and on the top bar of the details page. Consequently the description looks too short on the detail page, and too long for the thumbnail boxes – particularly in 4 column mode. If there were separate fields for each that’d be more useful.

Alternatively could you add checkbox options to the detail page so we can have just the title? At the moment the only options are title and subtitle, or nothing. As the subtitle has to be short (to fit the thumbnails) it doesn’t really work, so I’d like to hide this but keep the title.

Any updates on the mobile issues I mentioned, and the var_dump fix?

Cheers :)

Hey there & thanks for your feedback, will notice those things on my feedback. You can of course turn the subtitles off with adding .single-portfolio #title h2{ display:none; } to the Custom CSS field in the Backend.

Also the Update V1.01 was approved tonight which fixed the var_dump and adds an option to disable lightbox mode for smartphones to the backend.

Cheers, minti

Thanks Minti – great support!

Just purchased this theme and i’m very satisfied, but do have a question. On the single post demo: http://inovado.mintithemes.com/this-is-a-standard-post/ it shows “Blog. Some of our thoughts” and on the right you see the breadcrumb: “INOVADO / Business / This is a Standard Post”.

But on my website it shows the title of the post on the location where “Blog. Some of our thoughts” stands and it doesn’t show a breadcrumb.

I have 2 places where it shows the title:

1) the location i mentioned above 2) in the post itselfs after the image/audio/video etc.

I don’t want to show the title in the first location but instead Blog or another name and on the right the breadcrumb just like you did here: http://inovado.mintithemes.com/this-is-a-standard-post/

I’ve created a new page and used it as static page.

Hey there, it’s difficult to see what you mean without a link. You can follow the Documentation on how to setup the Blog, or import the SampleData to have the exact site as the preview. Also you have to define the Blog as Static Posts page in Settings > Reading and you can change the Blog Title in the Theme Options :-) The Breadcrumbs Option are beneath the Visual Editor when creating a page.

In general it’s easier to discuss those detailed questions in the support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums :-)

Cheers, minti

Absolutely perfect theme! Why couldn’t you have released this a week earlier?! I need to find a project to use your theme. Looks great on the iMac and iPhone. Good luck with sales!

Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it!

Hey there trust….this was awesome as turn key solutions. My words doesnt end with this…..its just outstanding!

In meantime, Im trying to upload logo with size of 120×20….but i can’t see logo updating. Is there any problem?

Also noticed add mobile responsive images through your short code doesn’t reflect any action :)

Hey there, there’s one upload field for the normal logo and one for the responsive one. The Responsive Logo uploading field will only be visible on Retina Displays.

The Responsive Images Shortcode works like this src=”linktoyourimage.png” />[/responsive] If you resize your browser window and the image is larger then the content section it resizes automatically.

Cheers, minti

Thank you Mint…

First of all, thanks for the theme – bought it, like it. I have a few questions, and since mintithemes forum seems to be down now (“out of memory”), I will ask them here. I am not a pro, so please bear with my incompetence, if applicable :)

1) It looks like the logo picture on the header is being resized to smaller. I have a horizontally long logo (for the left side) and very few menu items (for the right side). How can I skip the resizing (and have the full logo at the expense of the menu area)?

2) I changed the fonts to be Open Sans Condensed, but all browsers on both Mac and Windows still show Arial (although I see that the new font is the primary in the page sources). Any idea how to fix this?

3) I will be running multi language. It would seem like a good idea to create square language selection icons similar to the ones you have for social media up top on the right (so it would show, e.g. english, swedish, linkedin, facebook icons in one row). Is there a way to add these new icons to the social media bar?

Hey there, yes of course there are actually 5 favicon upload fields, so it looks good an all devices:

Favicon Upload (16×16), Apple iPhone Icon Upload (57×57), Apple iPhone Retina Icon Upload (114×114), Apple iPad Icon Upload (72×72), Apple iPad Retina Icon Upload (144×144px)

Which you’ll find in Theme Options > General

Yes, I added all those. My question relates to browsers on computers with retina display (MB Pro Retina), I presume those are 32×32?

You can just upload a 32×32 icon to the 16×16 field, this should automatically scale down for the appropriate device

I think I’ve pretty much covered everything with these last questions…

Does your theme support child theming or include one?

Use of proprietary sidebar system surprisingly common in themes here I’ve found even though I’m not sure why. Can I register my own external sidebars using the WP native global sidebar system and use them without issue if I don’t want to use your theme options to do it?

Some examples:

Sidebar & Widget Manager – http://codecanyon.net/item/sidebar-widget-manager-for-wordpress/2287447

WooSidebars – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/woosidebars/

These plugins use the Native WP sidebar system which should be compatible with most well coded themes but in some themes here, they surprisingly don’t show up because certain themes store sidebars outside the wp options table and/or never bother with the wp global sidebar array for starters. Sadly, it’s not just one or two themes here.

I’ll be using the the WPML compatibility of this theme, thanks for that!

Any woocommerce support planned? In some themes, WooCommerce works well out of the box without any additional support and I’ve simply overriden the styles with overrides in the WooCommerce folder.

Hey there & thanks for your interest.

1) Yes Inovado supports child theming & demo child theme is included

2) We are using a sidebar system that uses the global sidebar systems, so you register your sidebars and then you can put widgets in them with the normal Appearance > Widgets function. You can also disable the whole custom sidebars with just commenting 1 line of code and use your own.

3) Didn’t test it with WooCommerce yet, if Inovado sells good over the time it’s definitely worth to think about WooCommerce support.

Thanks, minti

Sounds good. However, I prefer to leave parent theme code alone so updates are easy. So, I’ll probably just leave the existing theme options sidebar UI untouched.

I want to prevent non-admins (authors and editors) from entering the theme options, so I’ll probably just hide a menu item or something instead. That’s worked out well before.

Yes, that’s indeed a good idea as editors tend to destroy everything ;-)

Hi Minti

Great template!

Just purchased it and trying to install the theme. Everytime I try and upload the zip file I get this error ‘The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.’

I have installed WP inside a folder on my host while I play around with the pages.

Do you have any clues?



Hey Nik, thanks so much for purchasing, I truly appreciate it. Well your host has limited the upload_max_filsize for your server, but that’s no problem, just connect to your server via FTP and upload the “inovado” folder from the Themes folder in /wp-content/themes of your installation.

There’s a detailed description of WordPress & FTP installation in the documentation :-)

Cheers, minti

Cheers Minti, will give it a go!

Thanks again


Just a giving you a heads up…I sent you a formal request through your profile page for those 3 changes you offered. Hope to hear from you soon. Let me know if didn’t get it for whatever reason. :-)

Hey there, just replied :-)

Yes, reply received. Thank you. :-)

I apparently misunderstood part of what you said then. I’ll be more careful about clarifying such requests in the future. No, I don’t expect you do those customizations for free no matter how simple it might have been for you to do.

After reading your email reply though, I thought if all I have to do is exchange a bunch of skeleton classes then it hopefully won’t be that hard. Thanks for at least pointing me in the appropriate direction. I know my way around skeleton and bootstrap just not familiar enough with your theme yet. It turned out to be very easy! Thanks so much! :-)

I’m glad I could help :-)

It would seem that “Blog Breadcrumb Name” appears on the Front Page regardless of whether you’ve got the “Reading -> Set Static Page” setting set to another page or not. This is not the behavior I’d expect.

It currently displays “Site Name / Blog”. This is fine for when the Reading setting is “Your latest posts” but I’d expect it to say “Site Name / Page Name” (Home, for example) instead otherwise. Is this a bug or are my expectations just incorrect?

Hey there, did you include the SampleData and set the Reading Settings as described in the Theme Documentation? I didn’t have any problems yet with that, maybe you could provide me your login informations via E-Mail.

Thanks, minti

Not using the sample data. Yes, reading setting is set correctly. Site is a local install using the product DesktopServer available from here -


Don’t worry about it if you’ve just tried it and can’t reproduce it there.

Ok if you can’t solve it yourself, just let me know when the site is online on a test server, I’ll have a look.

Cheers, minti

Hello there,

Just a quick one, when you create a side by side portfolio item, I need to change the title text “Project Description” to “Product Information”

Hope you can help. Nice theme by the way. Thanks


Hey there, you could either do it directly in the code or do a “translation” of the en_EN.po file in framework/languages (recommended).

In the code it would be in framework/inc/portfolio/sidebyside.php line 55

Cheers, minti

It would appear that “out of the box”, UberMenu from SevenSpark doesn’t play nice with your theme (even unmodified) – http://codecanyon.net/item/ubermenu-wordpress-mega-menu-plugin/154703 – and it usually has. This is on a fresh WP 3.5 install with no other 3rd party plugins activated.

No worries, not asking for support; I can figure it out myself. Just letting you know since improving compatibility with it may be of benefit to other existing users / future users. :-)

Thanks for the feedback, well I can’t test all plugins and make sure every plugin plays perfectly with Inovado, but I’ll do my best to provide 100% compability for all major plugins in the future.

Thanks, minti

Hi.. is it possible to have in the main menu some small words under the main menu link? for example:

PORTFOLIO work we proud


Hey there & thanks for your interest in Inovado, that’s actually not possible without some coding work I’m sorry.

Thanks, minti

Love this theme especially the easy admin and clean front end that my client will certainly dig. Also thanks for the video help too on YT.

I just tried to create a user on your forum and got user existed errors when it is my first time there.

I am unalbe to see the page settings check box to get my slider on the home page. It is not an option in any of my pages. Ideas on how to get it back?

Hey there an thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it! Just try the forgot password function in the forums or register with a new username and your purchase code! Let me know if this does’t work

Thanks, minti

Installed the theme, but when i go to install the required plugins only Contact Form 7 worked the other three have the following error message: “The plugin does not have a valid header.”

Do you work on localhost or online? Maybe its an hosting issue. But thats no problem just copy the files from framework/plugins of the themes folder into the plugins folder in wp-content/plugins and unzip them (all via ftp) You now can activate them in your backend! If that stillt doesnt work you could send me your login details via email and a short description and i will have a look Cheers, Minti

Ignore my last message I just found the plugin zipped files in the theme download folders and manually installed them. Thanks

Perfect, I’m glad it works :-)

I do not get a respons on you’re forum while you react on others, so i will give it a try here:

I’ve posted this problem on themeforest a day before. You suggested to post it in this forum. Unfortunately i can’t use attachments here, do i? The problem is simple. When i’m viewing a single post the title shows up twice! Directly under the logo and where it normally shows up. Like this: Logo Menu on the right TITLE 1 HERE PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO ETC. TITLE 2 HERE januari 19, 2013 admin No Comments Where on your demo website it shows like this: Logo Menu on the right Blog. INOVADO / Blog Some of our thoughts PHOTO/AUDIO/VIDEO ETC. CORRECT TITLE HERE januari 19, 2013 admin No Comments I have used a static page. Its a bit annoying to have two titles and totally unneccesary.

Hey there, I will go through all the support tickets now, actually please remember that I am in GMT+1, so it may come to a little delay, also this is still a one-man-show, but I’ll do my best to provide the fastest support possible, you should get answered your support ticket within 24h on weekdays :-)

Will answer on the forum, it’s easier to post code snippets there

Thanks, minti

Question i like the theme but let me ask you this, all the widgets, boxes, Recent News, Why Choose Us, Our Clients. All this below the slider can be Drag & Drop ? from the admin?

So i can add the setup i want ?


Hey there & thanks for your interest, actually Inovado has no page-builder included, that are all shortcodes which you can choose from the visual editor and mix & match to your liking, it’s really easy and I provide the layouts you see in the documentation for copy&paste.

Thanks, minti

Ok I’ve installed the theme and for some reason when I create a new page the “Page Attribute’s” section is completely missing? I’ve never seen this happen before? I may need to send you my login details to check for yourself.

Anyway that means I can’t change any of my pages’ templates? Help.

Sorry ignore my last post. I just noticed it was not switched on in the WP Screen Options.

Perfect, maybe next time use the forum or have a look at the WordPress Documentation, I also provide good links to get started with WordPress in the documentation :-)

Thanks, minti

Hi, please help. I could not install this theme to my wordpress blog as it gave me the following error: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Please advise. Thanks!

- Ed

Hey Ed, just unpack the zipfile you’ve downloaded and upload only the inovado.zip from the Themes folder http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do

Thanks, minti