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I ‘ve figured it out !

Really great theme ! The best ever

Perfect, I’m glad you like it :-)

thanks minti for this wonderful theme – already modifying stuff and guess I am finished tomorrow for a new page.

But I cannot find the overview for the icons. I wanted to use different ones in a list, but if I click on the button it shows me an example of four different which do not fit. Where can I find them and other symbols too? sometimes it shows just 1 kind of symbol but I know that there is a set in there.

thanks so much – your sales start like a rocket! Please create more themes with this wonderful backoffice. I was for years on wooThemes – but this is really great stuff.

Thanks so much for purchasing and your kind words, I truly appreciate it! You find a list of all icons with code samples here: just enter the name next to the icon, that should work properly!

Cheers, minti

Just purchased this, AMAZING theme! I’m having a hard time finding the sample xml data. Where is this located?

Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it! The sample data is located inside the zip folder you’ve downloaded here in the “Sample” folder. There’s also a description in the Documentation how to install everything :-)

Cheers, minti

duh.. sorry. I must have overlooked it. Thanks man!

This maybe more of a technical questions than a site-specific questions, but I like this WP theme for a friend.

In order for me to work on the theme and still have have the existing live HTML site up, would I first install the WP engine creating a new dir off of the root, then when the WP theme is completed, move it to the root?

What’s the chances of that going smoothly? Is moving from dir to root a common occurrence, meaning a non-issue?

Thank you.

Hey there, that would be one possibility, another one would be to develop it on localhost, then move the site on your server. In both cases you have to adjust the pathes of the database afterwards in order to get all links and images pointing to the right direction. There are several tutorials online how to do that.

If you have any other question, feel free to ask.


Great theme minti! I’m pretty new to wp, but is it possible to change “Headquarters USA” on the contact page? Also, how can I change “Project Description” text on portfolio items? Thanks for your help

Hey minti, thanks for the quick response! I will give that a shot today, thanks again for your hard work, theme looks great. One thing I have noticed is my logo image seems to disappear quite often. I have tried different browsers too, Chrome seems to never show it, others once in a while. I may have done something weird, not sure. Does the image type (.jpg, .gif, .png) matter?

Nevermind minti, I figured it out. Didn’t realize that there was a second upload for retina display. Thanks!

Perfect :-) I’m glad it works!


Thanks for your theme! Small question, is it possible to make the header logo larger? My file seems large enough, but when I upload, the image is small.



Hey there & thanks for your purchase, I truly appreciate it!

You can change the logo-section width and reduce the navigation width in header.php for the logo in line 140 and navigation line 151 just change the logo (line 140) column-width “four” to “five” or “six” and the navigation (line 151) to “eleven” or “ten” – just make sure that in sum it has to be 16 (as it uses a 16 column grid).

If you have more detailed questions on this I would be happy to meet you in the support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums.

Cheers, minti

Is this theme compatible with woocommerce? Great theme design!

Hey there and thanks for your interest, I appreciate it! I didn’t actually test the WooCommerce Plugin, so I can’t say anything about the compability with WooCommerce yet.

Thanks, minti


I’d like to comment portfolio items.

How to do it ?

Cannot see any option for this in portfolio item page…

Thank you

Hey there, just make sure that the discussion button is checked and you have havent selected to disable comments on all pages in the Theme Options > General.

Cheers, minti

Sorry but in the portfolio item i cannot check discussion button when i make a quick edit. There is no discussion button

Hey there, check out this tutorial: http://en.support.wordpress.com/enable-disable-comments/ It’s just basic WordPress stuff :-)

Problems Demo content with navi.

I have installed a brandnew wp, inovado, child, the required plugins and demo content.

I had problems when importing demo content at the beginning, because my folder had to be changed to be writeable (set it to 774). Finally it went ok, but the Navi is showing some same data – but the double/tripple pages do not exist.

Link http://inovado.testpages.at

I cleared the cache, deleted all content, cleared everything in waste, refresh – but still the same issue. Any idea?

I can provide admin access as there is nothing else – just a demo test for me.

thanks for quick help

Hey there, make sure to checkout the navigation under Appearance > Menus and select the primary navigation as Main Navigation (that’s also described in the Documentation).

Cheers, minti

hi minti – you are really quick responding – great. I made that of course. 3-4 times and when I changed to show the submenue, everything was ok. I is only the primary navigation

I don’t really get what you mean here, I’m sorry :/

layout question

I would like to make the sidebar wider – like 350px. How would you suggest to do that without destroying the layout – maybe also responsive? Because we would like to show videos in the sidebar and the current with is too small.


Hey there, that would be a nice question in the forums :-) It’s easier to post some code snippets in here and much more room to discuss those detailed questions. So I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at http://mintithemes.com


Sorry but in the portfolio item i cannot check discussion button when i make a quick edit. There is no discussion button

Hey there, posting it one time would have be enough ;-) Check out this tutorial: http://en.support.wordpress.com/enable-disable-comments/ It’s just basic WordPress stuff :-)

For future discussions I would be happy to meet you in our official support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums


Opened a topic on your forum… concerning COMMENTs ON PORTFOLIO ITEM

Hey minti!

im loonking foward to buy this theme, but clarify one thing: Are a way to lock/unlock the pinch/zoom on the table and mobile mode? example – Zoom on a box or text in a tablet. (i cant, its fixed)

Thanks! btw, its a Superb theme!! :)

Hey there & thanks for your interest, i truly appreciate it!

Yep that’s pretty easy to do, it’s just removing one line of code in the header.php (line 22) – that’s it :-)

Thanks, minti

Thanks for the quickly reply!!

one more thing, the slider can be ajusted on the height? Looks awesome thanks again :)

Yes, you can adjust the slider height for each individual slider you set (take a look at the “about us” slider on the preview page.)


Hello Minti

I want to change the contact form 7 plugin to Gravity Forms (for Add on support to PAY PAL & AWEBER integration).

When I tried doing that its not allowing me insert the gravity forms even after disabling the contact form 7 plugin.

Is that something you have hard coded in your framework?

Appreciate your support please…


You could send me your login details via email, I will have a quick look tomorrow! Thanks

Thank you Minti….Can you share your email id? I couldn’t find that :(

Go on my Profile Page and fill out the form on the right side, also please don’t forget a short description.

Thanks, minti

Hello Minti, looks like you’ve done some great work there. Few questions, cause i’m interested of getting this theme.

1. Is it possible to change the dimensions of the sponsor widgets? (ie instead of 220X70, say 250X150).

2. Can I change the background color or put a Backgroung image on Home page, in Wide Style?

Hey there and thanks for your interest! You can use any image size you want in the sponsor widget. A custom background for the homepage would be possible but need some customization work.

I hope this helps! Cheers, minti

Thanks for the quick answer ! Helps fow now, but i may need to come back to you later :) thanks again.

Hi Minti,

I am trying to develop a replacement site for my father’s small business which has an existing website. I have put up a new instance of Wordpress and used my hosts locally to have my site reflect the ultimate URL I want the site be. This generally works for Wordpress, however when I try and install the plugins it can’t find them. Do you have any workarounds for this or any solutions? Below is the error:

Downloading install package from http://www.burdickhomes.com/wp-content/themes/inovado/framework/plugins/cf-post-formats.zip…

Download failed. Not Found

The plugin does not have a valid header.

Thank You!

Hey there, The invalid header error is a server error, but that’s no problem, just connect via FTP to your server and move the plugins from /wp-content/themes/inovado/framework/plugins/ to /wp-content/plugins/ and unzip them. You now can install them in the Backend under Plugins. Cheers, minti

Thanks Minti – That worked great.

Perfect, I’m glad it works :-)

Very well made theme. A lot of options and features and they really works. Endless possibility to custom your own, only WP platform is your limit.

Thanks for your kind words man, i truly appreciate it!

I bought this great theme. Really nice to work with. I can’t figure out how the left menu on the “features” page is made and maintained? Could you please advice?

Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it! Just choose the Side Navigation Template from the Page Attributes, then just create child-pages with the same template :-)

Thanks, minti

Woaw… That was a fast answer. Great template AND great service too. You just saved my day. It works! Thanx

Awesome, I’m glad it works :-)

Hi Minti

Go the site uploaded via ftp, cheers for the advice!

I really could use a bit of help. I would like to have a widget that works the same as the ‘custom menu’ so I can link all my pages into it, but work like your ‘categories’ widget so it only has a heading and then a dropdown menu with all the page links in.

Been trying to work out if I can change either widget to work for but I can’t seem to do it.

Is it possible?

Cheers again


Hey Nik, that would require a little customization, or did you checkout the WordPress Plugin Repository, maybe there’s already one existing that works like that.

Otherwise I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums/

Cheers, minti

Thanks Minti, did have a look for a plugin but none seem to do what I want.

I’ll sign up to your forum and re-post in there. Would be happy to donate for the extra work.



Theme installation was completed Like images showing the address below error occurred in the setup steps Please explain the reason why this error is occuring


Well was installed another theme theme options to change. Install two themes in the same web hosting. For example, was set in an environment similar to the theme avada but, inovado theme installation error occurred.

Please tell us the items to check to make sure that any problems

Hey there, I’m not really if I understood it right. Avada uses the same Framework for the Theme Options as far as I know, so this might cause the problem, I would suggest to begin with a clean installation of WordPress, or send me your login details with a short description and I will have a look before that.

Also I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums, there’s much more room to discuss those detailed questions :-)

Thanks, minti

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Awesome template , good job i start play with it. Keep good work up.

Thanks man, I truly appreciate it!