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Good stuff mate ;)

Thanks buddy, appreciate it!

I have a couple of questions before I buy.

1. Is it possible to insert a log in sign up buttons in the upper right hand corner to the right of the social icons?

The side bar nav page looks like it missing the correct link.

Hey there & thanks for your interest, you could easily insert a link to the right side with little html knowledge, links on the left side can easily be inserted via Theme Options Panel right from the WordPress Backend.

Thanks for reporting, just set the correct link :-)

Cheers, minti

I thought the issue included images of the demo. Where can find some like to use instead? I need urgent online site! Thanks

Thank you very much! It’s exactly what you answer, but one last question: How do I import the SampleData for it? I run the. XML in any particular directory? Excuse my ignorance on this issue and also my English, but I doubt it and I really like urges. Congratulations on the job with the theme, and support!

Hey there, just take a look at the documentation of Inovado, there’s exactly explained what steps to take :-)

Cheers, minti

Sorry again! He had not seen the documentation index.html. It’s perfect. I get with it already. Thanks a million!

Great work, congrats :)

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

I am facing issues on the main menu. When i move mouse pointer over the main menu text the monu is not working. The submenu is not populated. But when i point the mouse just above the main menu text (Eg:Pages) the submenu is working. This is a very serious issue i am facing right now.

Hey there, did you create the menus with WordPress Custom Menus function under Appearance > Menus?

Thanks, minti

you can have only 3 columns in the footer?

Hey there & thanks for your interest, this would easily be possible with a slight modification of the footer file.

If you have any other questions, please let me know. Cheers, minti

send me the line of code?

Open framework/inc/sidebars.php and change line 29 to

'before_widget' => '<div id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s one-third columns">',

Cheers, minti!

Purchased theme.. uploaded my logo and tested it on android device.. logo does not show on Android phone. Logged into forum and found someone else with the same issue. They reported the issue on the 22nd of Jan and no response for 6 days.. No access to forums until you pay for the theme to find out this does not work on mobile phones. theme owner ignores the issue for going on a week. Nice to hold up projects because of poor testing before releasing themes at $45 a clip. Nice system to let the buyers do the quality control! Refund!

Hey Mannystef, thanks for your feedback.

If you have a closer look at the forum you’ll see I check the topics more than 3 times a day 7 days a week. Also if you have a look at the search you’ll find 2 threads for inovado where’s explained that you need to upload the logo for retina devices or upload the same logo on the retina upload field if you don’t have a retina logo.

Also you posted on a forum thread for a completely other theme than inovado – you posted on the flexfit forums (and that 20 minutes ago).

The refunds are handled by Envato, but I guess you will have no luck as this is definitely no bug (it’s a Retina-Ready Theme), however you can try your luck and contact envato support.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Best Regards, minti

First of all I went into the forum.. click on Inovado.. searched for logo and found the issue from the 22nd and reposted.. where you still have not responded to your paying customers. Take a closer look http://mintithemes.com/forums/topic/logo-doesnt-show/ Second.. Why do we need to search here on how to upload a logo for a mobile device instead of the documentation that we purchased?

Hey there,

you were on the wrong Theme in the forums or you’re here on the wrong comment area, if you are using FlexFit instead of Inovado.

Also if you go through the Theme Options Panel, it’s perfectly described where to upload which Logo :-)

If you’re still having problems you can also send me your login details with a short description (hellominti@gmail.com) and I will have a look.

You can also comment here on the old post to keep the section nice & clean :-)

Thanks, minti

Just purchased this theme, uploaded the theme on a new installation and then uploaded the XML file in the downloaded theme zip file. When I uploaded this file, the site looks nothing like it does on this page. Am I doing something wrong or is there a different XML file?

I found it thank you. This has fixed the problem only slightly. I still a lot of menutabs all over the page.

There is also no menu showing at the top of the page although the menu in the admin panel look ok

If you read the documentation carefully and follow ALL steps this should be fixed when defining the main menu under Appearance > Menus

If you stille have problems let me know, also the documentation should help alot when starting with the theme.

Thanks, Minti

I just purchased and when I install through Wordpress I get a “fail” message. It says it’s missing the style.css file

Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it just unpack the zip file you downloaded and only upload the zip-file in the Theme Folder.

Cheers, minti

Thanks. I’m new to Wordpress so need a bit more help. How do I create a homepage. I’ve installed the theme now and only have an About Me and Sample Page. When I try to add a new page i get the following error message: “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.” Also, the revolution slider is installed but not working.

Hey there, for a first start I would highly recommend to go through the Documentation file carefully. You’ll find the Documentation in the initial zip file you downloaded here on themeforest it’s called “Documentation”. There’s exactly explained how to install the Demo Data, Set up Pages, Defining Home Pages, etc..

Cheers, minti

I think the error message was a server issue because I can add pages now, but there is still no home page.

Hey there, for a first start I would highly recommend to go through the Documentation file carefully. You’ll find the Documentation in the initial zip file you downloaded here on themeforest it’s called “Documentation”. There’s exactly explained how to install the Demo Data, Set up Pages, Defining Home Pages, etc..

Cheers, minti

I installed the 2 required plugins: Revolution slider, CF Post Formats, Post Types Order and Contact Form 7.

Hey there, if you have more questions I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums/, there’s much more room to discuss detailed questions and insert code snippets.

Also answering on your latest comment in here keeps the comment section nice & clean!

Thanks :-)

Hi minti

I really like your theme and would like to ask you several questions:

1) Is it possible to get the same effect of “recent projects” in “boxes”? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8500/8424965202_d76fe8c916_b.jpg

2) Is it possible to create within the left and right? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8088/8424965114_7d4b3ebdec_z.jpg

3) Is it possible to create multiple menus and put titles? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8511/8424965030_7c6865bc49_b.jpg

4) Is it possible to change the contents of the “info bar” at the bottom of the page. Is it possible to customize “info bar” on each page? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8045/8424964922_39e8009a5d_b.jpg

5) Is it possible to include an icon in the title of a menu? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8073/8424964840_08368a3b4c_z.jpg

6) Is it possible to include a line that divides the contents of the menu? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8187/8424964866_5450e9c421_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8188/8424964946_62fe7170bc_b.jpg

7) With PSD files you include in the subject, I may be a bit obscure some graphics? http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8358/8424964886_2a89b0872b_z.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8093/8423875111_1d238c684f_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8358/8423875091_c7c6a6caf0_b.jpg

Thank you in advance and I will be very attentive to your response.

Best Regards

Hey there, didn’t get any request from the customization forms, normally the guys from werkpress are very fast, so it would be nice if you could request a free quote again. You could also directly email the guys at request@werkpress.com! Thanks, minti

Hi minti, I have 8 days again request a quote and to date I have not received a response. I expect at least tell me they can not do such customization and not be waiting longer.

Hey Fernando, they normally mail back within 24-48h, I will have a research what happened to your request & just send the guys from werkpress a mail.

Cheers, minti

Hi Minti,

I just purchased this theme and I’m very impressed with it so far. You did a great job helping to make it easy to dive in for the super non-technical. I have run into a little snag though I was hoping you could help me with. In the file uploader in the theme options, once I have uploaded the proper file/format and click insert image, the screen goes blank. The file uploader worked fine the first few days and then stopped working. I’ve tried all various ways to upload, but when I press insert image the screen goes blank.

Your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Hey there, you mean the WordPress Media Uploader? Did you Upgrade to WP 3.5.1. there were some bugfixes on the media manager, also maybe you installed some additional plugins that don’t work with the newest jquery version coming with WordPress 3.5 – so disabeling the additional plugins may also help to find where this arises from.

Cheers, minti

You nailed it! I disabled one of my plugins and that took care of it! Thanks for your help!


I’m unable to install the plugin in WordPress 3.5.1. ...

Just editing my post to acknowledge that I’m losing my mind. I don’t know why but I was trying to install this theme as a plugin…. Must get some rest. The theme is nicely running as intended.

Thanks Minti

Perfect, I’m glad it works now :-)

Hi, Great theme. Loving it. One question – can’t find where to adjust the colour for the side navigation. No matter what I do it still shows as the default blue… Have gone through all styling options to make sure the blue colour is not mentioned anywhere, plus tried pasting the code below into custom css, but nothing… The weird thing is that when inspected with Firefox, the code is showing correctly – as below: .sidenav li.current_page_item a { border-left-color: rgb(153, 204, 0); color: rgb(153, 204, 0); } But on screen all I can see is blue… My site is built under maintenance mode so if you need to see it, I’ll have to set you up as user first. Please let me know. Assistance MUCH appreciated!

Hey there, the side navigation should automatically change the color according to the “accent color” you can set in the Theme Options Panel.

Cheers, minti

Hi Minti,

Thanks for your response, but something seems not to work here. I accent colour I have #99cc00

And the CODE when inspected shows this: .sidenav li.current_page_item a { border-left-color: rgb(153, 204, 0); color: rgb(153, 204, 0); } with the color: rgb(153, 204, 0); crossed out / deleted.

Somehow the accent colour does not get registered and all I can see is BLUE. I’ve noticed that other people have asked the same thing…

Worth looking into?

Keen to hear your response.

Hey there, must have missed that, well either put this in the Custom CSS field with your favourite color:

.sidenav li.current_page_item a, .sidenav li.current_page_item a:hover { background-color: #ffff00; }

Or put this in framework/inc/customcss.php after line 165

.sidenav li.current_page_item a, .sidenav li.current_page_item a:hover { background-color: <?php echo $data['color_accent']; ?>; }

Will also change this in the next update coming this week thanks!

Hi, I was thinking about buying this theme and would like to know if I can up load a different background on home page?


Hey there & thanks for your interest, I appreciate it! If you mean the sliders, yes of course, if you mean a background for the complete bodypart, than I must say that this needs some slight CSS modifications.

Thanks, minti


this is a pre-purchase question – i would just like to ask if you have the post rotator functionality or something like a horizontal scrolling for news and updates on the front page.


Hey there & thanks for your interest, I appreciate it! Actually I decided to leave it out as there is no perfect solution that works on any mobile device, however if I find a solid script for that I will include it in an update – I already have it on my feature list.

Thanks, minti

Hi there,

I have an issue, I cannot install the neccessary plugins (bad header error), but cannot register on the support forum to post a ticket as it says my purchase code is not valid, but I have double checked it. I cannot install the CF Post Formats or Slider Revolution plugin (I am on WP 3.5.1)

Hey there, WordPress 3.5.1. should be fine! The invalid header error is a server error, but that’s no problem, just connect via FTP to your server and move the plugins from /wp-content/themes/inovado/framework/plugins/ to /wp-content/plugins/ and unzip them. You now can install them in the Backend under Plugins.

Cheers minti

PS: You’ll find your purchase code like this: http://mintithemes.com/purchase-code/

Wow, great response and sorry – I really should have checked that folder :) Cheers