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Hi, I´m considering buying your Inovato-theme, looks very much like what we are looking for. One question though, we would like to use another font, that is not available on Google Fonts. Is it possible?

Regards Fredrik

Hey there, yes this is of course possible like here: http://inovado.mintithemes.com/pages/page-no-titlebar/

And you can of course also disable the Breadcrumbs, too :-)


Great, sorry, missed that page. Thanks for excellent support. I´m buying : )

Awesome! Thanks, I appreciate it!

Hi Minti! I’m sorry I can’t figure out what I did wrong can you please take a quick look? I followed the instructions to a T and am on GoDaddy.Com Hosting trying to upload Demo Content http://apa-cares.com

I completed the import process but the alignment is all jumbled. Please help doing this for my brother as a favor :D

The site is apa-cures.com its killing me

disregard gangster status achieved!:D

:D I’m glad you figured it out!

I have a problem with top menu. After buy and install the theme I see (screen): http://gplanet.nazwa.pl/screen.jpg

How to fix the menu?

Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it! After importing the demo data just set the Menu in Appearance > Menus (that’s also described in the Documentation if you need further informations)

Cheers, minti

Thank you very much, I’ve solved this problem. And I have a second question. I would like to do THE SAME slide as THE FIRST ONE in demo http://inovado.mintithemes.com (blue titles around arrows). In PSD file I haven’t found original images of the text. So how to do the same first slide? What’s the font? Where I can find original PSD with this one slide??

Hey there, I can’t provide those images as I’m not allowed to resell them. However I provided a list with all Images used in those slides in the Official Support Forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums The Images can easily be bought from http://photodune.net for just 1$ or 2$.

I would be happy to meet you in the Support Forums to discuss those detailed questions :-)

Thanks, minti

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Thanks for answer, but I don’t need especially these images, but ONLY textes, like this: http://inovado.mintithemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/inovado.png and I can’t find what font was used here?

Hey there, it’s called “Complete in Him” and you can get it here for free! http://www.dafont.com/complete-in-him.font?text=Inovado


Hey, Minti, great job. Can you tell me about the dropdown menu? I can’t figure it out. I thought a page will go as a dropdown if it has a parent from the main menu in the page attributes. Salute, Koshuta

Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it! Just make sure to checkout Appearance > Menus to create the menus :-)



Pre-purchase question…

This theme seems to be a perfect fit for my business website, but I have one concern. The last theme I used (which uses the same slider plugin) started getting buggy on me when I installed WooCommerce. Have you (or anyone who owns this theme) tested it with WooCommerce?

The slider stopped showing on my pages after I installed WooCommerce on the last theme, and I’m still going back and forth with the developers to try and fix the problem. I just don’t want to run into the same issue again.


Hey iKevin & thanks for your interest in Inovado, I truly appreciate it! I haven’t tried it yet with WooCommerce, so it’s not officially supported yet. It’s already on my feature list for one of the future updates, but I can’t tell when that will be exactly.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask :-)

I hope this helps a bit. Cheers, minti

When I click on one of the submit buttons on a form, the value attribute is set to nothing (before click: value=”Submit”, after click: value=””, click again anywhere on the page: value=”Submit”). It looks like a javascript issue. The only plugins I have installed are the Inovado-recommended ones.

Thanks for the quick reply and the help. Great theme!

Also, I noticed that the Featured Image doesn’t display on the page set as the Blog. I selected ‘Feature Image’ from the drop-down but it still displays that white header area with the page title inside.

The Blog Page settings are in Theme Options > Blog since version 1.0.3


Hi Minti,

Thanks for a great theme. I can’t seem to find where I change the colour of the side navigation. http://dev.lightprints.co.uk/printing/

It is still blue’ Thanks, Peter

There is no where in the settings where the blue is still selected so I can’t see where I should be editing it. The accent colour was the first thing I changed to purple.

Hey there, must have missed that, well either put this in the Custom CSS field with your favourite color:

.sidenav li.current_page_item a, .sidenav li.current_page_item a:hover { background-color: #ffff00; }

Or put this in framework/inc/customcss.php after line 165

.sidenav li.current_page_item a, .sidenav li.current_page_item a:hover { background-color: <?php echo $data['color_accent']; ?>; }

Will also change this in the next update coming this week thanks!


Hi Minti, thanks for the great theme. Is it possible to apply chinese font into the theme? I tried to write it in css but it gets overwrite by the Theme Option

Hey there, you could put it in the Custom CSS field in the Backend (this is the last CSS that gets called) and put an !important – note after each attribute.

Cheers, minti


I am wondering if you have custom shortcodes for inserting images into pages. I find that image insertion and manipulation can be time consuming in Wordpress and wonder whether your theme has custom image sizing, linking, framing etc built in.

This seems the only area not covered extensively in the Live Preview.

Many thanks.

Hey Jaroljmek & thanks for your interest! Never thought about something like this, but it’s definitely a great idea! I will take it on my feature list for one of the future updates!

Thanks, minti

Thanks for your reply. So to be clear, for images in this theme, except in the case of photo sliders, we use the built in Wordpress media insertion function?


Yep, that’s right :-)

Hi, great theme. I really like your work.

How do i make normal headings (H1, H2, H3..) in the editor? I know it sounds crazy, but do i manually have to type <h1>text</h1> or how do i do that?


Thanks for your quick reply. Thats how i would do it too, but i have to hand the website over to a not-so-html junkie client :) My editor looks like this http://www.lighthousemedia.dk/cases/editor.png what have i done wrong?

Hey there, just click on the last button of the first row :-) this will enable the second bar. Cheers!

HA! I missed that one. Perfect – thanks alot!

Best Template I have ever seen and worked with. Really good:)

Amazing! Thanks for your kind words, I truly appreciate it! – And don’t forget to rate ;-) Thanks buddy!

as you insert a gallery with lightbox?

You mean how to insert a gallery with lightbox? Just use the normal WordPress Media Uploader for creating galleries, just make sure to link the images to the “media file”

Cheers, minti

does not work, missing plugin?

You don’t need any plugin for this, the lightbox is included out-of-the-box and the media manager is basic WordPress functionality :-)


hi Thanks for a great theme. one question. is it possible erase or?resize a wide image above a blog title in single post blog page? it’s too big for me… i dont use High-Resolution Images. I worry about an appearance worsening by the present page using this theme.

Hey there, you could add posts without images at all! Resizing would also be possible but needs some customizations in the functions.php file.

Cheers, minti

Hi minti… it’s still amazing to work with your theme and the support is great. The iconurl for the icon boxes from the last update is perfect :-) The iconurl would be great although for the buttons, toggles and headlines with icon. Maybe you can put it on your to-do-list for an next update of your theme?


Hey Klaus, thanks :-) will write it on my feature list, not for the next update but maybe in the future.

Thanks, minti

Hi, I am planning to buy your Inovato-theme One question though, I’d use buddypress. your theme is it compatible? thanks

Hey there & thanks for your interest, I truly appreciate it! Actually I can’t say anything to the compatibility of buddypress as I didn’t tested it yet, so officially it’s not supported yet. But I plan to test the most common plugins like woocommerce, buddypress & others in the future!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Cheers, minti

Support for this theme is the best I’ve experienced, I’d give it 6 stars if I could!

Thanks man, I really appreciate it! ;-)

Hi, I have purchased your theme, Am I able to get the entire content you have on themeforest example so that I can work backwards and amend. I am not a developer but have built some nice sites this way. Please advise.

Also look at all the links on the homepage www.econnexx.com please advise

Thanks Minti, Where is this?

And will this include your images and sliders

Just unzip the file you’ve downloaded here. The documentation is in a folder called “Documentation”, pretty easy ;-)

Downloaded where, also were do i build a slider. thanks

Hey there, so you’ve bought “Inovado” here on Themeforest, so I guess you downloaded it after you bought it, the downloaded file here should be a .zip-file and if you unpack that file on your hard-drvie there will be a folder in it called “Documenation” in that folder is a Folder called “Inovado Documentation” and when you then open the index.html – you open the Documentation. It’s actually not that difficult ;-)

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The documentation is a very good starting point, answers a lot of questions and helps in a lot of things, espacially for beginners. I’ve included a lot of screencast and tutorials on how to get started and also how to create sliders.


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