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Hi Minti! Pre purchase question, hope you can help. We are looking to buy this theme and use WPML for translations since your theme supports it. However, would this do only a ‘live’ translation of the site (only text) or can we have it set up so that when someone changes language, different translated graphics would also be displayed? Please let me know, thanks in advance!

Hey there, with WPML you can have your site in multiple languages, that also includes having different text & graphics if you want that. Just check out the Features of WPML here: http://wpml.org/features/

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Cheers, minti

Does the first page lags for everyone? thanks for reply

Hey there, doesn’t lag for me! Cheers, minti!

Does the first page lags for everyone? thanks for reply

Hey there, doesn’t lag for me! Cheers, minti!

Thanks for the quick reply! I dunno what’s wrong but frontpage lags in my computer. Other pages are fine :( And yes I have new laptop :D

I want to use three tabs for some content. Where do I set the color for the tabs and titles?

Hey there, the color of the tabs is predefined, however if you want to experiment with that you can open framework/css/shortcodes.css line 1497 – 1544

I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums – there’s much more room for those detailed dicussions and posting code snippets :-)

Cheers, minti

Hey Minti. First of all thnx for the great theme! I’ve been playing around with it for a little bit now. I noticed something which isnt really practical when i want to create a gallery post.

If I want to upload images to the gallery and I choose items from the media library, it wont get added to the gallery slider. Only if I upload an image it gets added. Also the gallery images bar where you can preview the images is uneditable. Like what do I do if I want to remove and image or reorder them.

Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it! I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums – there’s much more room for those detailed dicussions and posting code snippets :-)

And I already answered your questions here: http://mintithemes.com/forums/topic/gallery-images-intem/

Thanks, minti!

Also when the homepage is set to be a portfolio page, the portfolio pagination doesnt work. And a small detail… in Chrome when you hover over a portfolio item, the rounded corner becomes square. Actually kinda weird behaviour.

Hey epin, you can set the pagination for the Portfolio in the Theme Option under > Portfolio. I will also have a deeper look into the Chrome behaviour. Thanks, minti

Actually I do see the pagination options, and when I press page 2 it loads but results in page 1. Only if set on homepage though.

Hey there, will check that and write back, you can also use the latest portfolio shortcode to show the portfolio items on the homepage, I guess you know that :-)

I’m getting this error message when trying to install the revslider.

“Downloading install package from http://oppt-in.com/wp-content/themes/inovado/framework/plugins/revslider.zip…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. /home/content/96/6847496/html/opptin/wp-content/plugins/revslider/

Plugin install failed.”

Hey there, looks like you already have revslider installed? The best way to install update it now would be to follow these steps and do it via FTP. It’s pretty easy http://themeforest.net/item/inovado-retina-responsive-multipurpose-theme/3810895/faqs/13803

Cheers, minti

i have it installed, however the main navigation does not working as expected. The text are everywhere on the page

did that, configured appearance>menu, settings>reading, still not working properly as in the live preview on code canyon

What’s wrong with it now? You could also post a link via e-mail if you want at hellominti@gmail.com


Hello Minti,

very nice Theme…

No we want to build the DEMO SIDE…we have load the SampleData..It works…but we dont have the DEMO DATA to build the “RevolutionSlider” Demo…

If there a download too ?



Hey there & thanks for purchasing, I truly appreciate it. As stated in the documentation the .xml file doesn’t include the slider data. See the slider section & screencast of the documentation on how to set them up. It’s really pretty easy! :-)

Cheers, minti

Hello minti….i hope sooo it´s my first SLIDER…NEWBIE

Great theme – everything is working for me except for the logo showing on the iPhone. Does the logo need to be a certain size to show on the iPhone? It’s showing fine on desktop, laptop and tablet. I’ve disabled Show Topbar. Would that cause the logo not to show on the iPhone?


Hey there, are you on the latest version 1.0.4? Otherwise you need to upload the logo again (or better a retina version of it in the Retina Logo Upload field) Cheers, minti

Thanks – that did it.

Just a quick question. I’m having trouble with the shortcodes for the homepage. The blog post and latest portfolio codes don’t appear. Thanks, great theme!

Also some browser compatibility issues with chrome and safari with the navigation.

Hey there, make sure to adjust the height of the header in the Theme Options, this should solve the navigation problems. Also make sure to remove the pre and code tags from the HTML view of your editor, this is making these grey border around your elements.

I would be happy to meet you in the official support forums at http://mintithemes.com/forums – there’s much more room to discuss those detailed questions and post code snippets :-)

Thanks, minti

Thanks, Brian Bradley

anyone tried bloglist shortcode with selective category? I can’t seems to get it working. Added categories=”xxx” in the shortcode.

That’s right, just add some blog posts to the category and you’ll succeed. If you just want to show the title I would suggest using the separator shortcode here, which looks identically http://inovado.mintithemes.com/shortcodes/typography/ Cheers, minti

cool, thanks minti, superb support

:-) Thanks, man!

Great theme, I buy it soon!

Great theme, I buy it soon!

Great theme, I buy it soon!

Awesome, Thanks man!

This is probably something really simple, but I just downloaded the theme and attempted to install it and it says that it can’t be installed because the style.css is missing. I uploaded the zip that I had just downloaded. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

UPDATE: NM…. Just looked into the FAQs. Thanks! Excited to use the theme!

Perfect, I’m glad you figured it out :-) Cheers!

Has any tried to add woocommerce that you know of?

Has there, actually not that I know, will test it for the big version 2.0 :-)


Hello, this is a very nice theme.

I’m creating my web, and now I’m working on the portfolio page, but It doesn’t work at all. When I insert the images to appear on the portfolio project details, they doesn’t appear and also, you can see that in the main portfolio page the menu of the different project categories doesn’t work. Can you help me, please?

Sure, just shoot me a mail at hellominti@gmail.com with a short description :-)

I send you an email. Did you received it?

Yep, I’ve just looked into it and wrote back :-) Cheers!

Also I want to know if its possible to divide the infobar in two columns, because i’m looking in the theme optins and i don’t find the option to divide the infobar or the footer widget in less than four columns. Can you, please help us with that problem if its possible? Thank you very much

Hey there, it would be nice to meet you in the official support forums, there’s much more room to discuss and post code snippets. This question was also already answered here: http://mintithemes.com/forums/topic/footer-widgets-width/

Cheers, minti

Hi Minti,

I’m looking at using this theme for a client who wishes to have different sections of the site with different background and text colours for the main content area (under the breadcrumbs).

Can the background colour (along with the rest of the styling) be changed through CSS? I was thinking I’d create different page templates and assign a new CSS class for each different colour.


Hey there, actually there’s no built-in option for that, but you can of course to it manually – each page gets automatically assigned a post-class in the body tag so you even don’t need to assign one manually. However I think with background colors some shortcodes don’t look as good as on white and some of them will also need some color changes. The code is pretty clear structured, so if you are fit in CSS this should also be a walk in the park for you :-)

Cheers, minti