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The features in this design are awesome, good job.

Thank you, webinane.

Nice Work , GLWS ;)

Thank you, very much!

Looking nice.Wish you good luck.

Thank you, ThemeRox.

dakujem pekne!

Like this style!!!

Thank you, Lesya.

Love the design!

One note: the parallax effects are not visible, they’re just backgrounds that don’t move. Something to check? ;)

Hello, you cannot see images? Or images are not moving? Can you tell me in which browser? Thank you

Hi there!

The problem is on a Mac in Chrome and Safari. I can see the images. They just don’t move. I just checked again and see that there is a fraction of movement, but it’s a few px only. Firefox works fine. Hope this helps!


Hello and thank you. I’ve increased “parallax sensitivity” for -webkit browsers: http://themnific.dannci.com/03/

Working like a charm now! :)

Great work my friend!!!!! Excellent theme!!!! ;)

Thank you, Juanmita!

Awesome Work! Keep the good work up! :)

Thank you, very much!

great work. Good luck with sale :)

Thank you, very much!

Hi Is there a quick way to get a left hand navigation menu in the full width page?

The background images do move very slightly – but if you compare it to Firefox the movement is not great.

it works fine in IE too. JUst an issue with Chrome.

Hi, yes, in Chrome are effect not as smooth as in other browsers. But this is general issue. Thanks

Hello there, awesome theme, can i ask you a question, is psd included if i download the theme?

Thanks, Jim.

Hello Jim!

Thank you, but sorry, PSDs are not included – theme is coded directly.

Thank you


If I purchase this theme, does it come with any sample data (posts, portfolio, images)? I love it the way it looks in live demo, and just want to know where to start :)

Hello and thank you for your interest.

Yes, in theme package are both demo versions (demo contents). You can achieve the same look.

Thank you


I just buy Inside, Cool Theme !!... But I Can´t use it on full with theme. ¿How can I Change from box?

Thanks a lot!

Hello and thank you for purchase!

You can enable/disable ‘Layout in Container’ in Inside Admin panel > General Layout.

Thank you

Done!! So much thanks!!

How do I set up layout order ?


Hello and thank you for purchase!

You can reorder layout easily – just change publish time/date for partial sections.

Thank you

Thanks!! It would be nice to see in admin a custom css field.

Hello, you can add custom css in Appearance > Editor > style-custom.css It is nuch better solution and you can backup these settings. Thanks

Hi, how to avoid in portfolio the two column format. When having short text it looks like something its broken.


Hello, you can delete /* portfolio post – columns */ section in style-custom.css. Text fields are ‘good looking’ when text paragraphs (p) are bigger – or just one. Thanks

Hi team Nice theme Does it work in wordpress 3.8?

Hello and thank you!

Yes, theme is wp 3.8 compatible.

Thank you

Hi Guys. First of all – good job, the thame is really nice. Could you advice me pls how to upload demo content?

Also how to set up full width size for all theme?

Hello and thank you!

1. Go to Tools > Import and there install ‘WordPress Importer’ plugin, then you can import XML file. XML file is bit bigger, sometimes needs to be imported more times (but import always only one file). You need to set ‘Homepage’ template as front page after import.

2. Fill width layout can be set in Inside admin panel > General layout > Layout in container

Thank you

Elements Color changes the colour of a few things but I only want to change the colour of the nav’s text. How do I change that to black? Cheers.


- can you send me link to your website? I ‘ll check those columns.

- parallax effect are buggy on mobiles in general, mobiles cannot handle these advanced effects. And that’s why can be every layout disabled for mobile devices in layout options.

Thank you


columns sometimes work and sometimes don’t. I’m using the thirds right now but the half half ones had problems. This occurs when resizing the browser window

Cool I will disable those fx for mobile

Hmm, if it is possible, can you use 2col shortcode? – I will check it. Thanks